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The Bottle School Run

Last year, a million young school children’s education was disrupted and about 2,800 pre-school classrooms were destroyed due to the typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

This year, through the pioneering efforts and innovative solutions of MYSHELTER spearheaded by the country’s noted social entrepreneur Illac Diaz, a one-of-kind run-for-a-cause dubbed as The Bottle School Run will be staged at Bonifacio Global City on June 13. All proceeds of this noteworthy race will be used to replace and rebuild a damaged school in Taguig using a ground-breaking architectural model – school classrooms mainly made of soda PET bottles.

Now, runners of all persuasions are invited to actively take part in a unique racing event to create a community-based, people-empowered solution which starts with building ecologically-sound and architecturally-revolutionary classrooms for children aspiring to pursue a path of literacy and knowledge.

The Bottle School Run is a distinctive race for seasoned and beginner runners, alike, as it provides them an opportunity to become advocate runners who could champion an honest cause, a solution that can change the world. It sets a symbolic backdrop where the chase of each participant runners for individual personal record enables beneficiary children chase their dream of obtaining education.

Registration for The Bottle School Run starts on May 29, Saturday and lasts until June 11, Friday. Registration centers are:

Planet Sports Trinoma (1pm to 8pm)

Planet Sports Alabang (1pm to 8pm)

New Balance Glorietta (1pm to 8pm)

Taguig City – Fort Bonifacio Satellite Office, 3rd Flr, Market! Market! (9am to 5pm)

Distance categories are 3k, 5k, and 10k. Registration fees are P200 for 3k, and P300 for 5k and 10k. All participating runners are requested to bring two bottles with a 1.5 or 2 liter size of any soda brand on race day. Gunstart times are 5:30am (10k), 5:45am (5k), and 6:00am (3k).

For further race details, please visit Inquiries may be directed to or to Liza Fumar, Co-lead, The Bottle School Run, through 0927 284 54 36. Alternatively, interested parties may contact Edward Kho, Race Director, through 0915-9990187.


Celebrating My First Marathon (Sweet Dreams are Made of These)

Yes, it’s just not the race route providing pleasant and challenging surprises.  My family sprang a couple of them as well!  First, their surprise presence at the finish line which really overwhelmed me…

Here’s a picture story chronicling the time my family arrived at the race scene to surprise me to tears and the ensuing celebration that made my first marathon all the more memorable.

In Solenad, Nuvali…


5:30am.. i've been at it for 3 1/2 hours...

the finish line awaits ...

the matador waiting for the charging bulls...

sofie waits for mommy, my sister jen looking out for my grand entrance ;)...

mom and dad can hardly wait...

while Winter, the family cat, wait it out in the car...

.. a tired doggie wonders what all the fuss was about…

then, first runner checks in (congrats benny!) ...

Mikka asks: "is mommy near"

here, here.. just around the bend...

hey there's mom and dad!!!

come on mom, run!!!

Go Mom Go!


bliss at the finish!!!

marathoner at last!

surprise, surprise!!!

hahaha truly surprised!!!

Can't contain the laughter, can't contain the smiles. Nice one mom & dad! 🙂

mikka, did mommy do a good job? 😉

precious pic with my family (thanks for this copy Ben & Jaymie!)

After letting go of emotions in seeing my family at the finish line, it was time for some happy celebrations with fellow dream marathoners, dream pacers, well-wishers and whoever… hahaha   I’d celebrate with anyone and everyone!!!

with Dr. Lora (2nd-time marathoner) who i briefly ran with in K15 ...

and Joy, a new friend made along the way... (thanks for this photo, joy & hubby)

yvette made sure i got a cup of water plus a cheer at K3 & K23

then there's team second wind, hector & mikey who provided amazing support at K39...

and Coach Rio who dished-out a big cheer for me at K34...

of course there was Iya and Drew who provided glam and fun...

and coach rio who provided... rhum? (haha couldn't find a rhyme)...

before he hammed it up with tessa and with drew on hand...

my prize --42k medal. Anyone interested gran per gram? haha

Well done, well done! Now it's time for some serious fun!

I thought that was it.  It was more than enough BUT the surprise is not over. In fact, it has just began..

Pink Sole:  Where are we having lunch?  Mom & Dad said they’ll go wherever we go.

Blue Sole :  Tagaytay.

Pink Sole : “Really? Nice!”

Blue Sole : “Overnight tayo.”

Pink Sole :  “Huh, talaga? But… I’ve no clothes.  You packed for me?”

