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Hello New York! Our NYC Marathon Escapade

Our US trip was really extraordinarily special for both of us.  I’ve wondered how we are going to even start documenting this momentous trip and this momentous run.  The blue sole and I have shared a joke or two about how and when we’re gonna get started.  I get dizzy just thinking about the many pictures we will sort through and pick from to include here.  hahaha Started writing this at 5:20am bored from being up since 1am.  Yup, still jetlagged after 4 days.  Thank God for the weekend!


Bags all packed and  “pasalubongs” for our dear family in NJ all wrapped-up, Jun, my sister, Jen and I headed to the airport graciously picked-up from home by Coach Rio.  Sans any sleep (in preparation for a long in-flight sleep) we checked-in early only to be told one of our luggages was over-weight and thus, proceeded to open and transfer some stuff to another luggage.  Apart from that, everything else went on smoothly.  Giddy about our first trip to the US, Jun and I would exchange excited smiles on the plane like kids on our first carousel ride still in disbelief that we are actually on our way to run the NYC marathon.

With a prayer for a safe flight, we looked out the window as the plane took-off and watched the Manila skyline disappear from view ready for the 6-hour stop-over flight to Narita, Japan.  The one-hour stop-over was a frenzy of restroom visits and a really yummy McDonald’s shrimp burger meal for me and Jen and a trusted old McDonalds Bacon Burger Meal for Jun while Rio opted for some hot noodle soup elsewhere.  Before we know it, it was time to board again, this time for our flight to JFK Airport in New York City where we saw the sky turn bright, then dark then bright again all in a span of 12 hours heralding our first major timezone cross-over. Cool!

With Rio and Jen waiting at Narita Airport

We said in our previous post about our NYC Marathon, that we will just take it one step at at time. And So we got our entry confirmation, then our visa, on with our training and  so on. I did not get excited until the day of our flight. When the day finally arrived and we are leaving for New York, I had that moment when I had to stop what I was doing and thought it over again and again…. I just cant believe it …. I am fulfilling my dreams!!!.  Run the NYC Marathon and  finally visit my brother Vic and sister Cris and their families and get to spend time with them.  I was simply stunned and look back at the start of this journey.  So that’s what i did on the plane on our long flight to New York. I didn’t get much sleep but enjoyed every minute of it.

So, when we finally arrived at the JFK airport, we were truly ready for NYC!!!

Kisses, bear hugs, laughter, chatter, intros to the family pets, Dusty(pug) and Pringles(cockapoo), food and more food characterized our first night spent with family.  Arriving in NJ at 6pm, you’d think that was it.  No, no, no… before long, we were off  to see the Manhattan night lights.  What a sight!!!

Our first real taste of the NYC breeze and we were frozen cold!  My face and ears felt like ice and my hair and jeans felt wet.  I didn’t bring my scarf so my neck was stiff from the cold, too.  Doll shoes, i found out, didn’t have a place there.  My feet were freezing and I couldn’t help my teeth from chattering. It was a great night out… cold breezy New York air welcomed us.  Brrrrrr…. Chilly New York!

Next: Our pre-marathon run experience…


34th Milo Marathon Advisory

For the warriors of the road who will run at the 34th Milo Eliminations this Sunday, may you be running the full marathon or half or 10k or 5k and even 3k, whether you’re  doing it for the first time or to break your PR, to qualify for the finals,  to support this worthy cause, or for just plain fun, we wish you  all the best.

Just got in from my inbox requesting us to post this latest advisory:

In line with the thrust of MILO® Phils. to continually raise the standards of road races and provide all runners with an exceptional running experience, we would like to issue this advisory in connection with the staging of the 34th National MILO® Marathon on Sunday, July 4, 2010:

  • All unregistered runners or “bandit runners” will not be allowed to run along the designated race course throughout the duration of the race. The same will also apply for pacers of registered runners who have not officially registered as participants.
  • Except for sanctioned lead/trailing automobiles no other vehicles (to serve as pacer or support or otherwise to a particular participant) will be allowed on and along the race course throughout the race.
  • Aid stations other than the designated aid/hydration stations will be allowed set-up along the race course provided assistance will be open to ALL REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS and do not pose any form of obstruction to the runners.

We will deploy a round-the-clock roving race support team to monitor the observance of these vital race policies. We are hoping for the full support of the running community.

Andrew Neri                                                                                                                                                                                                              Nestle Philippines, Inc.

OCAI Run updated

PRESS RELEASE:  Ortigas Center warms up for first ever road run

Running enthusiasts will be psyched to learn that they will be able to sprint through the wide and hilly avenues of Ortigas Center come June 27, 2010. Thanks to the Ortigas Center Association, Inc. (OCAI), a non-stock, non-profit organization commissioned to uphold the stature of Ortigas Center as one of the nation’s prime business districts, the very first OCAI Run will have its gun start at 5:00am for 10k runners, 5:15am for 5k runners and 5:30am for 3k runners in front of the Philippine Stock Exchange in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

But this won’t be your usual, pardon the pun, run-of-the-mill race. What makes this different from the myriad fun runs that dominate the country’s fitness calendars these days is the location. “Never before has Ortigas Center hosted a run before,” said race director Rudy Biscocho. “Due to the elevation in and around the Ortigas Center area, there will be uphill stretches guaranteed to test your mettle,” he teased. “But naturally, for every uphill climb there is a reward, and you can improve you time by increasing your pace downhill,” explained Biscocho.

