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A Season for Everything


To everything there is a season.

A time for every purpose under heaven: …

A time to gain  and a time to lose;

A time to keep and a time to throw away;

… A time to keep silent and a time to speak.   (Eccl 3:1-8)


Nothing beats God’s wisdom.  There is, indeed,  a season for everything.

The New York C ity  Marathon was such a special experience for me that everything after that seems  anti-climactic.  The work-load and the adjustment to a new job and  a new industry, for that matter, have also contributed a lot in this seemingly long running and writing hiatus.  It didn’t help, too, that the blue sole was just as busy.  Unlike me though, he is able to squeeze in a short run every now and then with our training buddies and even managed to write his NYC race account already (as of presstime, it still hasn’t passed the editorial desk though 😉 ).

After the NYC  Marathon last Nov 7, 2010, I went underground big time.  I only ran 4 times the next four months (that’s once a month!) — a 5k, and 3  10ks.   Aaaaargh…  I am sooo out of circulation.  I haven’t been reading blogs much less been writing one.  I haven’t been attending any press’/bloggers’  race  launches much less running these races.  So, you can imagine that I’m pretty much out of shape, too.

This March, i kinda woke up though still yawning and trying to fully yank my senses awake.  My running life has improved a bit though still very irregular.  I have started joining races again with the recently concluded Unilab Run where I ran a slower 10k but felt good nonetheless;  the  Globe R4H where I ran 15k and almost DNF’d  battling a growling tummy and best of all even tried to help out at the TBR Dream Marathon 2011 as a dream chaser where I, together with other dream chasers from TBRDM batch 2010 walked 5k under the intense heat of the sun to escort the last runner to the finish line.  See, I’m slowly trying to oil my sleeping muscles and breath air to my overly-rested heart and lungs.  My runner’s spirit is most certainly soaring again.

I have resolved to get back my running rhythm and enjoy the regular weekend long runs again and hopefully, go back to normal programming on this blog as well.  I didn’t think I’d miss writing this much! 🙂

Rest time is over, baby!  It’s so time to RUN…  and WRITE!

I admit I’m guilty too but not as much as the pink sole!  HAHAHA  Hoping we can finally record our NYC Marathon run.  TSK, TSK, TSK… Then we can probably move on…  HEHE  We’ve missed recording too much already.

There have been changes in our workfront and we’re  adjusting to it.  I know in time, we’ll get around to getting back our rhythm just as the pink sole said up there.

Meantime, see you at The G.O.O.D. Run tomorrow at the BGC.  On site registration available tomorrow. For details of the race, see Kulitrunner’s post HERE.


NYC Marathon Week: Running with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso

Our first few days in New York were packed with sight-seeing, shopping and spending happy moments with my family. I nearly forgot that we should have an easy run to get our muscles working and get the feel of running in a cold day. So the pink sole and I went out on cold 5ºc windy day and ran 6k around Northvale. It was exciting to run in a new route in very cold weather. But I know my day will get even more exciting.

Dressed in 2XU compression tights, 3 layers top (tank , long-sleeved dry-fit shirt and a jacket) with a cap over a thick beanie, gloves and my pink and gray lunar glides, we set out for a quick 6k run — a dress rehearsal.  The first kilometer was a BRRRRR (HAHAHA).  I was cold to death.  I wanted to run faster so I can already heat up but my legs felt cold and stiff.  We reached Northvale Park and ran rounds.  I tuned in to what I was feeling the whole run mindful of how I will adjust my gear at race day.  My face felt very cold and my eyes hurt and became watery because of the wind.  I never wore shades while running but noted I might have to this time.  After 3 kms, I felt hot enough to open my jacket wide and  removed my beanie.  The breeze would still make my ears very cold when I was just wearing my cap.   One thing that felt cold the whole time was my lower back and my thighs.  I don’t know why but I definite took note of that.  My coughs and colds seemed to be tamed at that point.  While my nose wanted to out-pace my running, my coughs didn’t give me any problems at all.  It was when we got home and stopped running that the coughs came and boy, how they did!  I swear I was coughing incessantly in the bathroom for around 15 minutes.  Jun and my sister got concerned and would knock to check if i was okay.  Even I got a little scared at one point as my eyes were already all watered and red and the coughs wouldn’t stop.  Huh, those 15minutes were a lot more tiring than our 50-minute run.

test run in Northvale 3 days before marathon day

The test run was a success!  It made me throw all my gear out the window EXCEPT of course my fave Nike Lunar Glides and jacket. HAHAHA  Gotta go back to Nike Town!  Yey!!!

