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Looney Tunes Adventure

The last kids run we attended was the Mommy Milkshake Run last September 2009 which has been quite awhile already. Our girls have been craving for another one especially our little Mikka. Summer came but their Mommy(pink sole) was training for her first marathon so most of our weekends were dedicated to long runs. So they got excited when the Looney tunes active run was announced and the timing was perfect.

It’s the week after the  TBR marathon so no more long runs for a while. The pink sole will treat it as her first recovery  run…with the kids. It was Mikka who was so excited and nervous because she has two races that weekend. She goes ” Daddy, its my swim graduation  and swim race this Saturday and i will run next for the Looney tunes..”  Last  weekend was a busy one for her, indeed.

Everybody went to sleep early  Friday and everybody responded to one wake-up call the next day. By 6am, all were ready and off we went to meet Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes runners.

We’re letting our eldest daughter, Bea, do this post on our adventure with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes and the some other looney characters. So enjoy!!!

Since my mom is  the pink sole, and my dad the blue sole, I think It’s appropriate that i be the purple sole. BLUE+PINK=PURPLE! (and also because it’s my favorite color).  I wanted to contribute a picture story about our experience in the Looney Tunes run, so here it is! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Kids all looking forward to the next adventure.

Super fun run with the kids!

As if the challenge is not enough in sharing a blog with my partner, we added another challenge.  haha

Welcome aboard Purple Sole!  What a wonderful development!  I am definitely looooving this!  I hope you enjoyed Bea’s blogging debut. 🙂


Wanna Run at Sundown?


Who would want to pass up this opportunity?  This doesn’t happen every week, every month, not even every quarter.  So, believe me when I tell you, this is one race you wouldn’t want to miss!

I am talking about the 2nd Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010.

With the summer heat beating us runners every Sunday morning race, this race offers a different experience.  With the races starting at around 5:30pm, we’ll have the not too oft chance to run a race while the sun is setting.  With Greenfield City as the venue, we’d sure be treated to a unique view of green fields and beautifully landscaped homes as we run in perfectly paved roads.  With Finishline in charge, we don’t have to worry about receiving proper support during the race.

One more great thing about this is it’s family-friendly.  With discounts to be given for participants at the nearby Paseo Center, you might just be lured into checking out the various boutiques there before the race (in case you’re not familiar with the place, there is a Nike and Adidas outlet stores there).  Kids get to enjoy the facilities that Greenfield City Management thoughtfully planned for.  A Kids Zone will be set-up and packed with inflatable fun like the bounce house, giant slide and much more.  Kids are sure to have fun playing in while Daddies and Mommies run their races.  Feeding the little ones and the whole family will not be a problem as there will be food booths to be set up.  After the race, runners get to enjoy the Cool Down Zone where free massages, yoga and pilates sessions will be made available.  The whole family can then hang around to watch a night concert featuring Manila’s premier performers.

Worried about going there?  Don’t be! Shuttle buses (2-3 of them) will be made available to bring participants to the race site and back for FREE.  Assembly will be at the Greenfield City Mandaluyong  near Unilab – Edsa Central.  Initial Assembly time schedules are planned starting 1:00pm in Greenfield Mandaluyong to Greenfield Sta. Rosa  and starting 10pm in Greenfields Sta. Rosa to Greenfield Mandaluyong.

We will be posting an update for the exact bus assembly venues and times before race date or as soon as Greenfield Race Management announces the FINAL schedules.  Check it out on this blog soon.  We don’t want anybody getting left behind.  😉

One thing for sure,  the Greenfield City management and Finishline is hell-bent on giving participants a great time.  I sure don’t wanna miss this!  Do you?

For race details, click HERE.

With race slots being filled-up fast nowadays, make sure you sign-up early.