Blue Sole :  “Siyempre, eh kami pa!”

Pink Sole :  ” Wow, saya! Galing-galing! Thanks! Mmmmwaaah!  Aloveet! Aloooveeeet!

So off to the mountains we went for some overnight family fun…

There was peace and  quiet moments …

… but  lots of clowning around, too!

These are the stuff that fill my heart with love and laughter …

Sweet dreams are made of these!

"the jump"

me and my solemate

What a weekend that has been.  Forever it will be… etched  in my heart…  colorfully painted in my mind.

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will be glad and rejoice in it.

Dream BIG.  Run STRONG.

See you still  in the more exciting, much bigger and a lot longer marathon called LIFE.  🙂

My First Marathon at TBRDM

How does one capture a perfect moment in words?

I’m no trained writer.  I feel utterly inadequate chronicling what I’ve experienced.  Words don’t seem enough.  I can’t seem to find the right adjectives to describe the mixture of emotions I felt in that race called The Bull Runner Dream Marathon — excited, happy, overwhelmed, grateful, surprised, amazed, tearfully happy?

My marathon experience was one I would like to relive over and over again. Yes, including the exhaustion and pain. For at the finishline  was total bliss!


Jun & I headed to Sta. Rosa  May 21, Fri, right after lunch.  It will just be Jun & myself as nobody could take the kids to Nuvali on race day.  My sister who I asked to bring the kids had prior commitments on the day of the race that she couldn’t get out of.  Anyway, I didn’t want to insist as I was also thinking how awkward it would be if I forced them to be there and I didn’t finish.  Just as well…

We checked-in in El Cielito at 3pm where we bumped into Jaymie & Neville on their way out to the race site.  An hour’s rest, early dinner 5pm  at the Paseo, a quick peek at the race site and brief chat with Jaymie & Edward and we’re off heading back to the hotel for a planned early knock-off at 7pm and a wake-up call at 12mn that would give me 5 hours sleep.

That was not to be had though.  The mariposas in my stomach wouldn’t let me rest.  I guess Jun had butterflies albeit smaller in his for we both slept at around 8pm and found him awake already at 10pm. I knew he was a little nervous for me.  The blue sole had been edgy the whole day and I even kidded him to chill while driving to Sta. Rosa “Hon, you’re nervous din ano?”  He momentarily stopped and only gave a smile.  Hah, confirmed! He’s nervous for me.  I thought that was sweet.

So with 2 hours light sleep, we geared-up and proceeded to Nuvali.  We thought we were early but the place was already busy and charged.  The excitement was evident everywhere.

We stayed a while at the Dream Marathon Support area where dream chasers Banggi and Bobby were lacing up.  Mommy Kim arrived and we proceeded to the starting line.  I was one of the first few runners in the corral where I was joined later on by Dra. Lora, a 2nd-time marathoner and her hubby who will be pacing her. We were early so there were a lot of opportunity for stretching, chatting and of course, some photo ops.

Jun sending me off at the Starting Line

Coach John, Nana Mayen, Mommy Kim, Jun, me, Dra. Lora & hubby

Ready... get set...


A brief, inspiring talk from race director, Jim Lafferty with Jaymie and a  heart-felt prayer from Team Logan and we were ready.  At exactly 2am, we, approximately 250 dream marathoners were off.  It was a happy send-off.  The runners were charged and inspired and I’m pretty sure being first-time/second-time  marathoners only, are pretty much nervous too on how each one will fare in this new territory.

KM 1-10

I started slow as Jun painfully reminded me.  I just tried to warm-up my legs with a slow pace trying to get my rhythm.  This wasn’t the time to speed up so I let my legs and body get used to the beat.  Just as well for the first 2kms took us to a route across the highway where only fog lamps lighted our way.  Some parts were dark so I took out my teeny-weeny led-lighted flashlight.  I took a peek at my Garmin and found I was within range of my slow pace.

Going back to Solenad rounding the commercial area, happy Takbo peeps  cheered runners on.  They were a happy bunch and I loved their cheering!  Great job! Thanks to Yvette and company for the hearty cheer!

Going towards the Nuvali Road, was where I first felt I was in a marathon.  It was dark.  Only  streetlamps provided some light.  The pack was thinning.  I was on my own.

I felt good though and has found my rhythm.  I dutifully took my gel at 8k as planned.

