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NYC Marathon: A Great Gift

After months of uncertainty, we can finally rejoice “We’re definitely in!”

Oh, the things we had to hurdle to get here…

I have Jun to thank for for giving in to good friend Jay’s (Prometheus Cometh) prodding to join the lottery for the ING NYC Marathon in first quarter of this year.  I thank him now but I was incredulous when I found out in April that he enlisted the both of us without my knowledge! Then amazement followed that not one but both of us were picked! I mean, I don’t think we’d even consider going if only one was awarded a slot.

I really didn’t take it seriously at first.  How can I when I was still in the thick of training for my first full marathon at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon scheduled barely one month after we received confirmation of our official entry.  We let the months pass with me not really taking this seriously.  It was months later when it became apparent that the blue sole was really getting serious about going.  However, I couldn’t see how I can go.  I was in a crossroad in my career and I was on a look-out for a new job.   How can I go on a vacation leave if I am starting a new job?

The blue sole and I had a heart-to-heart talk and agreed that we would pray hard about it and let God work in our situation.  Meantime,  we agreed to do our part —  I’ll continue my job-hunting and  we will both train for the marathon anyway.  Hoping that when God says YES to our plans, we are both prepared to go and tackle the marathon of our lives!

So, train we did trying to keep our focus even when there are just a lot of things that need to be worked-out.  There were indeed low moments when Mariel would not be training consistently feeling she wouldn’t be able to go anyway.  Somehow, we are able to pick things up, trying our best to be positive amidst the uncertainty.  Then, things began to go our way.  Good things just began to happen one after the other.  I joined the Runrio team.   Mariel found a new job she’s really excited about.  Not only that.  She found a new employer so understanding and supportive of her NYC Marathon dream that she was even granted 2-week vacation leave short of a month after starting work as part of the negotiated package!  Also, we are almost at the peak now of our training with the Pink Sole  having completed her 30k  and me my 32k last Sunday.  It was a serious but enjoyable run with running friends  Miguel and Jaymie (TBR).  Mariel and I  rejoiced with a BIG question mark still in our minds though — Will we be granted a US visa?

Oct 7, Thursday,  came and we arrived at the US embassy an hour early for our 7:30am schedule.  We breezed through the process.  We didn’t expect it to be that fast.  By 8:30am, when our friends Jaymie and Aljo were just texting us their Goodluck wishes, we have already been granted our US visas and on our way to our breakfast celebrations! YAHOOOOO!

It was just amazing how everything fell into place.  I guess, it was meant to be.


What a great gift this is today, our 17th wedding anniversary! THANK YOU LORD!!!


RunRio Trilogy Leg3: UNILAB RUN UNITED 2

It’s last and final leg… the culmination of a highly successful run… a two-day running event being brought to you by Unilab and Runrio — RUN UNITED 2

Read on for the details of this much anticipated race…

For primers, take a look at the singlets which come with every registration except the 500m event …






1.  The 500m dash will have two age categories open  to children 5-8 years old and 9-12 years old only.  All other events are open to all ages.

2.  The 500m dash participants may choose which day to participate in.  The rest of the event category partipants may choose to run 1 event on both Day 1 and Day 2.  However, those running 21k on Day 1 and 32k on Day 2  will be required to submit a medical certificate and/or sign a waiver and will be subject to Runrio’s approval.

3.  Singlets will be given to the first 10,000 registrants only.

4. Singlet size will be available on a first-come, first served basis.

5.  Registration may end earlier than announced.  Race Kits may run out before Nov 17, 2010.

So, ready now and prepare.  Store registration and race pack redemption for those who have already registered on-line as well starts next Sunday.

Make sure you secure your slot early.  See you all at the starting line! 🙂

Camsur Marathon 2010: Final Call

It is Camsur Marathon week.  Are you registered?  Are you all geared up?

Not ready for a full marathon but want to go see Camsur and the now famous Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) and participate in the festivities?  Why not join the shorter events — 3k, 5k , 10k and 21k.  You can still enjoy a good run and of course, the nice place.

You still have a chance to register for Camsur’s first ever marathon and for all the other shorter distance events.  Registration still on-going now only in CWC, Camsur.

For more details of the race details,  visit

Run strong  and have fun!!!