Why not now?  To down-load form, click HERE.  Then hurry and bring your filled-out forms to any of the following registration sites:

Early Registration:  March 22 – April 11

Planet Sports in Trinoma, New Balance in Glorietta and Shangrila, Athlete’s Foot Center in Alabang Town Center, ROX in BHS and the Greenfield City Run booth in Paseo, Sta. Rosa.

Late Registration: April 12 – 17

ROX in BHS and the Greenfield booth in Paseo, Sta. Rosa

Don’t wait any longer.  See you at Greenfield City! 🙂

Unilab Run for Wellness Launch and Run Clinic

Whatever our reason is for running, be it for weight-loss, supplementary cross-training, continuing thirst  for that runner’s high, great camaraderie among running friends, or maybe just plain joining the band-wagon, one thing is pretty sure —  running, if done with some regularity, will lead to wellness.

We have reaped the benefits of running that is  why i am passionately endorsing this activity to friends and anyone who cares to listen.  We continue to encourage our kids, too, and have stored fun memories of our family runs.  I am just glad that with the recent running boom, more and more companies are taking notice and have started to support the sport incorporating it in their wellness campaigns.

Last Saturday, Unilab invited not just runner-bloggers but lifestyle and food bloggers as well at the Cafe Juanita at the Fort to launch the Unilab’s Run-For-Wellness  on March 7, 2010.  Unilab is teaming-up with Finishline to give us a good opportunity to get everyone to take up the sport towards a life of wellness.  Coach Rio of Finishline and Alex of Unilab were on hand to talk about the up-coming event.

First time runners, newbies and veteran runners are enjoined to participate in the runs different events — 500 meter kids dash, 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k.  The event has something new to offer, too.  There will be a Wellness Village where runners can go to age-specific tents after their run and get special wellness expert advise.  Here’s free consultation

So bring the whole family and join the fun!!! Sign up now.

Runners and their families can register online at or through in-store registration at Runnr store at Bonifacio High Street, New Balance branches at Shangri-La and Glorietta, Planetsports outlets in Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, and Rockwell from Jan 30 to Feb. 21. From Feb. 22 to 28, registration is only at Planetsports Trinoma and Runnr store at Bonifacio High Street,Taguig.

Registered participants can get 20% off on New Balance items. Top finishers can win cash prizes, Unilab gift packs, and New Balance gift certificates worth P5,000. Finishers in the 21 km category will receive a finisher’s medal. The first1,000 finishers in the 21K can also bring home a finisher’s shirt.


Alex of Unilab shares his initiation into running and Unilab's wellness campaign

Coach Rio takes centerstage as he explains the race details

Bobby(Cruise Control), Jay(Prometheus Cometh), Que ( and me

the solemates with Coach Rio & Jay and a mix of other food and lifestyle bloggers


In line with the race, Unilab and Finishline is running a 10-session run clinic at the Ultra Oval, Pasig, every tuesdays and thursdays which started Feb 9.

I have joined 2 sessions and really enjoying it.  Coaches Allan, John and Joar leads the clinic making sure we are having fun learning the drills.  I tell you it is fun!  A little hard at first but a whole lot of fun especially when you’re doing it with friends.   Got to bring along 3 of my officemates and we’re all having a blast! The balancing drills especially got us laughing at ourselves.  HAHAHA (I was having such a good time I didn’t want to lose time getting my camera phone to take pictures.  Maybe next time. 😉 )

Thanks to run clinics like this which educates and equips us to run injury-free and beautifully! It’s FREE! What more can we ask for?

Thanks Unilab! Thanks to all the Coaches!

For those interested, it’s not too late to join.  The run clinic will run until March 4 (Tuesday and Thursdays only), 6-8pm.

Have a blast with us at the oval!  🙂

The Amazing Kidney Race

The Philippine Society of Nephrology (kidney doctors) presents ” The Amazing Kidney Race” on March 7 in UP Diliman.