Then the surprise… the turn towards the bird sanctuary turned out to be a long 2km trail.  Uugh, no runner immediately before nor behind me but runners on their way back would be passing me from time to time.  There were marshals along the way but still there would be long stretches when I would be alone.  I was so thankful for that tiny flashlight Jun bought me.  It lighted my path and allowed me to run still albeit slowly and carefully.  But, I must say there was no instance i felt unsafe.  I almost tripped twice though but that’s just the “lampa” in me. hahaha

Picture this…. only, it’s pitch black at 3am…

2km dirt road --- spicing up the route!

gravel trail to the gazebo turn-around --- 100% walk

KM 11-20

Guess what?  A short but uphill gravel path awaits at the turn-around.  This one I walked 100% while drinking  some gatorade. This race has many surprises, indeed.

Going back that same dark trail road, nature began calling.  I knew there would be portalets at the turn-around point.  I guess that thought made me ran faster to it.  hahaha  Besides, that long stretch after the trail road was my favorite part of the race route.  One  where I always felt a need to run faster even during our simulation run.  But wait… another surprise awaits — another trail road!!!

Yes, yet another dirt road with a short incline at the turn-around point.  The portalets near the turn-around provided much-needed relief.  Lost 4 1/2 minutes there as the OC in me made sure everything was okay before and after I did my thing.  Brought my tissue paper but the sight of rolls of toilet paper and alcohol was very much welcomed.

With a lighter, more comfortable feeling, I surged on and stepped on the first timing mat at Km 13. Timed in at 1:54.03. The next kilometer was mostly uphill going back the paved road before the next water station at the corner turn.  Caught up with Dra. Lora and hubby and ran with them a while.  She mentioned how this is is not really a newbie route and felt like a more difficult race than Standard Chartered Hongkong because it was  dark, had a rolling terrain and there were trails. ” Woh, really???”  The surprise trails especially the one towards the bird sanctuary was really an awesome experience.  It really added spice to the route.

As I ran on ahead, I passed the Second Wind booth again and again received a hearty cheer from Hector and Mikey.  Thanks guys! You were great!

The race route was actually full of hearty cheerers — the pacers, the race marshals and the Nuvali security men dished out pleasant greetings and encouragements.  Fellow marathoners would often exchange smiles, nods of acknowledgement, waves and cheers.  People were just eager to encourage one another.  What a positive environment.  I loooove it!

Passed the 16km marker and I remembered to take my 2nd gel at this point.  Urgh, intake delayed by 4kms.  Garmin km reading stopped, you see, so I wasn’t able to monitor distance ran and relied on the kilometer markers. It was here that i felt pain in my left hip. Ooh oh… It’s way too early to feel any pain please.  I tried massaging and applying pressure on the area while I ran.  I tried changing my stride, too. Pain still there but was still very manageable. As I saw the Evoliving structure, my pace quickened.  I am always excited seeing that place as I associate it with finishing a run.

KM 21-30

Hah, almost there.  I can see cheerers again!  Most of all, I relish the thought that Jun will be running with me now after fulfilling his marshaling duties.

As planned, he met me after the 2nd round at the commercial area and paced me starting the 2nd loop.  I’ve covered 23kms now, he advised.  He checked how I was, gave me a cup of gatorade to drink, poured some water over my head and took my hydration belt from me. That was a relief!!!  I think he was relieved, too, that my legs still felt good.  I was pacing myself well and hydrating at every water station.  Darkness was receding now and the sky was getting bright.  The 2nd trip to the bird sanctuary trail road felt better in broad daylight and I began chronicling to Jun my experience running this road in the dark.  A cold drink at the gravel road towards the gazebo turn-around awaits.  Mayen was stretching her legs there as she was having cramps.  After asking how she was, we ran on.   I advised him that I felt like going for a restroom break again.  Wehehe I know this will be another laughing matter with the kids when this race is over.  hahaha  Thankfully, the uncomfortable feeling passed.   I felt so full though taking in all the gels, water and gatorade but I knew I had to.  Turning right from the trail, Jun fetched me an icy sponge as I continued to run on.

KM 31-35

A spiritual experience…

31km … 32k …  I was still good to go and I was just overwhelmingly grateful.  I felt so light and alive I just felt like giving thanks to my King.  I was praying.  I was singing praises.  During a long stretch of road, I pictured Him with outstretched arms waiting for me to run to Him.  I did!  My legs quickened without effort.  I barely felt my feet touching the road.  It was an overwhelming experience.  I felt my eyes watering. I couldn’t help raising my hands in praise as I ran.

Whom have I in heaven but You.

There is nothing on earth I desire besides You.

My heart and my strength, many times they fail.

