NYC Marathon 2010: Final Race Prep

Long overdue, I know!!!  But, it’s never too late to continue our journal of our most exciting race by far — The  ING NYC Marathon 2010.  It was way, way, over the top.  The entire experience was just amazing!

Race Night Prep

As planned, Jun’s brother Vic and his son (our nephew/godchild) Juan, drove us the entire marathon route the day before the race.  The streets were already peppered with orange marathon banners and the road already painted with a blue line.  The leisurely drive took more than two hours.  The route seemed really long riding the car.  Ooooh, bad for the psyche, ey? Then Juan, our nephew who seemed to be worried whispered, “Ang layo Tita (“It’s so far”) I momentarily wondered if I will really be running this route the next day…   “Of course, you are, silly!”  HAHAHA No room for doubts!!!

Queens' streets already lined with blue paint for the marathon route

Manhattan, already lined with orange marathon banners


After the route drive, we picked Rio from his hotel and had our very late but excellent lunch at a New Jersey Filipino Bistro.  Then, we headed home (home there was my sister Cris’ NJ house) to prepare our race paraphernalia as our family watched.  The night turned hilarious as we tried to internalize and posed for our mug shots.

As we prepare our gear, our family was preparing, too.

blackberry app allowed our family to track us


Everyone was in marathon mode now.  WOOHOO!  Now time for some sleep…


Next:  Marathon Day


2 Responses to “NYC Marathon 2010: Final Race Prep”

  1. 1 ibetlacbay April 11, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    finally na update din. nakakatawa yung mug shot niyo. hahaha

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