Bottle Run – 100% Charity, 100% Fulfilling

The Bottle Run is definitely a “no-frills race”.  With all proceeds going to the re-building of schools destroyed by typhoon Ondoy, the less race expense, the better for the beneficiaries.

Heaven must have been pleased with this project as the weather cooperated.  It was not that hot as in previous race days so the gatorade stations positioned every 2 kilometers seemed just right.  No water though. Hu Hu Hu Sad that no water company sponsored this worthy cause.

It was funny though how I had to explain to atleast 3 people I had the chance to run/meet during and after the race that the race is 100% for charity so there are no water stations every kilometer and  that is also why there were no singlets or any other freebies.  Heard them complaining and I couldn’t resist… hee hee  Nope, I didn’t antagonize them whatsoever. I explained it ever so charmingly and won them over.  I think!  😉

It was a nice but tough 10k route.  What else can we expect from race director, Edward Kho.  With Nature Valley 2 weeks ago as my last race and zero mileage since, I was all gang-ho about it and still wanted a new PR.  With a walk break though at the steepest incline in McKinley Hills, i let that PR go and finished at 1.07.16 (garmin).  BUT, it sure was fulfilling running for something that would benefit fellow-Ondoy victims (Click HERE for our post on our personal experience with Ondoy) .

I hope the running community support charity runs like this one.  Our small acts binded together would surely make a difference in the lives of people who really need help. 🙂

The simplicity of this race didn’t take away the essence of the race itself — having fun running and helping a worthy cause!  In fact, it’s simplicity highlighted its very essence — RUN & HELP!

It was great seeing runners who lent their celebrity to the cause — Miriam Quiambao and Coach Rio.  We wanted to help in that respect, too, but we are wanting in celebrity status. MWAHAHAHA

Good to see our running friends there too — Bobby (Cruise Control) and  Doray (Doralicious).

Kudos to all those involved in this worthy cause and kudos to all  who supported it! 🙂


2 Responses to “Bottle Run – 100% Charity, 100% Fulfilling”

  1. 1 cruisec0ntr0l June 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    nice to see you guys, too bad though that when i finished my long run, wala ng tao sa finish hehehe…si tito kesh na lang ang nandun hahaha…

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