But there is one truth that always will prevail…

God is the strength of my heart

God is the strength of my heart

God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.


Truly, the Lord of Lords lifted me up and carried me through this journey.  I knew whatever happens, He is with me.

KM 36-40

Did I get carried away running that fast?  ha ha ha! I started to feel some pain in my right calf and my left hamstrings.  A bearable discomfort. Good thing another set of my fave dream chasers Bobby and Banggi armed with spray-on pain reliever were stationed not too far ahead. I got a special spraying from Bobby with a GO GO GO cheer from Banggi.

Slowed down considerably at this 5 kilometers stretch conserving my energy. The heat was starting to bother me  and  Jun made sure I get a regular dousing of water.

Then a car of cheerers passed us cheering and enthusiastically shouting my name “Go, go, go Mariel! Galing!” That provided a great boost!  Thanks so much Edward, Raymund, Ella and company!

Jim Lafferty patrolled the route, too, shouting encouragements “Remember, you’re now a marathoner! You’re doing great! ”

I’m sure a lot of runners got some lift and ran faster with those encouragements.

But, this stretch felt looooong.   I see the Evoliving building and I know it’ll be over soon.  Yes, I’m going to finish this!  I’ll be a marathoner before lunch just as Jim Lafferty reminded us at the starting line. Checking on me,  I think the blue sole  felt relieved I was still strong going into the final stretch.  He egged me on…


The Solenad commercial are was within reach.  I knew that just behind that is the finish line.  I increased my pace with Jun leading me … rounding the commercial area with around 400 meters to go … we were speeding up …

Come on, come on!”  Jun was pushing me. ” Do it for the kids … think about the kids …”

I was pounding the pavement with all I’ve got with the blue sole right beside me.

Then, a pleasant bomb…

Just as we saw the finish line Jun  dropped a bomb …” go for the kids …. go, go, go! … andyan sila Bea … andyan silang lahat!” and dropped behind so I couldn’t ask him.

Huh?…   WHAAAAT?!?  Sinong lahat???  Successive questions, confusing thoughts raised through my mind as I raced to the finish line.  Scouring the faces ahead as I ran, I saw my eldest daughter Bea, then  Mikka, then Sofia.  Wow, what a very pleasant  surprise!

marathoner after 5 hours 23 minutes!!!

But that’s not all, as I crossed the line and I saw my sister Jen… then my Mom…  and  my Dad!

You’re all here!!!  HAHAHA  What a surprise!  You’re all here!!! BUHUHUHUHU  You’re all here….

so surprised to see my whole family there I couldn't contain the tears as my sister Jen welcomed me at the finish line.

Dad and Mom (partially covered) engulfing me in a tight hug. (thanks raymund for this pic!)

I chased my dream and made it reality...

... with the help of my dream chaser, my solemate ...

... in a dreamy race envisioned by Jaymie, The Bull Runner...

... with my family as witness. What more can I ask for?

I couldn’t have asked for a better marathon finish story… That was really beyond words!!!

I didn’t expect anyone to be there.  I was content to share whatever triumph I would have with just the blue sole.  Little did I know that a conspiracy was hatched behind my back weeks ago  intending to pleasantly shock me with my family’s presence and more!

To my daughters Bea, Sofia and Mikka, you’re my inspiration, our precious treasures.  I love it that you love our running! love you 3 soooo very much!

To my coach, pacer, solemate, hubby and friend, thanks Hon for training and coaching me. Your continuous encouragements, support and guidance truly made a difference.  I couldn’t have endured the long hours of weekend trainings without you running with me.  You were witness to all the preparations.  You endured too as you also woke up in the wee hours to run LSD’s with me.  That special support encouraged me to train and prepare well for this race.  You helped me run strong and helped give me an enjoyable first marathon experience.  You took good care of me out there. A big big thanks! Thanks a bunch  for cooking up the best surprise ever!  Love you much!!!

To my sister Jen, co-conspirator to this grand surprise, thanks so much for the support, for taking the time  and trouble to give me a memorable marathon and post race celebration!  luvyah sis!

To my mom and dad, my greatest fans, love you guys! mmmwah!

To my Lord, my God, my source of strength, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. Love you, Lord.