Posing a different challenge from other typically flat runs are the hilly roads in and around Ortigas Center. The 10k route will feature a downhill trek on Lanuza Drive in Valle Verde and an uphill stretch on Julia Vargas Avenue. The 5k will take runners through San Miguel Avenue to E. Rodriguez Avenue and back to Exchange Road for the finish line while the 3k will be a more casual breeze within the Ortigas Center.

“This first ever road run in Ortigas Center aims to accomplish the goals of the Rotary Club of Ortigas Center and Balance Lifestyle Fitness,” said Luz N. Cotoco, Chairman of OCAI. “It is also for the benefit of the various humanitarian projects of RCOC,” added Cotoco.

Registration fee is Php 400 for any of the three distances which is inclusive of one race bib, baller band, route map, finisher shirt and loot bag that will be given out right after the run. All proceeds of the OCAI Run will go to the humanitarian projects of the Rotary Club of Ortigas Center. Registration period is from April 30 to June 26, 2010, at all Mizuno outlets and at OCAI Office. Many raffle prizes including a Technomarine watch and giveaways await lucky participants, while cash prizes will be given to the top 3 finishers of each category.

For inquiries call 890-4230 and 0922-8367990 and look for Ms Ana Salas. Or check out their Facebook page by searching for “OCAI Run”. The OCAI Run is organized by OCAI with RCOC, presented by the Ortigas & Company Limited Partnership and sponsored by HSBC, Meralco, Puregold, The San Miguel Corporation, First Holdings, Flanax, Xenical, The Oriental Assurance Corporation, BusinessWorld, CCI Enterprises, SM Megamall, Robinsons Department Store, Unilever and Ropali.

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2010

In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary, National Geographic Channel is excited to announce its very first NatGeo Earth Day Run on April 18, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia. This fun run is open to all interested runners who are willing to participate in the 3k, 5k and 10k races.

Proceeds will go to building sustainable eco villages to withstand environmental disasters like last year’s Ondoy flooding and to support a global competition to rebuild climate resilient communities designed for a greener environment.

Through this event, NatGeo aims to promote Earth Day and its global mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Help save the environment. Join the NatGeo Earth Day Run!

Registration Details:

· 3k – P500
· 5k – P600
· 0k – P700
This includes a free limited edition NatGeo Earth Day Run technical shirt. Proceeds will support Design Against the Elements Competition in bringing innovative solutions to climate vulnerable communities in developing countries.

Ways to Register:

Online Registration : March 8 to April 4
Courier charges for race kits apply to online registrants
P100 – within Metro Manila
P150 – outside of Metro Manila

Cash Registration: March 8 to April 11
Nike Outlet in Bonifacio High Street
Timex Outlet in SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia

Race day:

5:30AM – Registration
6:00AM – Gun start for all races
8:30AM – Announcement of Winners

Those who are not participating in the races can still come. Breakfast will be served and interviews with the winners will be held after the awarding ceremonies.

For more details, please call Agatep Associates, Inc. at 635-9355-60 and look for Glaiza Porneso (loc 160); fax: 635-0516.

BDM 102

I’ve packed my gear, I’m set and ready to go.  Nervous and I’m not even the one running.  HAHAHA

I hope  everything goes well tomorrow for Jay and Vener’s first BDM bid.

Even before the BDM starts, I congratulate all of you who are running this.  The decision to run and the dedication to train for this ultramarathon is just beyond me.

I salute you all! You’re a rare breed.

God bless you all with good, strong and safe runs!

Sniff Sniff; Bark Bark

Called in sick Monday and spent the day at home resting the whole morning and went to see the doc in the afternoon.  Too many late worknights and stress has taken a toll and my more than 2 weeks’ battle with the colds and cough, fought with double doses of vitamin C and water therapy ended with a shift to the much-avoided antibiotics.

Hmmm… God has a way of telling us to stop…  to rest… I only wish I  had the sense to listen much earlier.  If I did, I would have been at the Ultra with Jun tonight…  and Thursday.  I would have been running a race this Sunday.

Just last week, I wanted to run 2 different races at one time.

Now, I’m torn no more.  My body  decided for me.

For this Sunday, the races will be there and I won’t be running any.

Better rest now than miss another great race on the 21st.

Sniff, sniff … Gotta shake off the bark, bark.

I should be sleeping now.  oH OH Jun’s home.  Gotta run to bed! 😉

Announcement: Condura run 21k and 42k runners

Got an important text message from Patrick Concepcion.  Read on…

Dear Condura 21km and 42km runners,

Greetings.  There was an error committed in printing out the race bibs.  Some race bibs have a bar code and some do not have one.

Do not worry as you will still be able to run your event and you will still be timed accurately.

We have corrected this situation already with race bibs that have not yet been issued out.

For the race bibs that have been issued with no barcode, may we kindly request you to do the following:

1. Write down your bib number on the perforated stub located at the lower left side portion of your bib.
The portion that says: “Give to finish official at the end of the race”. “Do not pin spindle hole”.

For example. If your bib number is 123, please write the number 123 on the perforated stub.

2. Please write clearly, legibly and accurately. (Please write the number 1, 5 and 7 clearly)

3. Please use a PERMANENT marker. Color black. Be sure that it does not smear when wet as this will be exposed to water and sweat. Do not use a pencil, ball pen, or white board marker. Only use a BLACK PERMANENT marker. (water proof if possible)

We are very sorry for this basic error. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are hoping for your kind understanding.

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