The Amazing Kidney Race will have four event categories. There is the 15K relay race limited only to 50 teams. Each team shall be composed of 5 members who will correspondingly complete the 1k-2k-3k-4k-5k race distances to complete a total of 15 kilometers. Adding twist to this race category are the baton passing and challenges that must be met by the relay runners in the handover zones to complete transition.
Then there is the heart-warming 2.2K Parent-Child Tandem Run especially allocated for Mom/Dad-Child team-ups. During the race, participants and spectators will get a touching sight of a parent egging on and encouraging her/his child who is determined to give his/her all.
There is also the 5K UP FLCD Circle Challenge, a banner event of event-partner UP FLCD Circle, particularly catered to beginner runners or veteran racers who have the need for speed.
And finally there is the centerpiece event, the 15K Eliminator Pursuit, where race participants will get an adrenalin rush as they negotiate UP Diliman campus’ best kept running course secret – the Heartbreak Route. 15K racers will get to know first-hand why it is called as such. And as if the route is still not inviting, all participants who meet the 45-minute half-way mark or 1h45m finish point cut-off times will receive a Finisher’s medal.

Both 15K and 5K solo race events will have MD and Open categories and subsequent male and female divisions. Top three individual and group finishers in all events and categories will be awarded with medals and certificates of achievement.The Amazing Kidney Race” is presented with the support of Activelink, in cooperation with event partners RunRadio @ NU107 FM, RunnerSpeak @ QTV11, Second Wind Running Store, ROX, and media partner,  Proceeds of the race reg fee will be used for the operation of underprivileged kidney patients.

Mommy Milkshake: Drizzly Fun Run

This is one race I was most excited with because it affords us a chance to bring the kids along.  We registered to run the 3k event and a week before the race day,  all the kids have decided on their race gears.  We even did a 2k practice run in the village.  That alone was fun already!

Since it has been raining since a couple of days back, I knew there was possibility that the race could be cancelled or if not, the kids would probably not be able to join us.  True enough, on the night before race day, we received an email advise from the race organizers that they will be sending text messages to the registered participants at 3am on race day should they decide to postpone the event.  That was unsettling but we didn’t tell the kids yet.  Somehow I knew they can still run with us as the rains already subsided and later that night was relegated to a drizzle.  Nonetheless, I woke up at 3am to check for a message.  Felt relieved that there was none even after 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, sleep by this time has eluded me until it was time for everybody to wake up.

The kids readily woke up at 5:15am and prepared for their race.  My sis-in-law(my only brother Junix’ wife that is), Debbie, and her unica hija, Daphne, arrived early very much excited for their very first race. Woohoo! (I hope we can get Junix to run or walk(?) next time.  He surely needs it! ;)).

It was cloudy but there wasn’t even a drizzle sooo … off we went with the kids in tow!

Nearing BHS, it started to drizzle.  O0h oh, too late to back out.  The drizzles came and went.  That was about the story from registration until the finish.  Thank God there was no down-pour and we had no need to pull the kids out from the race ‘coz that would have been a big letdown for them.

One time it was drizzling during the race, our Mikka innocently commented, “Mom, it’s drizzling!”  “Yes” I answered, so better make the most out of this as you wouldn’t be able to run in the rain all too often.”  hahaha We ran on having fun with me offering a silent prayer that the kids don’t get sick.  We thank the Lord they’re all well with nary a hint of colds.   All throughout the race, our 5-year old Mikka dictated our pace.  She’d shout “Walk” when tired and happily scream “Go!” as she starts to sprint.  We had fun running as a family!  Family events such as these spice up our running life, indeed!

We’ll keep this short and let the pictures show you the fun event.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me in the pics though.  I was the family’s appointed official photographer for the event! 🙂  Here goes…

Cloudy skies couldn’t dampen our spirits.  The circus acts and a friendly bear mascot lent a festive atmosphere.