Running with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso

We went to the city after lunch and went around 5th avenue before proceeding to my next short run that day. I had the privilege of running with Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall and running legend Bart Yasso at the Run by Foot Locker Store. I submitted my entry a day after arriving in NY and got accepted the next day. Isn’t that amazing?

So by 5:30pm, I went to 34th E 14th street where RUN by footlocker shop is located. Mariel opted not to join me and do more shopping instead, hah! As soon as I arrive in the store, I registered and got a beautiful running tee from Footlocker, another long sleeve shirt from Nissan, a Runner’s World and Marathon Magazine. Few minutes after, Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso arrived, the organizer discussed the run and the route. And so, 30+ plus runners went off for an easy 5 mile run. Of course our easy is like walking for Ryan and Bart. Running while chatting with each runner and of course taking pictures with them. It was such an amazing experience. After the run, all of us got to have our magazines signed and of course the experience wouldn’t be complete without our pictures taken with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso.

With the privileged few. I think I was the only Filipino there!

Hoping to get some energy for the marathon from the two if I stayed close. 🙂

Mr. Yasso, I only did 6x800 during my training. Do you think that will be enough for me to finish on Sunday? 🙂

With Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall

With the legendary Bart Yasso

So much excitement for one day.  The next day brings more…

Next:  Claiming our Race Kits at the Expo

All Systems Go for NYC

Only a week before ING NYC Marathon 2010 and we’re about to go to get acclimatized.  What an exciting time for us… our first trip to  the US of A, running the biggest marathon in the world!

Long runs all done.  Taper mode for me pushed to the limit with very little mileage due to colds and coughs.

I know, i know, what a bad time to get sick.  I’m taking all the necessary steps to come out of this — 2 days off from work, mega dose of vitamin C, colds and cough medication, antibiotics, water, pineapple juice, chicken soup, etc.

Family in NYC say weather forecast for the next week, all throughout marathon week,  is very cold… BRRRRR….  I hope to be well enough to battle the cold on marathon day.  I am hoping the marathon spirit and the earlier training will pull me through this.  I am hoping to do better than 5:22 during my first mara at  TBR Dream Marathon but then again this is a tougher course.  I’ll be happy with just enjoying what might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.  Praying all systems will really be a GO come Nov 7th.  Lord, HELP!

One thing for sure though… can’t wait to have a fabulous time in New York, New York!!! 🙂

Can’t believe it’s almost here— my dream marathon, the ING NYC Marathon 2010.  Preparations have been quite rushed on booking flight schedules, coordinating with family, researching and preparing clothes and gears for cold-weather running and going around.

Our marathon will be sandwiched with lots of sight-seeing and not too much shopping for the pink sole, i hope,  We really got to make sure we   squeeze in a couple of short runs in between.

Truly praying for a great NYC marathon experience for us both.  What a great privilege… God be with us…

NYC Marathon: A Great Gift

After months of uncertainty, we can finally rejoice “We’re definitely in!”

Oh, the things we had to hurdle to get here…

I have Jun to thank for for giving in to good friend Jay’s (Prometheus Cometh) prodding to join the lottery for the ING NYC Marathon in first quarter of this year.  I thank him now but I was incredulous when I found out in April that he enlisted the both of us without my knowledge! Then amazement followed that not one but both of us were picked! I mean, I don’t think we’d even consider going if only one was awarded a slot.

I really didn’t take it seriously at first.  How can I when I was still in the thick of training for my first full marathon at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon scheduled barely one month after we received confirmation of our official entry.  We let the months pass with me not really taking this seriously.  It was months later when it became apparent that the blue sole was really getting serious about going.  However, I couldn’t see how I can go.  I was in a crossroad in my career and I was on a look-out for a new job.   How can I go on a vacation leave if I am starting a new job?

The blue sole and I had a heart-to-heart talk and agreed that we would pray hard about it and let God work in our situation.  Meantime,  we agreed to do our part —  I’ll continue my job-hunting and  we will both train for the marathon anyway.  Hoping that when God says YES to our plans, we are both prepared to go and tackle the marathon of our lives!

So, train we did trying to keep our focus even when there are just a lot of things that need to be worked-out.  There were indeed low moments when Mariel would not be training consistently feeling she wouldn’t be able to go anyway.  Somehow, we are able to pick things up, trying our best to be positive amidst the uncertainty.  Then, things began to go our way.  Good things just began to happen one after the other.  I joined the Runrio team.   Mariel found a new job she’s really excited about.  Not only that.  She found a new employer so understanding and supportive of her NYC Marathon dream that she was even granted 2-week vacation leave short of a month after starting work as part of the negotiated package!  Also, we are almost at the peak now of our training with the Pink Sole  having completed her 30k  and me my 32k last Sunday.  It was a serious but enjoyable run with running friends  Miguel and Jaymie (TBR).  Mariel and I  rejoiced with a BIG question mark still in our minds though — Will we be granted a US visa?