NEXT:  Happy post-race pics and an even happier surprise…

Chasing a Marathon Dream

Last weekend, I chased the sun.  Tomorrow, I’ll be chasing a dream…

Just one day more… The hard work is over. This week’s game-plan was really just to get enough rest  and ready my legs, my whole body for the pounding it will endure and just as equally prepare my mind, heart and spirit for the big challenge ahead — my first full marathon (42.195kms) at THE BULL RUNNER DREAM MARATHON in  Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.   I have been trying hard to be a good girl — no late working nights, lots and lots of water, stretching, deep tissue massage  and lots of pasta!  Uugh, I think I gained a couple of pounds just this week.

One thing good going for me is that the ITB tightness  I have been experiencing since I started running my 21k last December decided to give me a break.  Yes!!! I have been running pain-free since 2 weeks ago.  It was an unexpected bonus as I was already prepared to just manage the pain which usually creeps in as early as 8k.  I am expectantly praying it doesn’t show up again on race day.  My race then would be a lot more enjoyable.

Tomorrow is  such a BIG day for me.  With barely 1 day to go,  I now have mariposas in my stomach. 😉

To my fellow TBR Dream Marathoners, have a good, memorable, enjoyable run!!!

Looking forward to celebrating with you all this Saturday.

God be with us all!

See you at the race! 🙂

I have but one reminder to the pink sole —  SHAPE.

Start slow. Use your first few kilometers as your warm-up. Conserve your energy until you have finally adjusted to your rhythm.

Hydrate well. Not too much, not too soon and neither too late. Water stations are in their locations for a purpose. They remind you to hydrate.

Absolute control of your strength. Only you can determine your strength.  Sometimes you will feel okay and want to speed up a little than your planned pace.  Always look ahead.  Think if you can give it all now or save for later.  If you think you need to slow down, then slow down. If you think you can give more, give it only when you feel you can do it till the end.

Persevere to the finish.  Think only of good things.  Remember your purpose,  to whom you dedicate your run. You trained for this race and sacrificed a lot to be able to reach your dream.

Enjoy every minute of your run.  Sing praise songs as you normally do.  Remember THE SOURCE of your strength.

This is it! reckoning time.  You’ve paid your dues.  You’ve put in the hours — the very early morning runs and the late night ones. You’ve endured the pounding, the pain and even the heat.  I was witness to all these.  There’s only one thing left to do.  Run the race and run it that you may win your prize.  Chase your dream and make it reality.  I believe in you.

Aaaw sweet!

We Chased the Sun!

Race Review:



Good Job! 🙂

1.  Refreshingly icy cold water filled in plastic cups

2.  Prompt race start

3.  Sufficient marshalls

4. Accurate kilometer markers

5. Timing Chip with Run Pix

6. Photovendo

7. Singlet and nice Team Manila finisher’s shirt

8. Generous freebies from Neutrogena

9.  Summit water & isotonic drink post-race

10.  Early availability of race results.

Ooh Oh! 😦

1. Water ran out in the last water station of the 15k event.  Carbonated isotonic drink available though.

This race has so many pluses we almost forgot we missed water at the last station. 😉  Very good race!

Our Race Experience:

It was 4:30am.  Didn’t hear the alarm ring.  GRRRR… We’re late!!!

I hurriedly woke Mariel up and made sure she didn’t snooze right back to sleep. We were off to a frenzied time of preparing to go.  A hurried breakfast, john and bath and we’re off…

Phew, made it with time to spare for a restroom break for the pink sole and a little stretching for me at the corral.

I joined the 15k race with the plan to start  slowly  getting my rhythm back to my  training mode after helping Mariel with her  full marathon training.  I’ve been keeping her company during her runs that I’ve slowed down my pace considerably.  She relishes teasing me about it telling friends I am getting de-trained. hahaha It may be true as she had at times ran ahead of me during our long runs.

I found this race an overall good experience marred only with my encounter with an inconsiderate security guard on patrol who did not slow down in an intersection as I was crossing.  Oh well, might be a night guard lacking sleep eager to go home.  I’ll just think of it that way.

Great race still. Congrats to Finishline and Neutrogena for putting up an enjoyable race.

Yes, I chased the sun but it chased me back!  HAHAHA

Eyes trying hard to snap open and mind still spinning from dream-state, i woke up with Jun’s gentle but very firm “We’re late. We have to get up. Now.”

