LSD… Not!

Two Saturdays ago, when everybody else was in Camsur, the Blue Sole and I together with running friends Jaymie, Miguel and JunB headed to the Fort area for a planned easy 22k run.  It was  fun but very challenging  for me.  I should have expected it running with Three Men and The Bull Runner! Hah, what can i say? The rolling hills of  McKinley was a challenge especially when fast runners are dictating the pace.  I could just hear my quads screaming as I tackle the inclines and  found myself sprinting several times to catch up with the pack.  All was well until K16 when I felt my legs getting heavy which further deteriorated until K19 when both felt like stiffening logs and I was running slower and slower.  I waved the Blue Sole off who went back for me and advised him that I will be walking the rest of the way.  I was done with my 19k LSD required for that week as per my training program so why push it.  So, walk I did for the next 3k finding JunB gone and  JunC,  Jaymie and Miguel waiting at the finish all dressed up and finished with breakfast… kidding!

Long slow distance?  Nah! Felt more like speed training to me. HAHAHA

Seriously, thanks guys for waiting!  I had fun running and catching up with you while I can. 🙂

I am just glad the Pink Sole is catching up with her training now.  She’s really getting me worried  as it didn’t seem like she was in training mode yet and the days and months are fast disappearing from the training calendar.  Knowing her though it was just a matter of getting started and her mind will not let go.  I hope this is it!

As for me, been at it for more than a month now training 3x-a-week on weekdays with Coach Rio, Jay, Jojo and JunB.  With my left knee still bothering me,  I am still on the lookout for my next training shoes.    I hope the Asics I am waiting for will be a perfect fit.

Meantime, training goes on …


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