Klima Fun Run

Note:  Only first 1,000 runners get a singlet.  So, register early!

Running Barefoot

How would it really feel running barefoot?  I honestly do not relish the thought.  That was why I didn’t even take the slightest interest in the footwear that’s supposed to allow one to mimic barefoot running.

I first saw the Vibram Five Fingers in Singapore last December while malling around before race day.  While some friends took a really close look and even fitted a pair, I just waited bored in the sidelines.   That’s also probably because the colors available there were very plain and unattractive very much unlike these ones.

I however couldn’t imagine myself wearing one.  I’d feel too unprotected wearing it on the road  plus I  still think I’d look hideous on it.   BUT, that’s just me. I haven’t really tried it so these are really perceptions waiting to be confirmed or otherwise defended and proven wrong.

It certainly looks very different from our usual ride but I  would not mind giving it a try and getting a feel of it on the road.  Having non-biomechanical feet makes finding a running/training shoe a little more complicated. Should I get to try one of these, I’ll post a review.

As for the looks, who knows hon, it might just grow on you… 😉

Meantime, we’ll share you this press release straight from our inbox.  Read on and learn the benefits of going barefoot…

The Benefits of Being Barefoot

We have all been born barefoot.  A long time ago, people have lived and survived without using protective footwear.  But, today, because of technology and the many changes it brought, wearing shoes became an essential part of life. But beyond all the protection and the style shoes provide, we seem to have forgotten the significant benefits and sense of freedom being barefoot brings.

Shoes were first invented thousands of years ago—way back when people used to live in caves. Back then, they used animal hides and leather laces to protect their feet from the rough terrain. Millennia passed and the concept of shoes evolved in countless ways from its design, material, and even its uses. It became a necessity to shod oneself. However, no matter how things change, most people still prefer to do a lot of things barefoot. It is all because being barefoot is very comfortable. But, aside from the unrivaled relaxation being barefoot brings, it also has a considerable number of benefits, not just to the feet, but the body as a whole.

Doing activities barefoot brings a lot of advantages to the body’s flexibility and mobility. It allows people to exercise, stretch, relax, and strengthen muscles they normally don’t get to use when wearing shoes. Barefoot running also corrects the way people run—making them land on the balls of their feet—as compared to wearing rubber shoes which gives the tendency to land on the heels first. Landing on the heels of the feet releases more pressure and shock to legs and knees. Doing things barefoot also improves range of motion in ankles, feet, and toes because of movements that are more natural and free. It also heightens body awareness since the body has the sense of being freer than being shod. Balance and motion agility are also developed because doing things barefoot further stimulates the neurons and nerves that are essential to lower body movement. And because there are no heels to torture the foot heel and the ankle, it enhances natural posture and the alignment of the spine. And, most especially, it is much easier to relax and stretch after a workout if someone is barefoot.

Countless health benefits have been associated with being barefoot. That is why athletes, to attain better health and movement, prefer to do their sports without any footwear on. It is because when barefoot, movements become the movements of a child—playful and sensitive, yet purposeful and confident. A person experiences the unbound joy of stepping, hopping, and running across any surface on earth, simply to get from here to there. This is the reason why a lot of sports enthusiasts prefer to deal with their activities barefoot.

Numerous runners have been hitting the tracks without any shoes on because the benefits of running barefoot have long been supported by scientific research, coaches, and athletes who’ve offered ample evidence that training without shoes allows you to run faster and further with fewer injuries. Motion studies demonstrate that when running barefoot, one naturally lands on the forefoot, directly below the center of gravity. This results in optimum balance, increased stability, less impact, and greater propulsion.

Indeed, undertaking activities barefoot has a lot of benefits and advantages for the body. However, the feet—most especially those of the more active people—need to be protected from the many possibilities of injury. That is why some footwear are developed to mimic the feel and freedom of being barefoot. A good example would be the Vibram Five Fingers which is a proof that many people prefer to do things barefoot. With a slot for each of the toes, it actually gives all the freedom and feel of wearing no shoes on.

Many other innovations in footwear have been introduced into the market to make our feet as comfortable and relaxed as if barefoot. It is because it takes no genius to agree that—aside from the benefits of going barefoot—the feet has taken the humans a long long way and they deserve a break and the freedom.