  • circus clowns entertained the kids
  • circus clowns entertained the kids
  • Mikka with the friendly Nivea baby bear mascot

    Mikka with the friendly Nivea baby bear mascot

    Pink was the color of the day with the race organizer encouraging everyone to wear pink for the race.  Of course, the family happily complied.

    Our familys very pink race contingent -

    Our family's very pink race contingent -

    Mommy Vima & Mommy Mariel with our respective kids.

    Mommy Vima & Mommy Mariel with our respective kids.

    cruz family with debbie & daphne,  mendoza family, aljo, marga, patrick, jaymie & miguel

    Definitely more pink than our usual photo-ops with friends --bea, mariel, mikka & sofia cruz, with art & vima mendoza and 3 kids, marga, patrick, miguel, jaymie, aljo, debbie & daphne

    It was drizzling on and off during the registration but race started with a clearer sky just right for a cool weather race…

    at race start

    At race start (see mikka barely seen behind the big banner? Peek... :))

    Mikka finally visible at race start ;)

    ... a- Boo! Mikka finally visible at race start 😉

    With the banner and photo-ops out of the way, everybody’s all set.  Ready… set… go!

    The family started the race together…

    all running together still

    It wasn’t long after though when Sofia and cousin Daphne darted ahead leaving Mikka, Bea and me behind…

    Taking it easy and just enjoying the experience

    Gearing up!

    Gearing up!

    Mikka says Go!

    Mikka says "Go!"

    Mikka leads us when it's "Go!" time.

    Sofia and Mikka running together

    Rare and proud moment for Mikka as she overtakes older sister. Kind Sofia readily gave way. 🙂

    How light and easy can it get? (see mom debbie running with all her paraphernalia?) 🙂

    our 2 girls and a daughter ;)  great running form, dont you think so?

    Bea, Sofia & Mikka: Pretty good running forms, ey?

    It was fun  seeing and even running with friends at some point in the race …

    Bro J, Baby and son

    Bro J, Baby and son having fun running

    good friend Anne joined, too.  It was us who couldnt keep up with her this time. ;)

    Good friend Anne joined, too. It was us who couldn't keep up with her this time. 😉

    The 5k & 3k runners merged towards the 2nd loop. Taki & baby, Jaymie catching up with us here.

    Finally, the finish line awaits…

    Bea, Mikka and I sprinting to the finish line with BroJ & family

    Bea, Mikka and I sprinting to the finish line with BroJ & family

    mariel & mikka

    "Mikka, you did it!"

    The Cruz girls

    The Cruz girls as pink as can be

    For our usual pic … it’s the Sole Mates + 3 …

    The Sole Mates with our most cherished treasures - bea, sofia & Mikka

    The Sole Mates with our most cherished treasures - bea, sofia & Mikka (niece Daphne at the rightmost side)

    After a drizzle-laden run, the kids clamored for a swim.  So, they headed straight to the village pool and continued a fun-filled morning!

    Thanks  Mommy Milkshake. We had fun!  We hope there’s a next time… 🙂

    Birthday Run Dilemna

    July 26, Sunday

    The idea of doing a birthday run really excited me.  This is the only gift I wanted for my birthday and I wanted my WHOLE family, meaning even my  mom & dad, my only brother  and his family and my only sister to join me.  I relish the idea of spending my birthday in a race running with my loved ones.

    With 2 simultaneous runs scheduled on my birthday, the question is which one?

    1.   Family-Oriented:                 No                                           Yes

    2.  Nice Race View:                   just fine                                   Yes

    3.  Location Near:                     Yes                                          No

    4.  Friendly Time-Slot:              Not for kids                              Yes

    5.  Ease of Registration:           Yes                                           No

    The next qualifiers cancels each other out as the answer is the same.

    6.  Reasonable Rates:              Yes                                           Yes

    7.  Race Organizer:                   Not too sure                           Not too sure either

    With one in the morning and one in the afternoon, why not run in both?!?

