Goal-less June No More!

Okay, okay, i’ve  been goal-less this month.  Haven’t run a single K since Nature Valley… Haven’t even been plotting races to run! Haaay, gotta get the groove back so  here’s an attempt…

Bottle Run (10k) on June 11,

Rock and Run(10k) on June 19,

Ocai (10k) on June 27

…. ALL 10k’s!  I therefore declare June as my 10K month! Now, now, a goal is hatching…  let me make some calls…

hmm…. aren’t you suppose to be psyching yourself up to get  ready for something big?


Called up my sis, Jen, to entice her into running her first 10k.  She has run several 5k’s and just needed some push to shall we say “level up”. Gave her my list of 10k races this June and told her I’d run the whole 10k with her in her chosen race or all 3 of them if she so chooses.  Well, she chose one. So we’re running the Rock and Run’s 10k  together.  Go go go sistah!

Two more 10k’s open…. hmmm…. let me think….

Goal-less June no more.  I’m on a mission…  🙂

Small stuff but i hope i can help 10k dreamers out there take the next step…  🙂


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