Nike Lunar Glide+ 2: Design and Color Review

My fave running shoes recently came out with a slightly different model.  It still has the same technology the lunar glides has become known for with a slight variation on the look.

Love the pink hue of this shoe.  It’s so bright and alive and that combined with very light gray is just perfect. I wish though that the Swoosh logo isn’t just painted.  The white-painted swoosh looks a little cheap up-close. This would have been perfect had the old swoosh material been used instead.

This one looks nice and cool.  The blue hue is brighter than the blue and white of the old version.  Though the Swoosh logo is also painted, it doesn’t diminish the design and does not look cheap at all.  I suppose being black, one wouldn’t  notice that it’s just painted compared to the white paint which looked chalky.

Let me give you a picture comparison of the old and new versions to give you a clearer idea.

Version 1                                                           Version 2


1. Swoosh logo

>> cut and pasted on the shoe           >>painted only

2. Swoosh background

>>   plain solid color                               >> transparent plastic-like material

3. opposite side design

>>   different from the outer side       >> same on both sides

4. Adjustable Side Fit

>>   present                                                 >> none

So, what do I think?   The differences are minor and does not really affect the overall look of this shoes i so love  BUT  I do think the painted Swoosh logo is a diminution of design quality.    I guess the painted effect on the transparent plastic material could somehow down-grade the look of the shoes depending on the color of the paint used.

Is it still worth buying?  Of course!  With the lunar glides’ comfort,  snug fit and support plus  great looks, it still is my running shoe of choice.


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