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LSD… Not!

Two Saturdays ago, when everybody else was in Camsur, the Blue Sole and I together with running friends Jaymie, Miguel and JunB headed to the Fort area for a planned easy 22k run.  It was  fun but very challenging  for me.  I should have expected it running with Three Men and The Bull Runner! Hah, what can i say? The rolling hills of  McKinley was a challenge especially when fast runners are dictating the pace.  I could just hear my quads screaming as I tackle the inclines and  found myself sprinting several times to catch up with the pack.  All was well until K16 when I felt my legs getting heavy which further deteriorated until K19 when both felt like stiffening logs and I was running slower and slower.  I waved the Blue Sole off who went back for me and advised him that I will be walking the rest of the way.  I was done with my 19k LSD required for that week as per my training program so why push it.  So, walk I did for the next 3k finding JunB gone and  JunC,  Jaymie and Miguel waiting at the finish all dressed up and finished with breakfast… kidding!

Long slow distance?  Nah! Felt more like speed training to me. HAHAHA

Seriously, thanks guys for waiting!  I had fun running and catching up with you while I can. 🙂

I am just glad the Pink Sole is catching up with her training now.  She’s really getting me worried  as it didn’t seem like she was in training mode yet and the days and months are fast disappearing from the training calendar.  Knowing her though it was just a matter of getting started and her mind will not let go.  I hope this is it!

As for me, been at it for more than a month now training 3x-a-week on weekdays with Coach Rio, Jay, Jojo and JunB.  With my left knee still bothering me,  I am still on the lookout for my next training shoes.    I hope the Asics I am waiting for will be a perfect fit.

Meantime, training goes on …

Run Unleashed

Got an email from Nike which caught my attention with subject title “Allow Yourself to Run Unleashed”.

I pictured a long, spirited run across picture-perfect fields with nary a care in the world or along a tree-lined perfectly asphalted road with the wind gently blowing against face (of course in my dream customized lunar glide+)!

I imagine a  100%, full-blast, surge on the road (riding my resurrected Nike Zoom Start)!

We wonder, what are people’s  idea of running unleashed?  It would be fun to know!

NBA Fit Run: Review and Results

It was a hastily-organized race. Just two short weeks, in fact.  Nonetheless, trust RunRio to come up with a wonderful race still.

It was perfect! I believe that says it all.



1.  Over-flowing water and Gatorade

2. Prompt start with countdown

3. Energizing pre-race program  and warm-up exercises c/o Fitness First

4. Nice starting/finishline  set-up

5.  Sufficient marshalls and security men

6. Finishers’ certificate

7. Very nice singlet – simple design; not peppered with company logos

8. Portalets with tissue paper

9. Dressing room/tent for female runners

10. Nice post-race/awarding program

11. Cheap registration fee at P300 for all distances

It was a small race compared to other Runrio events in terms of number of participants as slots were limited BUT it was definitely large-scale in terms of planning, preparation and implementation.  It was just great!   The way Runrio races have become known to be.

start/finish line

grand stage


With Jun helping out in the event, he was in the race venue earlier.  Good friends Jonas, Jenny and Lorey who are all running the 5k event picked me up at 4:30am and we all proceeded to MOA together.

After some stretching, I proceeded to the corral while my friends went to see Jun in the booth.  I particularly liked the warm-up session this time as there was a lot of space to move and really execute the exercises well.  I saw Inang and Dindo at the corral and we bid each other a good run when the countdown began.  Of course, Dindo (Running DATCom) and Inang sped on and I just took my sweet time especially during the first 2 kilometers.  Joy, my TBR Mara classmate saw me then and we ran alongside each other for a while and got a chance for some easy chat whining about how it is so difficult to get back to regular training. hahaha   It’s always nice seeing you, Joy!

I only got to run a 3k fun run during the  past 2 weeks but clocked in a PR 1.06.06 at this race.  Not bad.  Add to that a 10th place finish (10k female category)  and that’s truly not bad at all! 😉

Furthermore, knowing that good friends got to enjoy running the same race adds to the overall good feeling! Go, go, go Jonas, Jenny and Lorey!

Oh, it was a pleasant surprise seeing Vimz (Kulit Runner) post-race. Glad you’re back racing again! Yahoo!

jenny, lorey and me

and take 2

well... just fooling around! 😉

we almost forgot, it's jonas' turn!

It seems like I’m always at the races but I haven’t raced for quite a while.  That’s because I am wearing different hats when I’m at the races now.  I’m the pink sole’s personal photographer at times, family’s official  photographer at others and sometimes now part of the event’s organizing team.  I am not complaining though.  I am enjoying the different roles.  Rest assured, training goes on as usual.

For someone who’s not racing, he’s really the one consistently training.  Really, if I don’t get more consistent, i might find myself left behind in November. HUHUHU

Oh, race results are out now.  Click HERE to view.

See you at the next race!

Mommy Milkshake 4: Umbrellas Ruled

I‘ve often kidded about bringing my umbrella to the races.  The Blue Sole teases me about it, too, especially when i was very new to running.  I never thought i would actually do it until now…

Mikka & Me

and it wasn’t just me …

Umbrella-totting mommies and daddies ruled!

Couple friends Timmie and Edwin kept theirs on hand

Friend Atty. Dada leads the umbrella pack, 😉

Some couldn’t be bothered with umbrellas and opted for raincoats instead…

Maricel Laxa with her Mom and GrandMom

While some couldn’t be bothered at all…

Doc Wally braving the rains

It was the  kind of race where anything and everything goes.

Some opted for stroller rides…

Others, even a bike ride…

Nia and Jaymie

For the Cruz girls, it was time to RUUUUUN!!!

Mikka going at it.