Oct 7, Thursday,  came and we arrived at the US embassy an hour early for our 7:30am schedule.  We breezed through the process.  We didn’t expect it to be that fast.  By 8:30am, when our friends Jaymie and Aljo were just texting us their Goodluck wishes, we have already been granted our US visas and on our way to our breakfast celebrations! YAHOOOOO!

It was just amazing how everything fell into place.  I guess, it was meant to be.


What a great gift this is today, our 17th wedding anniversary! THANK YOU LORD!!!

Run Unleashed

Got an email from Nike which caught my attention with subject title “Allow Yourself to Run Unleashed”.

I pictured a long, spirited run across picture-perfect fields with nary a care in the world or along a tree-lined perfectly asphalted road with the wind gently blowing against face (of course in my dream customized lunar glide+)!

I imagine a  100%, full-blast, surge on the road (riding my resurrected Nike Zoom Start)!

We wonder, what are people’s  idea of running unleashed?  It would be fun to know!

Inday, Inday, What Have You Done?

Our training, among other things, was temporarily put to a halt when our household help who we will conveniently cover under the name “Inday” attempted to take her own life last Thursday morning by drinking a whole bottle of Eskinol.  We stopped training  and instead ran against time to make sure she gets all needed hospital care to make her well again.  You can just imagine the flurry of activities we needed to do — 3 hospital transfers, contacting her relatives, relating the incident endless times, trips to the lab, x-ray, pharmacy…. cashier… precinct… legal counsel… whoa, what a couple of days those were!

She survived and lived to tell her story. Thank God!

By Saturday afternoon, she was talking clearly and able to stand and walk around.  Doctors advised that she may be discharged the following day.  We were relieved and comfortable enough to continue on with our scheduled race the following day at the Rexona Run.

Thank God for letting us run our 21k race the following day.  We were able to run our stress awaaaay!

Thanks to Runrio and Rexona for an excellently-organized, runner-stress-free race!  We needed that!!!

After the race, we were off to worship service and to the hospital right after to settle the bill…. Haaay, we need another 21k after this!!!

Inday, Dodong, Maria, Juan…  your life is precious; a  gift from the Father who created us in His own image.  Let’s live it well so that when the time comes and we are called back in His appointed time NOT ours, we can delight in His words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

May God bless us all with wisdom and understanding.  🙂

Inday, Inday, never again, okies?

Bottle Run – 100% Charity, 100% Fulfilling

The Bottle Run is definitely a “no-frills race”.  With all proceeds going to the re-building of schools destroyed by typhoon Ondoy, the less race expense, the better for the beneficiaries.

Heaven must have been pleased with this project as the weather cooperated.  It was not that hot as in previous race days so the gatorade stations positioned every 2 kilometers seemed just right.  No water though. Hu Hu Hu Sad that no water company sponsored this worthy cause.

It was funny though how I had to explain to atleast 3 people I had the chance to run/meet during and after the race that the race is 100% for charity so there are no water stations every kilometer and  that is also why there were no singlets or any other freebies.  Heard them complaining and I couldn’t resist… hee hee  Nope, I didn’t antagonize them whatsoever. I explained it ever so charmingly and won them over.  I think!  😉

It was a nice but tough 10k route.  What else can we expect from race director, Edward Kho.  With Nature Valley 2 weeks ago as my last race and zero mileage since, I was all gang-ho about it and still wanted a new PR.  With a walk break though at the steepest incline in McKinley Hills, i let that PR go and finished at 1.07.16 (garmin).  BUT, it sure was fulfilling running for something that would benefit fellow-Ondoy victims (Click HERE for our post on our personal experience with Ondoy) .

I hope the running community support charity runs like this one.  Our small acts binded together would surely make a difference in the lives of people who really need help. 🙂

The simplicity of this race didn’t take away the essence of the race itself — having fun running and helping a worthy cause!  In fact, it’s simplicity highlighted its very essence — RUN & HELP!

It was great seeing runners who lent their celebrity to the cause — Miriam Quiambao and Coach Rio.  We wanted to help in that respect, too, but we are wanting in celebrity status. MWAHAHAHA

Good to see our running friends there too — Bobby (Cruise Control) and  Doray (Doralicious).

Kudos to all those involved in this worthy cause and kudos to all  who supported it! 🙂

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