We Chased the Sun!

Race Review:



Good Job! 🙂

1.  Refreshingly icy cold water filled in plastic cups

2.  Prompt race start

3.  Sufficient marshalls

4. Accurate kilometer markers

5. Timing Chip with Run Pix

6. Photovendo

7. Singlet and nice Team Manila finisher’s shirt

8. Generous freebies from Neutrogena

9.  Summit water & isotonic drink post-race

10.  Early availability of race results.

Ooh Oh! 😦

1. Water ran out in the last water station of the 15k event.  Carbonated isotonic drink available though.

This race has so many pluses we almost forgot we missed water at the last station. 😉  Very good race!

Our Race Experience:

It was 4:30am.  Didn’t hear the alarm ring.  GRRRR… We’re late!!!

I hurriedly woke Mariel up and made sure she didn’t snooze right back to sleep. We were off to a frenzied time of preparing to go.  A hurried breakfast, john and bath and we’re off…

Phew, made it with time to spare for a restroom break for the pink sole and a little stretching for me at the corral.

I joined the 15k race with the plan to start  slowly  getting my rhythm back to my  training mode after helping Mariel with her  full marathon training.  I’ve been keeping her company during her runs that I’ve slowed down my pace considerably.  She relishes teasing me about it telling friends I am getting de-trained. hahaha It may be true as she had at times ran ahead of me during our long runs.

I found this race an overall good experience marred only with my encounter with an inconsiderate security guard on patrol who did not slow down in an intersection as I was crossing.  Oh well, might be a night guard lacking sleep eager to go home.  I’ll just think of it that way.

Great race still. Congrats to Finishline and Neutrogena for putting up an enjoyable race.

Yes, I chased the sun but it chased me back!  HAHAHA

Eyes trying hard to snap open and mind still spinning from dream-state, i woke up with Jun’s gentle but very firm “We’re late. We have to get up. Now.”

Got-up I did propping myself up awake.  It seemed all a breeze and we were off.  Bath, breakfast with  nary a visit to the john nor any stretching done.  Hah, as Bards would say, “Bahala na si Batman!”  Off we went…

Jun and I didn’t run together this time.  It was supposed to be a very easy run for me as I am on taper mode.  My last race before my big M day.  So I let him go as it would be a slow easy run for me.  I did an even pace all throughout taking advantage of the downhills to have fun and make up for my slower uphills.  From the race results, 5k splits were all around the 33-34 minute range.   Saw Bobby (Cruise Control) though at the last km who got me sprinting to the finish.  Hahaha So much for easy… Thanks Bobby, that was fun but I’m err.. supposed to be on taper… oh well, PR on my 15k at 1.40.06(chip time)  so who’s complaining? hahaha

I really enjoyed this race!  Breakfast banter in Kabisera with friends made it all the more fun.   🙂


4 Responses to “We Chased the Sun!”

  1. 1 kulitrunner May 20, 2010 at 9:45 am

    waaaahhhh, super na-miss ko yung “breakfast banter”.. haha!

  2. 3 hotlegsrunner May 20, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Hi Mariel! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I just want to let you know that when I first started running I chanced upon your blog too and I was so “aliw” with your blog name: SOLEMATES. Perfect name for a couple who run together.

    I hope you don’t mind. I will add you in my blog roll =)

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