Got-up I did propping myself up awake.  It seemed all a breeze and we were off.  Bath, breakfast with  nary a visit to the john nor any stretching done.  Hah, as Bards would say, “Bahala na si Batman!”  Off we went…

Jun and I didn’t run together this time.  It was supposed to be a very easy run for me as I am on taper mode.  My last race before my big M day.  So I let him go as it would be a slow easy run for me.  I did an even pace all throughout taking advantage of the downhills to have fun and make up for my slower uphills.  From the race results, 5k splits were all around the 33-34 minute range.   Saw Bobby (Cruise Control) though at the last km who got me sprinting to the finish.  Hahaha So much for easy… Thanks Bobby, that was fun but I’m err.. supposed to be on taper… oh well, PR on my 15k at 1.40.06(chip time)  so who’s complaining? hahaha

I really enjoyed this race!  Breakfast banter in Kabisera with friends made it all the more fun.   🙂

Run with Looney Tunes

This is sooo cool! I love this poster ad!  According to Coach Rio, this is only the 2nd time the Looney Tunes characters shared a frame with earthlings!  The first one being with Michael Jordan.  Remember that?

Cooler still would be the race itself.  Obviously meant to attract the kids, I’m pretty sure moms and dads are equally excited.  Another opportunity for a family run! YEY!!!

Read on…

Here’s  the official press release:

Looney Tunes characters are active by nature. Their high-energy humour continues to thrill audiences young and old.  And because of their active perpetual motion, they’re one of the few character brands that stand for an active lifestyle.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) launched the Looney Tunes Active! as its    contribution to global efforts to promote an active and healthier lifestyle for children. Looney Tunes Active! aims to encourage an active lifestyle among its target market, primarily children, and their families, by engaging in sports and other physical activities while having fun at the same time.  Looney Tunes Active! shows kids that being active is cool!

In 2009, WBCP, through its Philippine agent, Global Brands Group, launched a school tour where running clinics were conducted by locally renowned coach Rio de la Cruz, in partnership with the Physical Education and Sports Clubs of participating schools in Metro Manila. This culminated with the first Looney Tunes Active! Fun Run in SM Mall of Asia on August 30, 2009.  The event was attended by almost 1,000 participants, consisting of children, parents and sports enthusiasts.

This year, WBCP will launch a sequel to the Looney Tunes Active! Fun Run, this time in SM Megamall on May 29, 2010, and SM City Cebu on June 5, 2010.  Acting as race directors are Rio dela Cruz, fresh from the Boston Marathon, and Noy Jopson, Philippines Iron Man, respectively.

To Register for the Looney Tunes Active! Fun Run Events

Register in Timex, SM Megamall, from April 26 to May 22, 2010, for the SM Megamall race; and Timex, Ayala Center Cebu and Watch Republic, SM Cebu, from April 26 to May 30, 2010, for the SM Cebu Race.

The following registration fees apply:

Retail Promotion

From April 26 to May 30, 2010, a minimum P500 purchase of Looney Tunes products in all SM Department Stores Character Shops, will entitle you to a free Looney Tunes Active! race singlet to encourage you to start running!

Asian Dream Race Promo

Hear ye!  Hear ye!

One lucky runner from the Philippines  gets a chance to race for FREE at the KL Marathon this coming June 27, 2010!

You only have from May 14- 31 to get a chance so read on and head on to RUNNR Store …

Newton Running, the world’s top brand of running footwear, unveils the Asian Dream Race Promo! This special promo offers runners a chance to win 1 of 7 race entries to the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon on June 27, 2010 at Malaysia. The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010 is one of the biggest running events in Southeast Asia that will bring many running enthusiasts from all over the world to the Malaysian capital.

Promo Mechanics:

For every purchase of Newton Running in cash or through a Standard Chartered credit card, the buyer is entitled to one (1) raffle coupon that will qualify as one (1) entry.  Customers should fill out the coupon and drop it in designated drop boxes in Runnr stores.  Deadline of submission of entries is on May 31, 2010.   Winners will be drawn on June 3, 2010, and prizes can be claimed at the store where they bought their Newton Running shoes.  Promo period is from May 14 to 31, 2010.

More entries submitted will entitle the customer to more chances of winning. Prizes are transferable. Winners will be notified through registered mail and phone call. The winner will be given fifteen (15) days upon receipt of notification to claim the prize. After the 15-day claiming period, the unclaimed prize will be forfeited in favor of RUNNR (Quorum International Inc.)  Winners must bring two (2) valid forms of identification such as Driver’s license, SSS card, Passport, other government issued IDs, to claim the prize.

Participating Newton Running products are Gravity, Motion, Sir Isaac and Lady Isaac, and Motion All Weather.

For more details on Newton’s Asian Dream Race Promo log on to, or contact their head office at 642-4414 to 15.  You may also check out the RUNNR and Newton social networking sites on Face Book thru and

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