Kraft Run: Racing an LSD

Last weekend’s LSD was done in  Alabang as we incorporated the Kraft Run in our training.  Thanks to Miguel and Jaymie, Mariel and I and several of our other running friends were registered in this race organized exclusively for Kraft employees and their guests.  The race was organized quite well.  From the looks of it, it was budgeted quite generously — big stage, grand start/finish line arch, ample water, packed breakfast, singlet and a lootbag full of Kraft goodies.  The race route was great with rolling hills  andtree-lined roads.  We enjoyed a perfect race weather, too! Near perfect race marred only by the 10k distance short of 800m (garmin).  Nonetheless, it was a good race worthy of a repeat.

Busy stage area as runners stretch before the race

runners mill at the starting line

me with comeback queen vimz and comeback king aljo who both ran 3k. 🙂

me, aljo, lit, vimz, junb, jaymie and her kids

front: me, aljo, vimz, jaymie and her kids; back: lit, edward and junb

post-race banter - raymund, edward, me, mariel & lit

I was up at 2am, an hour before we had to get up.  My eldest daughter woke me up tearily complaining about a painful stomach. After almost an hour, she finally was able to sleep after I applied the good ol manzanilla spray we keep in our medicine cabinet.  So glad that did the trick or I would have missed a wonderful race and yet another chance to add up to my mileage and continue my weekend running momentum.  Mommy duties come first, of course!

I needed to run 22k that Sunday while Jun needed 24k.  The rest of the group have practically the same distance goals give or take 2k.  With the 10k event we were slated to run that morning,  our LSD group decided to run our additional mileage before and after the race.

Yeah, it worked and it was fun.  The heat though was bothersome towards the end which really exhausted some of us.  I was 1k short of my goal but  happy still to have finished another weekend LSD of fun and laughter.  That would have to do for now.

finished the 10k kraft run in 1:01 except that route was short by 800m. PR…Not!

The Sole Mates happy with the race.

Congratulations to Jaymie, The Bull Runner, for finishing first in the 10k female category. Woohoo!

Thank you’s are in order — to Kraft and our host Miguel Pizarro for a chance to experience this race, to Vimz, The Kulit Runner, for most of the pics here and to our LSD group, Lit Onrubia, Jun Bisnar and the Miguel and Jaymie Pizarro for great company both during running and eating.  🙂


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