A Season for Everything


To everything there is a season.

A time for every purpose under heaven: …

A time to gain  and a time to lose;

A time to keep and a time to throw away;

… A time to keep silent and a time to speak.   (Eccl 3:1-8)


Nothing beats God’s wisdom.  There is, indeed,  a season for everything.

The New York C ity  Marathon was such a special experience for me that everything after that seems  anti-climactic.  The work-load and the adjustment to a new job and  a new industry, for that matter, have also contributed a lot in this seemingly long running and writing hiatus.  It didn’t help, too, that the blue sole was just as busy.  Unlike me though, he is able to squeeze in a short run every now and then with our training buddies and even managed to write his NYC race account already (as of presstime, it still hasn’t passed the editorial desk though 😉 ).

After the NYC  Marathon last Nov 7, 2010, I went underground big time.  I only ran 4 times the next four months (that’s once a month!) — a 5k, and 3  10ks.   Aaaaargh…  I am sooo out of circulation.  I haven’t been reading blogs much less been writing one.  I haven’t been attending any press’/bloggers’  race  launches much less running these races.  So, you can imagine that I’m pretty much out of shape, too.

This March, i kinda woke up though still yawning and trying to fully yank my senses awake.  My running life has improved a bit though still very irregular.  I have started joining races again with the recently concluded Unilab Run where I ran a slower 10k but felt good nonetheless;  the  Globe R4H where I ran 15k and almost DNF’d  battling a growling tummy and best of all even tried to help out at the TBR Dream Marathon 2011 as a dream chaser where I, together with other dream chasers from TBRDM batch 2010 walked 5k under the intense heat of the sun to escort the last runner to the finish line.  See, I’m slowly trying to oil my sleeping muscles and breath air to my overly-rested heart and lungs.  My runner’s spirit is most certainly soaring again.

I have resolved to get back my running rhythm and enjoy the regular weekend long runs again and hopefully, go back to normal programming on this blog as well.  I didn’t think I’d miss writing this much! 🙂

Rest time is over, baby!  It’s so time to RUN…  and WRITE!

I admit I’m guilty too but not as much as the pink sole!  HAHAHA  Hoping we can finally record our NYC Marathon run.  TSK, TSK, TSK… Then we can probably move on…  HEHE  We’ve missed recording too much already.

There have been changes in our workfront and we’re  adjusting to it.  I know in time, we’ll get around to getting back our rhythm just as the pink sole said up there.

Meantime, see you at The G.O.O.D. Run tomorrow at the BGC.  On site registration available tomorrow. For details of the race, see Kulitrunner’s post HERE.


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