Mission Done at Rock and Run

The Rock and Run was not to be just another race event for us.  It was destined to be something special.  Afterall, it was to be my younger sister, Jen’s  first 10k event , and I promised to pace her.  (See previous post on this mission.)

We were not disappointed.  What promised to be a special race turned out to be an amazing one!!!  Oh, forget about the concept being totally ruined with the bands unable to play throughout the route.  The atmosphere was festive enough with runners enjoying playing … err running in the rain!

Now, our story…

We were in the race venue an hour before gunstart.  More than enough time to meet up with friends, have some photo-ops,  chat, have a restroom break and even grab a doughnut at nearby Krispy Kreme.  All that done in the hour before gunstart when we saw the  cloudy sky turn dark and drops of rain came falling, immediately turning to a hard downpour.

sis, jen and our good friend Anne

me with friend valee in matching tops

the solemates who else? ;

Jun with good friend Vince delRos

Eric & Valee and me

Jen, Anne and me

Our party of 3, Jun, my sister Jen and myself, were with couple  friends Vince & Anne and Hans & Dang (also running her first 10k).  Jen, Anne and myself left the group and went to grab a krispy kreme when I realized I didn’t eat any snacks and was already feeling hungry. Got to go to the restroom one last time and after that was total chaos as I went looking for Jun and then my sister and the rest of the group as I realized the 10k event was starting.  Good thing got my cellphone with me was able to find them in time to run towards the starting line and catch-up with 10k’ers.

raining cats and dogs

that had runners take cover before race start

Run powered by Krispy Kreme? 😉

We ran laughing trying not to slip on the soaked grass and road. Whew, made it pass the 5k’ers  just in time when the last of the 10k pack was leaving.  So, our planned relaxed pace didn’t happen.  We were huffing and puffing…  and laughing as we started the race!  HAHAHA     We were dripping wet,  our shoes soaked even before we reached the starting line.   What a way to start!!!

We slowed down and relaxed even when the rain was beating hard on us.  We felt the drops stinging our skin with accompanying wind that blew my cap away.  Have not ran any race like this.  The Eco Dash Run last year which I thoroughly enjoyed paled in comparison.  I was also loving the scene — runners happily chatting and laughing.  There was even a girl walking with friends under  her pink umbrella!

Jen running her first 10k under pouring rain

umbrella anyone? 😉

Jen at this time was running at her regular pace while I ran alongside her providing the stories that would take her mind off the distance.  At one time, I felt cold as I wasn’t exerting much effort running.  With Jen shooing me away with a reminder to go back for her, I sped on for a couple of minutes to heat up and went back to pace her again.

Mercifully, the rain let-up at around 4k and we ran on with short rest breaks.  At the 6km marker, I pointed out to  her, ” 4k nalang” and got a reply, “Ha? 4k pa?” and we laughed out loud MWAAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

Jen running at around 7k

The next 2kms had me giving her targets to overtake and the last 2kms  had me digging deep into my reserves of kwentos and encouraging words.  “Almost there” , ” Konti na lang”,  “You’re running more than your longest distance na!”, ” Galing-galing!”, “Come on, come on”, “Strong Finish”, “Let’s go!”, Wow, 10k ka na!”

She had a good run and we had a  great  time!  Jen conquered her first 10k  at 1.22.28.  WOOHOO!!!  So proud of you sis!!!

The pouring rain did make this event memorable and exciting.  I just enjoyed the scene and running in the rain.  Though the event didn’t turn out the way the organizers planned it, we still commend them for staging a fun race.  Better marshalling effort and route traffic management  next time would be in order though to ensure safety of the runners (rain or shine!).

More important for us that day though was that  Jen finished her first 10k!!! Congrats Jen! YOOHOO!  Pa-cheeseburger ka naman!!!

You did it Sis! Good Job!

Mom and Dad at the finishline. Feeling marathon ah! haha


first time 10k finishers Jen and Dang

Jun, Jen, Mom, Dad and me

Jun, me, Dang, Jen, Anne, Vince and Hans -- good ol' friends!


2 Responses to “Mission Done at Rock and Run”

  1. 1 rainier July 2, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    buti ka pa you were able to save some pictures during the rain. 😀 we can’t retrieve ours from our wet cams. 😦

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