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All Systems Go for NYC

Only a week before ING NYC Marathon 2010 and we’re about to go to get acclimatized.  What an exciting time for us… our first trip to  the US of A, running the biggest marathon in the world!

Long runs all done.  Taper mode for me pushed to the limit with very little mileage due to colds and coughs.

I know, i know, what a bad time to get sick.  I’m taking all the necessary steps to come out of this — 2 days off from work, mega dose of vitamin C, colds and cough medication, antibiotics, water, pineapple juice, chicken soup, etc.

Family in NYC say weather forecast for the next week, all throughout marathon week,  is very cold… BRRRRR….  I hope to be well enough to battle the cold on marathon day.  I am hoping the marathon spirit and the earlier training will pull me through this.  I am hoping to do better than 5:22 during my first mara at  TBR Dream Marathon but then again this is a tougher course.  I’ll be happy with just enjoying what might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.  Praying all systems will really be a GO come Nov 7th.  Lord, HELP!

One thing for sure though… can’t wait to have a fabulous time in New York, New York!!! 🙂

Can’t believe it’s almost here— my dream marathon, the ING NYC Marathon 2010.  Preparations have been quite rushed on booking flight schedules, coordinating with family, researching and preparing clothes and gears for cold-weather running and going around.

Our marathon will be sandwiched with lots of sight-seeing and not too much shopping for the pink sole, i hope,  We really got to make sure we   squeeze in a couple of short runs in between.

Truly praying for a great NYC marathon experience for us both.  What a great privilege… God be with us…


Camsur Marathon 2010: Final Call

It is Camsur Marathon week.  Are you registered?  Are you all geared up?

Not ready for a full marathon but want to go see Camsur and the now famous Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) and participate in the festivities?  Why not join the shorter events — 3k, 5k , 10k and 21k.  You can still enjoy a good run and of course, the nice place.

You still have a chance to register for Camsur’s first ever marathon and for all the other shorter distance events.  Registration still on-going now only in CWC, Camsur.

For more details of the race details,  visit

Run strong  and have fun!!!

Run Unleashed

Got an email from Nike which caught my attention with subject title “Allow Yourself to Run Unleashed”.

I pictured a long, spirited run across picture-perfect fields with nary a care in the world or along a tree-lined perfectly asphalted road with the wind gently blowing against face (of course in my dream customized lunar glide+)!

I imagine a  100%, full-blast, surge on the road (riding my resurrected Nike Zoom Start)!

We wonder, what are people’s  idea of running unleashed?  It would be fun to know!

The Rexona Run 2010

Have you registered for the Rexona Run on Aug. 1, 2010 to be held at a fresh route at MOA?

Runners numbering 6,300 already did so don’t be left behind with yet another big race by RunRio.   This is one innovative race indeed with many firsts.

1)  E-Registration

The new paperless e-registration makes use of the Apple Ipads. No more writing on paper forms.  With just presses and finger flips on the screen, you can get your details in.

2) Run Rio Membership Card

With the many races Runrio is dishing out, registration will not be repetitive from now on.  If you register for the Rexona Run, you will automatically be given a RunRio membership card.  For  future  Runrio races, registration would be a breeze.  One would need only to encode the member’s no. , distance and shirt size and you’re good to go.

Wait, this membership card will be evolving into something bigger.  Work is in the offing so watch out for further announcements.

For those who registered early and did not receive their cards yet,  it’s  now available for pick up where you registered.

3) D-Tag Timing Device

Another new thing in this race is that we will be using a new timing device.  The D-tag timing has been used in some of the more prominent  international running events such as NY Marathon and KL marathon.

So, don’t be left out. Only a few more days left to register.

Until July 19 :   All Timex outlets in SM Malls

Until July 26 :   Timex, SM MOA only and ROX, Bonifacio High Street



See you all at the starting line!

Looney Tunes Adventure

The last kids run we attended was the Mommy Milkshake Run last September 2009 which has been quite awhile already. Our girls have been craving for another one especially our little Mikka. Summer came but their Mommy(pink sole) was training for her first marathon so most of our weekends were dedicated to long runs. So they got excited when the Looney tunes active run was announced and the timing was perfect.

It’s the week after the  TBR marathon so no more long runs for a while. The pink sole will treat it as her first recovery  run…with the kids. It was Mikka who was so excited and nervous because she has two races that weekend. She goes ” Daddy, its my swim graduation  and swim race this Saturday and i will run next for the Looney tunes..”  Last  weekend was a busy one for her, indeed.

Everybody went to sleep early  Friday and everybody responded to one wake-up call the next day. By 6am, all were ready and off we went to meet Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes runners.

We’re letting our eldest daughter, Bea, do this post on our adventure with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes and the some other looney characters. So enjoy!!!

Since my mom is  the pink sole, and my dad the blue sole, I think It’s appropriate that i be the purple sole. BLUE+PINK=PURPLE! (and also because it’s my favorite color).  I wanted to contribute a picture story about our experience in the Looney Tunes run, so here it is! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Kids all looking forward to the next adventure.

