Greenfield Sunset Run 2010: Raced & Reviewed

Race Review3.5 pink and blue sole stamps

Good Job! 🙂

1.  Bottled water and energy drink poured in disposable small cups  (would have made a lot of difference in this summer heat if served cold though)

2.  Nice route covering side-to-side fields at the first 10k and the Pramana route at km 14 with its “mini-hill” at the drop-off entrance of the clubhouse.

3.  21k finisher’s medal (pleasant surprise since it was initially announced that no medal will be given)

4.  Water sponges abound

5.  Accurate kilometer markers

5.  Timing chip

6.  Photovendo at the finish line

7.  Family-friendly set-up with inflatable fun for kids.

Oh oh! 😦

1.  Runners and cars shared the road during one long stretch of the route at around km16 – 18.  Runners had to run single file in the middle of the road with cars on both sides.  This may not have been the intention of the organizers but the sheer traffic resulted to cars backing down and going back the road supposedly reserved for the runners.

2.  There were parts of the route that were not lighted and very dark.

3.  Post-race water station was positioned way too far from the finish line.

The ride going there was long but enjoyable with us and 3 more friends, Vima and Art with their son Adam and Bobby riding Aljo’s “school bus” to the race venue.  With Vima heavy with child, she has no choice but to skip racing.  She did another kind of half mary though from Aljo’s place in Taguig all the way to Sta. Rosa.  hahaha  I think we got tired laughing even before we reached the race.

An attempt for the pink sole to shop for running gear was unsuccessful so we took time to stretch at a shady and grassy portion off the starting line and there saw Pat Concepcion with wife Mabu taking time for some stretching exercises, too.  Proceeded then to the starting line finding Ben Chan of photovendo and then Coach Rio there attending to some last-minute details.

pre-race with mabu & pat concepcion, aljo, bobby, me & mariel and art

catching-up with the ever-busy Ben Chan of Photovendo

Fresh from Boston Marathon, Coach Rio, joins the pre-race chit-chat

There was a healthy bustle of runners milled around the starting line.  There was an atmosphere of fun, camaraderie and anticipation.  We don’t run too many races like this, that’s why.

Me & Mariel, Jay, Aljo, Raymund, Bobby, Miguel, Jaymie and Art just off the starting line

tents and swaying leaves of palm trees line one side of the starting line

tents extend perpendicular to the starting line where runners milled around

starting arch awaits the runners

starting line bustle

The group split into 3 with art and jay doing 10k ,  bobby and raymund joining miguel and jaymie on a 9:1 run/walk  and finally Mariel & I running together all the way.

This is again a planned, easy run for me with the intention of just pacing Mariel.  I knew there’d be a big chance for her doing a PR run and I wanted to help her do it.  Her biggest challenges were a painful right ITB and of course her usual restroom break.  I was hoping to help her manage the pain and run with her through it.  As for the restroom break, I don’t think I can do anything about it if it ever happens. 😉  Anyway, we had a good run over-coming some  road challenges but I’ll let Mariel give you the details…

The first 5k was uneventful.  I was just breathing in the nice route with fields on both sides.  I knew I was starting faster than usual but I feel I can take it and just went on ahead with Jun staying not too far back.  I wondered why he was not keeping up with me when I know he easily could.  I just ran on glancing back from time-to-time checking him out.  Turned out he was checking out my running form for some after-race critique.

After crossing the highway,  he caught up and paced me.  We ran without stopping at the water stations nor drinking from our jugs.  I was running faster than usual at this point and I felt good.  The only thing that bothered me was the constant need to adjust and re-adjust my ever-turning hydration belt which I know is making me expend unnecessary energy. Made a mental note that I reached Km5 at 31mins (a silent yey as I topped my  36-minute 5k time).

Started to feel my right outer knee acting up again at Km8.   Jun reminded me I should have reserved energy as I just took in my gel and I have to take advantage of that.  I surged on and ran faster over-taking some runners one after another. It was getting dark and I wanted to cover more ground before the light completely zaps.  I felt really good.  With the faster pace, I seem to be licking the pain on the tight right outer leg.  Jun caught up with me ( AS IF he’d have a hard time to HAHA) and now reminded me that we still have a long way to go.  Advised him of a marked target and slowed-down when I finally over-took him.

I was still good to go at 15k but felt I was losing steam after  this point.  I was up for another gel at 16k which I dutifully took but it didn’t seem to help.  It didn’t help, too, that water at the stations were not cold.  Honestly, I didn’t quite feel refreshed drinking it.   I ran out of water at this point and was looking forward to hydrating at the next water station but lo and behold, the next station ran out, too! OOH OH This is going to be a very challenging run until the next water station made even more challenging with the headwind pushing me back thus, requiring more energy to cover ground.  It was a very challenging run until the last turn-around point and I was so looking forward to running the other opposite direction where the wind can be my ally  that would push me and propel me forward.

Boy, was I wrong!  Not only did the wind fade but we were confronted with vehicles on both sides of the road.  Cars stationary at congested traffic on the left and passing cars and motorcycles on our right.  We were running in single file at this point.  I wondered what went wrong here.  Runners and cars were sharing the road with the former at a clear disadvantage.  This went on I think for a long 2 kilometers.

I was glad when we got out of this situation and finally crossed the highway with 3 kms more to go.  Dark road awaited before a truly well-lighted road to the finish.  I was tired and hot and needed a real cold drink.  The last 2kms seemed like a long stretch.  Finally, when the blue sole signalled the last  400 meters, we ran on ahead with the promise of rest and a really, really cooooold drink!

Cheers to a PR finish of 2.33 (garmin) with a BIG help from the blue sole.  Thanks much, hon! 🙂

Jun and myself near the finishline ( thanks Vimz for some of the photos)

Alfresco dinner awaited at a little-known Japanese restau at the Paseo

The ride home which again took long because of traffic in South Super Highway turned out enjoyable still with non-stop chit-chat from our “school busmates”.   Thanks for the ride, Aljo!  It sure turned  South Suffer Highway to South Laughter Highway!  🙂

Click HERE to view your Photovendo race pics. Enjoy!


10 Responses to “Greenfield Sunset Run 2010: Raced & Reviewed”

  1. 1 dennis April 27, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Nice race recap and nice seeing you two at the race. Mukhang training is starting na! haha 🙂 Good luck Solemates

  2. 3 Scientist Runner April 27, 2010 at 7:05 am

    Nice post…lack of plastic cups towards the end of the 21K route (when you really needed to hydrate) was one downer but overall a good’s my take on this:

  3. 5 jazzrunner April 27, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Great account of the race! Now, i know who’s the one story telling. Couldn’t figure out the blue and pink codes at first (haha).

    Congrats too on your PR, Mariel! Nice time considering the harsh conditions during the last kilometers of the race!:-)

  4. 7 patrick concepcion / runningshield April 27, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    It was very nice to see you guys. It was a good race. Mabu and i totally enjoyed.
    Regards to both of you ( ‘Jun and Mariel )

  5. 9 kulitrunner April 27, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    at since naka-half mary ako nung saturday, recovery mode naman ako nung sunday! lol! 😉 see you guys on wed.

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