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NYC Marathon Week: Running with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso

Our first few days in New York were packed with sight-seeing, shopping and spending happy moments with my family. I nearly forgot that we should have an easy run to get our muscles working and get the feel of running in a cold day. So the pink sole and I went out on cold 5ºc windy day and ran 6k around Northvale. It was exciting to run in a new route in very cold weather. But I know my day will get even more exciting.

Dressed in 2XU compression tights, 3 layers top (tank , long-sleeved dry-fit shirt and a jacket) with a cap over a thick beanie, gloves and my pink and gray lunar glides, we set out for a quick 6k run — a dress rehearsal.  The first kilometer was a BRRRRR (HAHAHA).  I was cold to death.  I wanted to run faster so I can already heat up but my legs felt cold and stiff.  We reached Northvale Park and ran rounds.  I tuned in to what I was feeling the whole run mindful of how I will adjust my gear at race day.  My face felt very cold and my eyes hurt and became watery because of the wind.  I never wore shades while running but noted I might have to this time.  After 3 kms, I felt hot enough to open my jacket wide and  removed my beanie.  The breeze would still make my ears very cold when I was just wearing my cap.   One thing that felt cold the whole time was my lower back and my thighs.  I don’t know why but I definite took note of that.  My coughs and colds seemed to be tamed at that point.  While my nose wanted to out-pace my running, my coughs didn’t give me any problems at all.  It was when we got home and stopped running that the coughs came and boy, how they did!  I swear I was coughing incessantly in the bathroom for around 15 minutes.  Jun and my sister got concerned and would knock to check if i was okay.  Even I got a little scared at one point as my eyes were already all watered and red and the coughs wouldn’t stop.  Huh, those 15minutes were a lot more tiring than our 50-minute run.

test run in Northvale 3 days before marathon day

The test run was a success!  It made me throw all my gear out the window EXCEPT of course my fave Nike Lunar Glides and jacket. HAHAHA  Gotta go back to Nike Town!  Yey!!!

Running with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso

We went to the city after lunch and went around 5th avenue before proceeding to my next short run that day. I had the privilege of running with Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall and running legend Bart Yasso at the Run by Foot Locker Store. I submitted my entry a day after arriving in NY and got accepted the next day. Isn’t that amazing?

So by 5:30pm, I went to 34th E 14th street where RUN by footlocker shop is located. Mariel opted not to join me and do more shopping instead, hah! As soon as I arrive in the store, I registered and got a beautiful running tee from Footlocker, another long sleeve shirt from Nissan, a Runner’s World and Marathon Magazine. Few minutes after, Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso arrived, the organizer discussed the run and the route. And so, 30+ plus runners went off for an easy 5 mile run. Of course our easy is like walking for Ryan and Bart. Running while chatting with each runner and of course taking pictures with them. It was such an amazing experience. After the run, all of us got to have our magazines signed and of course the experience wouldn’t be complete without our pictures taken with Ryan Hall and Bart Yasso.

With the privileged few. I think I was the only Filipino there!

Hoping to get some energy for the marathon from the two if I stayed close. 🙂

Mr. Yasso, I only did 6x800 during my training. Do you think that will be enough for me to finish on Sunday? 🙂

With Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall

With the legendary Bart Yasso

So much excitement for one day.  The next day brings more…

Next:  Claiming our Race Kits at the Expo


Hello New York! Our NYC Marathon Escapade

Our US trip was really extraordinarily special for both of us.  I’ve wondered how we are going to even start documenting this momentous trip and this momentous run.  The blue sole and I have shared a joke or two about how and when we’re gonna get started.  I get dizzy just thinking about the many pictures we will sort through and pick from to include here.  hahaha Started writing this at 5:20am bored from being up since 1am.  Yup, still jetlagged after 4 days.  Thank God for the weekend!


Bags all packed and  “pasalubongs” for our dear family in NJ all wrapped-up, Jun, my sister, Jen and I headed to the airport graciously picked-up from home by Coach Rio.  Sans any sleep (in preparation for a long in-flight sleep) we checked-in early only to be told one of our luggages was over-weight and thus, proceeded to open and transfer some stuff to another luggage.  Apart from that, everything else went on smoothly.  Giddy about our first trip to the US, Jun and I would exchange excited smiles on the plane like kids on our first carousel ride still in disbelief that we are actually on our way to run the NYC marathon.

With a prayer for a safe flight, we looked out the window as the plane took-off and watched the Manila skyline disappear from view ready for the 6-hour stop-over flight to Narita, Japan.  The one-hour stop-over was a frenzy of restroom visits and a really yummy McDonald’s shrimp burger meal for me and Jen and a trusted old McDonalds Bacon Burger Meal for Jun while Rio opted for some hot noodle soup elsewhere.  Before we know it, it was time to board again, this time for our flight to JFK Airport in New York City where we saw the sky turn bright, then dark then bright again all in a span of 12 hours heralding our first major timezone cross-over. Cool!

With Rio and Jen waiting at Narita Airport

We said in our previous post about our NYC Marathon, that we will just take it one step at at time. And So we got our entry confirmation, then our visa, on with our training and  so on. I did not get excited until the day of our flight. When the day finally arrived and we are leaving for New York, I had that moment when I had to stop what I was doing and thought it over again and again…. I just cant believe it …. I am fulfilling my dreams!!!.  Run the NYC Marathon and  finally visit my brother Vic and sister Cris and their families and get to spend time with them.  I was simply stunned and look back at the start of this journey.  So that’s what i did on the plane on our long flight to New York. I didn’t get much sleep but enjoyed every minute of it.

So, when we finally arrived at the JFK airport, we were truly ready for NYC!!!

Kisses, bear hugs, laughter, chatter, intros to the family pets, Dusty(pug) and Pringles(cockapoo), food and more food characterized our first night spent with family.  Arriving in NJ at 6pm, you’d think that was it.  No, no, no… before long, we were off  to see the Manhattan night lights.  What a sight!!!

Our first real taste of the NYC breeze and we were frozen cold!  My face and ears felt like ice and my hair and jeans felt wet.  I didn’t bring my scarf so my neck was stiff from the cold, too.  Doll shoes, i found out, didn’t have a place there.  My feet were freezing and I couldn’t help my teeth from chattering. It was a great night out… cold breezy New York air welcomed us.  Brrrrrr…. Chilly New York!

Next: Our pre-marathon run experience…

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