Rexona: Didn’t Let Us Down!

We were privileged to have known the many exciting innovations Runrio has in-store for us runners in the recently concluded Rexona Run 2010 even before launch date.  The excitement added-up  when Coach Rio tapped me to be a part of the iPAD registration project, a small  part of the many pluses of this race.


The pink sole and I planned to be at the race venue early as usual.  We picked-up our friend Melody and arrived in MOA well within schedule.  Everything was smooth-sailing as if a preview of how the race will be unfolding; a complete opposite of how our past couple of days were (click HERE to read how Inday turned our household topsy-turvy).  After some stretching and restroom break for the girls we proceeded to the starting line together with Jun Bisnar, Nuvali GM, and pink sole’s co-dream marathoner, who saw us by the car and joined us stretching.

We saw Annie at the corral and I thought I’d be in for a fast run.  I know how this friend of mine operates and I was pretty sure i will be eating her dust.  But lo and behold, she announces that she isn’t in the mood to run.  Whoa, now’s my chance!  Though in no mood to run, she was definitely in her best mood to heckle and heckle she did all throughout the race.  To her utter dismay, we finished the race at exactly the same time.  Super asar siya!!! WAHAHAHA  Ka-level ko na daw siya!  WAHAHAHA  It’s no PR run but  as Mariel would say, Alovet, alovet, alooooveeeet!  Peace Annie! 😉

From a full mary, I gradually tried adding mileage after A 2-month serious running hiatus.  I’ve been enjoying fun runs with the kids, my sister, newbie friends and family as well as RUN924 family that it took a while before i was able to do 10k training runs.  Last Sunday was my first 21k run after my full mary last May.  Jumping from a 10k run to a 21k last Sunday made me a little anxious that my old discomforts would come back — ITBS and tight hamstrings.  None of them did which made my run all the more happy and fun!

This race was just simply amazing!!! It was evident that TLC (tender love and care) was applied in all aspect of planning and implementation in this race.   Runrio truly took good  care of the runners.   It’s one race you’d regret having missed if you did. The innovative registration, hassle-free race pack redemption, prompt race start, sufficient and clean portalets with tissue paper,  more than enough marshalls, over-flowing and cold water and powerade, ice-cold sponges, a bagful of freebies, nice post-race program/awarding and nice event set-up and of course, a handsome finishers’ medal, all made the Rexona Run 2010 a race worth joining.

Really, there’s nothing I want more except…  maybe some Haagen Daz???  hee hee hee


Remember that old Rexona jingle?

“Rexona, won’t let you down!”

It truly didn’t!!!  🙂

Congratulations Runrio and Rexona!!!

More, more, more races like this, please!

🙂  🙂  🙂


6 Responses to “Rexona: Didn’t Let Us Down!”

  1. 1 run unltd. August 6, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Haven’t experienced that iPad thing, pinagsulat pa rin ako sa reg form. Nice running with you again.

  2. 2 thesolemates August 6, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    idol, pasensya na ha? usual birth pains. hopefully, next time maka-pindot-pindot and flip-flip ka rin mag-register. Thanks for your patience. – Jun

  3. 3 Joy August 6, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Hi Mariel,
    Yeah right- the old jingle applies.
    It was nice seeing you that day.
    You look great!


  4. 5 Oyette August 9, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Hi Ms. Pinksole,
    I never thought that I’ll be given a chance to meet you in person last July25 at Run…(thanks to mr ginoe :))I’ve just seen your photos and have read your blogs eversince I started running, enjoyed your inspirational stories,running tips and post races testimonials…Haay for a newbie like me, I think I need to find a running enthusiast to guide me.
    So glad nakita ulit kita sa Rexona run, didn’t expect na you’ll greet me by my name.Uy!,naalala nya name ko and even able to cheer me Go! Go Oyette! whew . what an energy booster! parang akong tinulak para tumakbo ulit hehehe.. Super thanks to you Ms. Pinksole…Im looking forward to seeing you again…
    Pls send my regards to Ms Melody (the pretty lady in pink).
    God bless and have a safe run.
    -Oyette (,”)

    • 6 thesolemates August 11, 2010 at 4:34 pm

      Hi Oyette, it was nice chatting with you and seeing you at the races. I was once a newbie and felt exactly like you did. Glad that our posts help you in some ways. Hope to see you again soon! Keep on running and having fun! 🙂

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