    Addict!!! hahaha


    July 30, Friday

    I had to indicate the dates as this has significance.  The post above was drafted last Sunday when everything was okay and everyone was well.

    My 2 younger kids were downed with flu soon after and are still recovering.  I couldn’t let them join me in my birthday run.  How I wanted a family run.  The kids especially these 2 younger ones were oh so excited, too. It would have been a different  and special way of spending my birthday.

    Anyways, I’m sure there’d be other special ways to celebrate.  I can still do my birthday run albeit by myself or Jun could probably join and run at my pace this time.

    Wait… I saw tarps lining Edsa announcing the Great Northern Sale. . .  It falls on my birthday!!!  How about some birthday shopping, hon? 😉

    I’m sure we’ll think of OTHER special ways.   hehe

    For starters, I’ll join you running at your pace.

    Can’t actually match your shopping pace.  Baka lagnatin na naman ako! ha ha ha

    Pinay In Action Run, Our Family Run

    “Whaaat???  Another race after just a week?  Are you sure I can do this?  Baka naman masobrahan ako nyan.  Isn’t the Greenfield race coming soon, too?  Won’t I get injured like you?”  This was how Mariel first reacted to the idea.

    Inspite of the initial apprehensions though, we decided we will run this race (I mean, they will run this race).  We decided to join PIA fun run and make it a family affair.  So we registered our 2 younger daughters, Sofia and Mikka for the 1.6k and Mariel for the 5k.  The plan was for our eldest daughter, Bea and myself to run with the 2 kids.

    Since this is Pinay in Action Run, I will let the woman do the telling:

    She said:

    We arrived in MOA early, found a perfect parking spot, and had much time kidding around with the kids.  We did practice runs which Mikka really enjoys a lot before proceeding to the starting line.  Her laughter and shrieks of delight just brought smiles to our faces. We still had much time left before the start of the race and we had plenty of time to just people-watch and take some pictures.  Jun was the family’s official photographer as always and wasted no time clicking away.

    Just before the start of the 5k and 10k race, we saw Miguel.  Shortly after, we positioned ourselves at the race start. We’re running the more serious races while Jun and Jaymie, the more seasoned runners ran the 1.6K with our respective kids. 🙂 The alarm sounded and off we went which left Mikka crying for Mommy.  I think we failed to brief Mikka that Mommy will be running a different race.  She might have expected to run with me the same way we did during the Unicef Run.  Seeing me go off without her probably surprised her to tears.  My poor baby!  I wanted to go back and comfort her.  Lesson learned there.  Better briefing and emotional preparation for the little one next time.

    As soon as I began running I knew I didn’t feel as strong.  I felt I will easily tire out.  The previous day’s activities of treadmill running and shopping in my wedge shoes seem to have exhausted me.  Wedge shoes while shopping?  Big mistake!  How can a veteran shopper like me not know that? I thought they would be comfortable enough for shopping. Duh!  I was actually planning to accompany Jun to his meeting but decided otherwise at the last minute and suggested that he just drop me off Glorietta thus, the inappropriate shoes.  There you go…

    Anway, I was still able to finish  without walking.  I was more exhausted this time but felt good that I still finished under 40mins.  Still couldn’t forget that tisoy’s goal which I made mine as well..  That’s a good enough achievement for a month-old runner like me.  Or so I would like to believe…

    Thanks to Jun who was there at the finish line to take picture and record my finish.

    The kids’ race started a few minutes after we took off. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for Mikka to calm down. Once the race started, it fun time.  The kids enjoyed what is actually our 2nd Family Fun Run.

    Clowning with Coach Rio and Kaye

    Clowning with Coach Rio and Kaye

    We hang around with friends, Miguel and Jaymie, Coach Rio and Kay, Coach Jo-Ar a few meters from the finish line taking some post-race pictures. The kids are already clamoring for food and off we went to McDo Bluewave with the Pizarro family to get the kids’ happy meal rewards.

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