The Vibram Five Fingers store is located at Level R1 Bridgeway in PowerPlant Mall, Rockwell. For inquiries, call (02) 513-1449 or e-mail You could also visit the official website at

Kraft Run: Racing an LSD

Last weekend’s LSD was done in  Alabang as we incorporated the Kraft Run in our training.  Thanks to Miguel and Jaymie, Mariel and I and several of our other running friends were registered in this race organized exclusively for Kraft employees and their guests.  The race was organized quite well.  From the looks of it, it was budgeted quite generously — big stage, grand start/finish line arch, ample water, packed breakfast, singlet and a lootbag full of Kraft goodies.  The race route was great with rolling hills  andtree-lined roads.  We enjoyed a perfect race weather, too! Near perfect race marred only by the 10k distance short of 800m (garmin).  Nonetheless, it was a good race worthy of a repeat.

Busy stage area as runners stretch before the race

runners mill at the starting line

me with comeback queen vimz and comeback king aljo who both ran 3k. 🙂

me, aljo, lit, vimz, junb, jaymie and her kids

front: me, aljo, vimz, jaymie and her kids; back: lit, edward and junb

post-race banter - raymund, edward, me, mariel & lit

I was up at 2am, an hour before we had to get up.  My eldest daughter woke me up tearily complaining about a painful stomach. After almost an hour, she finally was able to sleep after I applied the good ol manzanilla spray we keep in our medicine cabinet.  So glad that did the trick or I would have missed a wonderful race and yet another chance to add up to my mileage and continue my weekend running momentum.  Mommy duties come first, of course!

I needed to run 22k that Sunday while Jun needed 24k.  The rest of the group have practically the same distance goals give or take 2k.  With the 10k event we were slated to run that morning,  our LSD group decided to run our additional mileage before and after the race.

Yeah, it worked and it was fun.  The heat though was bothersome towards the end which really exhausted some of us.  I was 1k short of my goal but  happy still to have finished another weekend LSD of fun and laughter.  That would have to do for now.

finished the 10k kraft run in 1:01 except that route was short by 800m. PR…Not!

The Sole Mates happy with the race.

Congratulations to Jaymie, The Bull Runner, for finishing first in the 10k female category. Woohoo!

Thank you’s are in order — to Kraft and our host Miguel Pizarro for a chance to experience this race, to Vimz, The Kulit Runner, for most of the pics here and to our LSD group, Lit Onrubia, Jun Bisnar and the Miguel and Jaymie Pizarro for great company both during running and eating.  🙂

LSD… Not!

Two Saturdays ago, when everybody else was in Camsur, the Blue Sole and I together with running friends Jaymie, Miguel and JunB headed to the Fort area for a planned easy 22k run.  It was  fun but very challenging  for me.  I should have expected it running with Three Men and The Bull Runner! Hah, what can i say? The rolling hills of  McKinley was a challenge especially when fast runners are dictating the pace.  I could just hear my quads screaming as I tackle the inclines and  found myself sprinting several times to catch up with the pack.  All was well until K16 when I felt my legs getting heavy which further deteriorated until K19 when both felt like stiffening logs and I was running slower and slower.  I waved the Blue Sole off who went back for me and advised him that I will be walking the rest of the way.  I was done with my 19k LSD required for that week as per my training program so why push it.  So, walk I did for the next 3k finding JunB gone and  JunC,  Jaymie and Miguel waiting at the finish all dressed up and finished with breakfast… kidding!

Long slow distance?  Nah! Felt more like speed training to me. HAHAHA

Seriously, thanks guys for waiting!  I had fun running and catching up with you while I can. 🙂

I am just glad the Pink Sole is catching up with her training now.  She’s really getting me worried  as it didn’t seem like she was in training mode yet and the days and months are fast disappearing from the training calendar.  Knowing her though it was just a matter of getting started and her mind will not let go.  I hope this is it!

As for me, been at it for more than a month now training 3x-a-week on weekdays with Coach Rio, Jay, Jojo and JunB.  With my left knee still bothering me,  I am still on the lookout for my next training shoes.    I hope the Asics I am waiting for will be a perfect fit.

Meantime, training goes on …

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