Sofia and Bea running ahead.

Run they did with new friends Lia, Elmo and Benoni…

Mikka and Lia introduced just before the race, became chickamates as they ran and took walk breaks together. Cute!

At the end of the race, the little one just waits for Daddy and Mommy to say…

Good job, Mikka! 🙂

What better way to enjoy a fun run than with family and friends …

The Cruzes with the Enriquez and Villanueva families, our new run recruits. Hope you enjoyed guys! 🙂

The Cruz girls

The Cruzes with Dada and Wally(background)

With the smiles fun runs bring on the kids’ faces, we’re sure to be joining many more …

Of course, after a fun-filled sunday morning run, time to re-fill our tanks for still a full day ahead with a hearty Pancake House breakfast …

Mikka awaiting her Pan Chicken - "I'm so hungry na Mommy" 😉

Sofia and Bea with Daddy (Jun's only pic hee hee)

Our loving thanks to Daddy Blue Sole for all the pics!  🙂

Till our next family fun run!!! 🙂

Nike Lunar Glide+ 2: Design and Color Review

My fave running shoes recently came out with a slightly different model.  It still has the same technology the lunar glides has become known for with a slight variation on the look.

Love the pink hue of this shoe.  It’s so bright and alive and that combined with very light gray is just perfect. I wish though that the Swoosh logo isn’t just painted.  The white-painted swoosh looks a little cheap up-close. This would have been perfect had the old swoosh material been used instead.

This one looks nice and cool.  The blue hue is brighter than the blue and white of the old version.  Though the Swoosh logo is also painted, it doesn’t diminish the design and does not look cheap at all.  I suppose being black, one wouldn’t  notice that it’s just painted compared to the white paint which looked chalky.

Let me give you a picture comparison of the old and new versions to give you a clearer idea.

Version 1                                                           Version 2


1. Swoosh logo

>> cut and pasted on the shoe           >>painted only

2. Swoosh background

>>   plain solid color                               >> transparent plastic-like material

3. opposite side design

>>   different from the outer side       >> same on both sides

4. Adjustable Side Fit

>>   present                                                 >> none

So, what do I think?   The differences are minor and does not really affect the overall look of this shoes i so love  BUT  I do think the painted Swoosh logo is a diminution of design quality.    I guess the painted effect on the transparent plastic material could somehow down-grade the look of the shoes depending on the color of the paint used.

Is it still worth buying?  Of course!  With the lunar glides’ comfort,  snug fit and support plus  great looks, it still is my running shoe of choice.

NBA Fit Run

The National Basketball Association is on  a mission of promoting fitness and wellness via a 10-day series of events starting Aug 5 culminating in a running event at the MOA on Aug 14, 2010 aptly entitled “NBA Fit”.

Registration fees are most affordable at only P300 for all distances from 3k, 5k to 10k.  For a Runrio event, this is a steal!

What are we waiting for?  Register now until Aug 12, 2010 only at Fitness First, Mall of Asia and Runnr Store, Bonifacio High Street.  Only 2,000 slots available.

Come join the fun!

Rexona: Didn’t Let Us Down!

We were privileged to have known the many exciting innovations Runrio has in-store for us runners in the recently concluded Rexona Run 2010 even before launch date.  The excitement added-up  when Coach Rio tapped me to be a part of the iPAD registration project, a small  part of the many pluses of this race.


The pink sole and I planned to be at the race venue early as usual.  We picked-up our friend Melody and arrived in MOA well within schedule.  Everything was smooth-sailing as if a preview of how the race will be unfolding; a complete opposite of how our past couple of days were (click HERE to read how Inday turned our household topsy-turvy).  After some stretching and restroom break for the girls we proceeded to the starting line together with Jun Bisnar, Nuvali GM, and pink sole’s co-dream marathoner, who saw us by the car and joined us stretching.

We saw Annie at the corral and I thought I’d be in for a fast run.  I know how this friend of mine operates and I was pretty sure i will be eating her dust.  But lo and behold, she announces that she isn’t in the mood to run.  Whoa, now’s my chance!  Though in no mood to run, she was definitely in her best mood to heckle and heckle she did all throughout the race.  To her utter dismay, we finished the race at exactly the same time.  Super asar siya!!! WAHAHAHA  Ka-level ko na daw siya!  WAHAHAHA  It’s no PR run but  as Mariel would say, Alovet, alovet, alooooveeeet!  Peace Annie! 😉

From a full mary, I gradually tried adding mileage after A 2-month serious running hiatus.  I’ve been enjoying fun runs with the kids, my sister, newbie friends and family as well as RUN924 family that it took a while before i was able to do 10k training runs.  Last Sunday was my first 21k run after my full mary last May.  Jumping from a 10k run to a 21k last Sunday made me a little anxious that my old discomforts would come back — ITBS and tight hamstrings.  None of them did which made my run all the more happy and fun!

This race was just simply amazing!!! It was evident that TLC (tender love and care) was applied in all aspect of planning and implementation in this race.   Runrio truly took good  care of the runners.   It’s one race you’d regret having missed if you did. The innovative registration, hassle-free race pack redemption, prompt race start, sufficient and clean portalets with tissue paper,  more than enough marshalls, over-flowing and cold water and powerade, ice-cold sponges, a bagful of freebies, nice post-race program/awarding and nice event set-up and of course, a handsome finishers’ medal, all made the Rexona Run 2010 a race worth joining.

Really, there’s nothing I want more except…  maybe some Haagen Daz???  hee hee hee


Remember that old Rexona jingle?

“Rexona, won’t let you down!”

It truly didn’t!!!  🙂

Congratulations Runrio and Rexona!!!

More, more, more races like this, please!

🙂  🙂  🙂

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