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Team Woman Run (by Lactacyd)

It is always fun when women gather.  There is incessant chatter and  smiles and laughter abound.

The Team Woman Lactacyd Run offers more!  A chance to experience an all-women fun run and boy (i mean girl!) wouldn’t that be a blast?

I wish I could have joined the relay.  My sister and I, at the onset, planned to join this with 2 of our closest friends but things just didn’t pull through.  We could have given the elites a run for their money! Right Jen, Anne, Cielo? LOL

Anyway, I was able to invite 30+ of my family, friends and my friends’ friends including my 2 daughters to join the 5k run.  Running with this group alone composed of first-timers, newbies and serious runners really excites me.  I’m sure we’d have lots of fun running … walking even!!!

So, we’ll see you tomorrow, June 27, 4:45am (5k gunstart) at the McKinley Hills.

Let’s have a fabulous run, sisters!!!

Guys, don’t fret.  We want you there, too!  Please, please, please… take our pictures? 😉  (Peace, Hon! Luvyah! Camera, okay?…) 🙂

Oh, if you haven’t registered yet, there will be on-site registration on race day!  So, come on! Gather your friends for a sisterhood run!

Go Team Woman!!!

Hon, pics okay?   ( I could just hear him say…. “Kulit!” hehe)


Team Woman Run is brought to you by Woman by Lactacyd. Sponsors for this event are 100 plus, Alaska Slim, Beauty Bar, Blue Water Day Spa, David’s Salon, Dole, Nature Valley, Summit Mineral Water, Timex and Wilson Standard Everlast. Media partners for this event are Multisport, Runnerspeak, and Women’s Health. Special thanks to registration partner Runnr and venue partner The Venice Piazza Hall at McKinley Hill. This event is organized by Eventking Corp.

For more information, email


OCAI Run updated

PRESS RELEASE:  Ortigas Center warms up for first ever road run

Running enthusiasts will be psyched to learn that they will be able to sprint through the wide and hilly avenues of Ortigas Center come June 27, 2010. Thanks to the Ortigas Center Association, Inc. (OCAI), a non-stock, non-profit organization commissioned to uphold the stature of Ortigas Center as one of the nation’s prime business districts, the very first OCAI Run will have its gun start at 5:00am for 10k runners, 5:15am for 5k runners and 5:30am for 3k runners in front of the Philippine Stock Exchange in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

But this won’t be your usual, pardon the pun, run-of-the-mill race. What makes this different from the myriad fun runs that dominate the country’s fitness calendars these days is the location. “Never before has Ortigas Center hosted a run before,” said race director Rudy Biscocho. “Due to the elevation in and around the Ortigas Center area, there will be uphill stretches guaranteed to test your mettle,” he teased. “But naturally, for every uphill climb there is a reward, and you can improve you time by increasing your pace downhill,” explained Biscocho.

Posing a different challenge from other typically flat runs are the hilly roads in and around Ortigas Center. The 10k route will feature a downhill trek on Lanuza Drive in Valle Verde and an uphill stretch on Julia Vargas Avenue. The 5k will take runners through San Miguel Avenue to E. Rodriguez Avenue and back to Exchange Road for the finish line while the 3k will be a more casual breeze within the Ortigas Center.

“This first ever road run in Ortigas Center aims to accomplish the goals of the Rotary Club of Ortigas Center and Balance Lifestyle Fitness,” said Luz N. Cotoco, Chairman of OCAI. “It is also for the benefit of the various humanitarian projects of RCOC,” added Cotoco.

Registration fee is Php 400 for any of the three distances which is inclusive of one race bib, baller band, route map, finisher shirt and loot bag that will be given out right after the run. All proceeds of the OCAI Run will go to the humanitarian projects of the Rotary Club of Ortigas Center. Registration period is from April 30 to June 26, 2010, at all Mizuno outlets and at OCAI Office. Many raffle prizes including a Technomarine watch and giveaways await lucky participants, while cash prizes will be given to the top 3 finishers of each category.

For inquiries call 890-4230 and 0922-8367990 and look for Ms Ana Salas. Or check out their Facebook page by searching for “OCAI Run”. The OCAI Run is organized by OCAI with RCOC, presented by the Ortigas & Company Limited Partnership and sponsored by HSBC, Meralco, Puregold, The San Miguel Corporation, First Holdings, Flanax, Xenical, The Oriental Assurance Corporation, BusinessWorld, CCI Enterprises, SM Megamall, Robinsons Department Store, Unilever and Ropali.