Super fun run with the kids!

As if the challenge is not enough in sharing a blog with my partner, we added another challenge.  haha

Welcome aboard Purple Sole!  What a wonderful development!  I am definitely looooving this!  I hope you enjoyed Bea’s blogging debut. 🙂

We Chased the Sun!

Race Review:



Good Job! 🙂

1.  Refreshingly icy cold water filled in plastic cups

2.  Prompt race start

3.  Sufficient marshalls

4. Accurate kilometer markers

5. Timing Chip with Run Pix

6. Photovendo

7. Singlet and nice Team Manila finisher’s shirt

8. Generous freebies from Neutrogena

9.  Summit water & isotonic drink post-race

10.  Early availability of race results.

Ooh Oh! 😦

1. Water ran out in the last water station of the 15k event.  Carbonated isotonic drink available though.

This race has so many pluses we almost forgot we missed water at the last station. 😉  Very good race!

Our Race Experience:

It was 4:30am.  Didn’t hear the alarm ring.  GRRRR… We’re late!!!

I hurriedly woke Mariel up and made sure she didn’t snooze right back to sleep. We were off to a frenzied time of preparing to go.  A hurried breakfast, john and bath and we’re off…

Phew, made it with time to spare for a restroom break for the pink sole and a little stretching for me at the corral.

I joined the 15k race with the plan to start  slowly  getting my rhythm back to my  training mode after helping Mariel with her  full marathon training.  I’ve been keeping her company during her runs that I’ve slowed down my pace considerably.  She relishes teasing me about it telling friends I am getting de-trained. hahaha It may be true as she had at times ran ahead of me during our long runs.

I found this race an overall good experience marred only with my encounter with an inconsiderate security guard on patrol who did not slow down in an intersection as I was crossing.  Oh well, might be a night guard lacking sleep eager to go home.  I’ll just think of it that way.

Great race still. Congrats to Finishline and Neutrogena for putting up an enjoyable race.

Yes, I chased the sun but it chased me back!  HAHAHA

Eyes trying hard to snap open and mind still spinning from dream-state, i woke up with Jun’s gentle but very firm “We’re late. We have to get up. Now.”

Got-up I did propping myself up awake.  It seemed all a breeze and we were off.  Bath, breakfast with  nary a visit to the john nor any stretching done.  Hah, as Bards would say, “Bahala na si Batman!”  Off we went…

Jun and I didn’t run together this time.  It was supposed to be a very easy run for me as I am on taper mode.  My last race before my big M day.  So I let him go as it would be a slow easy run for me.  I did an even pace all throughout taking advantage of the downhills to have fun and make up for my slower uphills.  From the race results, 5k splits were all around the 33-34 minute range.   Saw Bobby (Cruise Control) though at the last km who got me sprinting to the finish.  Hahaha So much for easy… Thanks Bobby, that was fun but I’m err.. supposed to be on taper… oh well, PR on my 15k at 1.40.06(chip time)  so who’s complaining? hahaha

I really enjoyed this race!  Breakfast banter in Kabisera with friends made it all the more fun.   🙂

Asian Dream Race Promo

Hear ye!  Hear ye!

One lucky runner from the Philippines  gets a chance to race for FREE at the KL Marathon this coming June 27, 2010!

You only have from May 14- 31 to get a chance so read on and head on to RUNNR Store …

Newton Running, the world’s top brand of running footwear, unveils the Asian Dream Race Promo! This special promo offers runners a chance to win 1 of 7 race entries to the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon on June 27, 2010 at Malaysia. The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010 is one of the biggest running events in Southeast Asia that will bring many running enthusiasts from all over the world to the Malaysian capital.

Promo Mechanics:

For every purchase of Newton Running in cash or through a Standard Chartered credit card, the buyer is entitled to one (1) raffle coupon that will qualify as one (1) entry.  Customers should fill out the coupon and drop it in designated drop boxes in Runnr stores.  Deadline of submission of entries is on May 31, 2010.   Winners will be drawn on June 3, 2010, and prizes can be claimed at the store where they bought their Newton Running shoes.  Promo period is from May 14 to 31, 2010.

More entries submitted will entitle the customer to more chances of winning. Prizes are transferable. Winners will be notified through registered mail and phone call. The winner will be given fifteen (15) days upon receipt of notification to claim the prize. After the 15-day claiming period, the unclaimed prize will be forfeited in favor of RUNNR (Quorum International Inc.)  Winners must bring two (2) valid forms of identification such as Driver’s license, SSS card, Passport, other government issued IDs, to claim the prize.

Participating Newton Running products are Gravity, Motion, Sir Isaac and Lady Isaac, and Motion All Weather.

For more details on Newton’s Asian Dream Race Promo log on to, or contact their head office at 642-4414 to 15.  You may also check out the RUNNR and Newton social networking sites on Face Book thru and

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