Chasing a Marathon Dream

Last weekend, I chased the sun.  Tomorrow, I’ll be chasing a dream…

Just one day more… The hard work is over. This week’s game-plan was really just to get enough rest  and ready my legs, my whole body for the pounding it will endure and just as equally prepare my mind, heart and spirit for the big challenge ahead — my first full marathon (42.195kms) at THE BULL RUNNER DREAM MARATHON in  Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.   I have been trying hard to be a good girl — no late working nights, lots and lots of water, stretching, deep tissue massage  and lots of pasta!  Uugh, I think I gained a couple of pounds just this week.

One thing good going for me is that the ITB tightness  I have been experiencing since I started running my 21k last December decided to give me a break.  Yes!!! I have been running pain-free since 2 weeks ago.  It was an unexpected bonus as I was already prepared to just manage the pain which usually creeps in as early as 8k.  I am expectantly praying it doesn’t show up again on race day.  My race then would be a lot more enjoyable.

Tomorrow is  such a BIG day for me.  With barely 1 day to go,  I now have mariposas in my stomach. 😉

To my fellow TBR Dream Marathoners, have a good, memorable, enjoyable run!!!

Looking forward to celebrating with you all this Saturday.

God be with us all!

See you at the race! 🙂

I have but one reminder to the pink sole —  SHAPE.

Start slow. Use your first few kilometers as your warm-up. Conserve your energy until you have finally adjusted to your rhythm.

Hydrate well. Not too much, not too soon and neither too late. Water stations are in their locations for a purpose. They remind you to hydrate.

Absolute control of your strength. Only you can determine your strength.  Sometimes you will feel okay and want to speed up a little than your planned pace.  Always look ahead.  Think if you can give it all now or save for later.  If you think you need to slow down, then slow down. If you think you can give more, give it only when you feel you can do it till the end.

Persevere to the finish.  Think only of good things.  Remember your purpose,  to whom you dedicate your run. You trained for this race and sacrificed a lot to be able to reach your dream.

Enjoy every minute of your run.  Sing praise songs as you normally do.  Remember THE SOURCE of your strength.

This is it! reckoning time.  You’ve paid your dues.  You’ve put in the hours — the very early morning runs and the late night ones. You’ve endured the pounding, the pain and even the heat.  I was witness to all these.  There’s only one thing left to do.  Run the race and run it that you may win your prize.  Chase your dream and make it reality.  I believe in you.

Aaaw sweet!


9 Responses to “Chasing a Marathon Dream”

  1. 1 Scientist Runner May 21, 2010 at 9:10 am

    And may the dream live on, long after we cross that finish line!

  2. 3 kulitrunner May 21, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    ayos! so sour that i won’t be there to cheer you and other friends on mariel! hay. but then, i also believe you guys can do it! go, go, go! THIS IS IT! mwaah!

  3. 5 aileen zaballa May 21, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    have a great run tita mariel 🙂

    i am so happy you’re doing this for you. i hope to be able to take on a marathon one day. you are an inspiration.

  4. 7 Benny May 23, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Hi solemates,

    Send me a note so i can send yor pic.


  5. 8 ibetlacbay May 25, 2010 at 11:27 am

    congrats mariel! welcome to the club 🙂

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