Bottle Run – 100% Charity, 100% Fulfilling

The Bottle Run is definitely a “no-frills race”.  With all proceeds going to the re-building of schools destroyed by typhoon Ondoy, the less race expense, the better for the beneficiaries.

Heaven must have been pleased with this project as the weather cooperated.  It was not that hot as in previous race days so the gatorade stations positioned every 2 kilometers seemed just right.  No water though. Hu Hu Hu Sad that no water company sponsored this worthy cause.

It was funny though how I had to explain to atleast 3 people I had the chance to run/meet during and after the race that the race is 100% for charity so there are no water stations every kilometer and  that is also why there were no singlets or any other freebies.  Heard them complaining and I couldn’t resist… hee hee  Nope, I didn’t antagonize them whatsoever. I explained it ever so charmingly and won them over.  I think!  😉

It was a nice but tough 10k route.  What else can we expect from race director, Edward Kho.  With Nature Valley 2 weeks ago as my last race and zero mileage since, I was all gang-ho about it and still wanted a new PR.  With a walk break though at the steepest incline in McKinley Hills, i let that PR go and finished at 1.07.16 (garmin).  BUT, it sure was fulfilling running for something that would benefit fellow-Ondoy victims (Click HERE for our post on our personal experience with Ondoy) .

I hope the running community support charity runs like this one.  Our small acts binded together would surely make a difference in the lives of people who really need help. 🙂

The simplicity of this race didn’t take away the essence of the race itself — having fun running and helping a worthy cause!  In fact, it’s simplicity highlighted its very essence — RUN & HELP!

It was great seeing runners who lent their celebrity to the cause — Miriam Quiambao and Coach Rio.  We wanted to help in that respect, too, but we are wanting in celebrity status. MWAHAHAHA

Good to see our running friends there too — Bobby (Cruise Control) and  Doray (Doralicious).

Kudos to all those involved in this worthy cause and kudos to all  who supported it! 🙂

Goal-less June No More!

Okay, okay, i’ve  been goal-less this month.  Haven’t run a single K since Nature Valley… Haven’t even been plotting races to run! Haaay, gotta get the groove back so  here’s an attempt…

Bottle Run (10k) on June 11,

Rock and Run(10k) on June 19,

Ocai (10k) on June 27

…. ALL 10k’s!  I therefore declare June as my 10K month! Now, now, a goal is hatching…  let me make some calls…

hmm…. aren’t you suppose to be psyching yourself up to get  ready for something big?


Called up my sis, Jen, to entice her into running her first 10k.  She has run several 5k’s and just needed some push to shall we say “level up”. Gave her my list of 10k races this June and told her I’d run the whole 10k with her in her chosen race or all 3 of them if she so chooses.  Well, she chose one. So we’re running the Rock and Run’s 10k  together.  Go go go sistah!

Two more 10k’s open…. hmmm…. let me think….

Goal-less June no more.  I’m on a mission…  🙂

Small stuff but i hope i can help 10k dreamers out there take the next step…  🙂

Nature Valley Run: 10k, 21k

Recovery, recovery, recovery. That should be my mindset after completing my first 42k.  So, reluctantly,  I asked Jun to sign me up just for a 10k when I originally wanted very much to run the 21k leg to complete the runrio trilogy of 21, 21 & 32.  Anyway, I decided not to risk injury and give my muscles a break and time to heal.

So race day neared.  The excitement wasn’t really there running a 10k.  I guess that’s just normal coming from a big HIGH finishing a full.   I was relaxed and I felt no pressure as I am very used to the distance.

Race day though before Jun went in the 21k corral, i asked him if i could race this one. He nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and said “Okay lang.”With that I suddenly felt excited but still weighed the situation.  I didn’t want to hinder the healing of muscular microtears i was reading about.

So it became a very calculated race for me starting with warm-up pace in the first 3 kilometers gradually increasing pace  the next 2k and shifting to race mode in the next 4k while still stopping at every station to hydrate.  I didn’t bring my hydration jugs this time confident there would be enough water at the stations.  I wasn’t disappointed.  There was over-flowing water and isotonic drink.   I stopped at the last water station and prepared for the last kilometer.

But lo and behold, i find that i couldn’t really race the last kilometer. Running that final one was like squeezing into cracks in a wall of walkers.  The 5k and 10k runners are now sharing the road and we were numerous — bulk of the more than 11,000 runners who participated in this big event. So, i criss-crossed between walking bodies sometimes jogging behind them trying to find space where I could squeeze myself in until the final road to the  finish line provided relief of a wide expanse of relatively clear road and opportunity to sprint to the finish.  Happy to have improved my 10k PR at 1.06.48 (chip time) still.  Really a bonus for me. Happy, happy, happy!

I really don’t have a concrete plan for this run. I just wanted it to be  nice and  comfortable. It’s like a comeback training run after helping the pink sole train for her 1st marathon.

At the 21k corral, I saw Jay and Vener who are also just in for just a training run. Like me, they  also don’t have a particular plan and will just  go with the flow. We also saw Patrick who is ready to run for a new PR, while Javy and Jaymie will be pacing each other. We all stayed at the back and when the starting gun was fired. Vener, jay and I decided to run together while Jaymie and Javy had other plans so they went ahead of us while we started slowly. The three of us stayed with the pack slowly picking our pace and from time to time dared each other on who will take the lead and pace us.

Jay went ahead at 7k while Vener and I maintained our easy pace. I really felt there was  something different that day. I was tiring easily.  I don’t know if it was the HEAT, the HEART or the (H)AGE!!! hehe  Man, was it HOT!!!

Like the pink sole, it was  my first time not to don my hydration belt in a 21k race.  I was told that water stations will be better than the leg 1. Truly they had more than enough that you wouldn’t feel you’d be denying somebody a drink if you decided to pour a few cups to cool yourself.

HOT, HOT, HOT! Finished the race totally drenched from sweat.  It was one of those days when my body wouldn’t respond to any coaxing.

Despite the heat-battled racing day, the organizers were just able to alleviate the torturous heat with very long table set-up at the water station avoiding any lines for a much-needed drink.  A pint of Haagendaz ice cream for 21k finishers was a great add-on.  Even we, non-21k’ers, benefitted. Didn’t experience any lines at the loot bag claim area either.  Great job Runrio !  With a huge runner-turnout like this, almost anything can go wrong.  How the race was  conducted was a testament to good planning and good implementation.

As for the photovendo pics, we were waiting for it before we publish this post but unfortunately, I didn’t have any pics  at all.  Hmmm,  getting a picture of all 11,000+ runners must have been a real challenge.   Happy still…  We just requested this pictures from our running friend, Kulit Runner,   for this post.  Thanks Vimz!

Post-race activities:

Vima & me enjoying Jun's Haagendaz

Vima, me, Jay & Miguel at the finishline while waiting for Jun & Jaymie to finish.

Miguel, Jaymie (Bull Runner), Vima(Kulit Runner), me & Jun at the finishline ready to join other runner friends for Mark & Tiffin Parco's despedida at Paul Calvin's.

Looney Tunes Adventure

The last kids run we attended was the Mommy Milkshake Run last September 2009 which has been quite awhile already. Our girls have been craving for another one especially our little Mikka. Summer came but their Mommy(pink sole) was training for her first marathon so most of our weekends were dedicated to long runs. So they got excited when the Looney tunes active run was announced and the timing was perfect.

It’s the week after the  TBR marathon so no more long runs for a while. The pink sole will treat it as her first recovery  run…with the kids. It was Mikka who was so excited and nervous because she has two races that weekend. She goes ” Daddy, its my swim graduation  and swim race this Saturday and i will run next for the Looney tunes..”  Last  weekend was a busy one for her, indeed.

Everybody went to sleep early  Friday and everybody responded to one wake-up call the next day. By 6am, all were ready and off we went to meet Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes runners.

We’re letting our eldest daughter, Bea, do this post on our adventure with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes and the some other looney characters. So enjoy!!!

Since my mom is  the pink sole, and my dad the blue sole, I think It’s appropriate that i be the purple sole. BLUE+PINK=PURPLE! (and also because it’s my favorite color).  I wanted to contribute a picture story about our experience in the Looney Tunes run, so here it is! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Kids all looking forward to the next adventure.

Super fun run with the kids!

As if the challenge is not enough in sharing a blog with my partner, we added another challenge.  haha

Welcome aboard Purple Sole!  What a wonderful development!  I am definitely looooving this!  I hope you enjoyed Bea’s blogging debut. 🙂

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