Mizuno Infinity 2010 Experience and Review


(3.5 /5 Blue and Pink Sole Stamps of Excellence)

Thumbs Up!

1.   Sufficient water and Gatorade

2.  Water stations strategically placed every 2 kilometers.

3.  Long table set-up avoiding clogging at the stations.

4.  Timely gun start (oh, there was no gun due to the current election gun-ban, just a hearty count-down from the announcer)

5.  Sufficient marshals

6. Foams and misters (or should we say showers? ;))

Thumbs down!

1. Very sparse kilometer signs (very disappointing  for those without running watches yet).

2. “Salok” system at the water stations.

3.  No-frills race start doesn’t seem to befit a well-established race like Mizuno Infinity Run.

4.  Disappointing finisher’s shirt quality.  They weren’t even able to give me my size.  Disappointing when you think that we registered early.  I guess they should have just given this during registration. The 1st Infinity Run ’08 shirt remains to be the best for Mizuno.  Disappointing still when you lined-up for it.

5. What ever happened to “beat your time” thing?  Well, we thought last year’s participants will be given priority slots so they can beat their time. I know some friends who were scratching their heads in disbelief when they couldn’t get a slot for this year’s race.  Isn’t that what should have made this race unique?  Hmmm… it seems that they missed out on some important details there.

Mizuno, we believe, should strive harder to top their races each time.  Doing away with the “salok” system and improving the quality of their finisher’s shirt as an improvement for next year’s race would be very much welcomed by runners.  Clean and safe water is a must.  As for the shirt? They’re a sports gear company afterall, aren’t they? 😉

Overall, the very basic requirements of a race were met but I can’t seem to shrug off the feeling that Mizuno  scrimped on this race.  For such a well-known and well-anticipated race, it felt like a small-time  race.  But then again, that may just score a point for some people.

Anyway, we had a pretty good training run and that’s what really matters. 🙂


Pre-Race Challenges and Game Plan

Tried to battle a not-too-upbeat mood over this run due to a tight right ITB  I got during last Friday’s LSD.  I tried to do everything right to off-set this challenge.  I slept relatively early, took my usual race day breakfast of coffee and a Cheez Whiz sandwich and made sure I stretched every opportunity I got before the race.  I stretched everywhere.  I stretched at home, while in line at the restroom and at the 15k corral.

During the race, I was mindful of  my hydration and nutrition. I hydrated at regular intervals with both water and Gatorade and  took my energy gel after the half-mark turn-around point.

We jogged from the B3 parking lot to the starting line and I felt just a dull pain.  I was encouraged that it wasn’t as uncomfortable  as I anticipated.  Going a step down actually gave me more discomfort.  I waited with abated breath how I would feel running this time.

The battle begins…

Countdown came 5, 4, 3, 2 and off the 15k runners went slowly inching our way towards the starting line which we crossed 40 seconds later.  Reckoning time… Dull, tolerable pain.  Good! speeding up… nope! I reminded myself I should let my muscles warm-up so I maintained an even, slower pace.  Besides, my lungs needed some warming-up as well.

The Buendia flyover awaits.  Tackled the first incline easily but found myself catching my breath at the next one.  Good thing the downhill provided some momentum. Woohoo!  I wanted to cheer and raise my arms like a child for the good feeling these downhills give me.

It was uneventful at the flats.  I just felt myself tiring a little.  Saw Jun  at the center of the Buendia-South Super Highway intersection on his way back and we waved acknowledging each other.

After the turn-around point, I was pleasantly surprised to see our super-fast nephew, JR Ignacio, running alongside me.  He was 15 minutes late and was trying to cover lost ground.  Go, go, go Jay! He was out of sight in a flash.  It was nice to hear  Jaymie also calling out.  I almost didn’t see her and her group as I was intently concentrating on my run.

Triumph over Trouble

It was because just after the half-way mark that  I started to feel a stronger discomfort at the right outer knee again.  Dutifully took my gel and hydrated.  I felt myself slowing down and noticed that the pain was increasing.  I remember my sports masseuse’ advise to try increasing my pace if the pain increases.  I did and it seemed to work.  The pain remained at tolerable levels.  So, I would speed up a little  whenever I feel the pain accelerating.  I ran through the pain from around K9 until about 200 meters from the finish.  The pain virtually vanished as soon as I accelerated to a sprint at the last 200 meters.  If only I could sprint all throughout! HAHAHA Wishful thinking!  Crossed the finish line at 1.45 (1.44.20 net).  Better than expected! 🙂

Turned-out to be a good run afterall.   I even got myself a running buddy on the way back before the flyover. ‘Twas nice meeting you Macky!  Good sprint to the finish! 🙂

Thanks to Bro J and Swthrt Baby for giving me a hearty cheer on my way to the finish!  Bless you both! 🙂

Challenges and Game Plan

Feeling the heat this early morning, i stayed long under the shower prior to gearing up for the race.  Like  I’ve said from previous post that I’m gunning for  a new PR since my last 15k run was one of those training runs coming out from injury last year.  So its one of those easy to reach goals while still searching for my next challenging goal.

We stayed near the back of the pack. After the countdown, I bid Mariel goodbye as soon as the race start was announced and as always  reminded  her to take it easy.   I started slow and tried to maneuver between other runners and picked-up my pace at the second turn. I can really feel the heat.   I felt my throat beginning to dry-up at that early stage that I decided to stop at all water stations to at least have a sip of either water or Gatorade.  Just maintained my pace all throughout except  climbing back to Buendia flyover, of course.

Successful Strategy!

Sometimes, we  have days when we  can’t focus enough on our target pace.  On days like these,  one can use different targets like runners way ahead and use them to  push oneself.  Upon reaching that target, aim for the next and next and next. I learned this from a good friend and it works.  So on my way back, that’s exactly what i did.  I picked my targets one after another  so i can push myself a little more.  Well,  it was not easy at all!  hahaha.  Exhausted and quashed by the heat,  I still took it upon myself to give some more till the end.  I suppose that’s the warrior and passionate runner in me getting through.

I can’t remember my previous PR (my training logbook was one of Ondoy’s casualties) but I know i did beat it with my new time of 1:24 (15.23k).

Till next race at NatGeo Earth DayRun in MOA next Sunday…


5 Responses to “Mizuno Infinity 2010 Experience and Review”

  1. 1 therainman96 April 11, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    missed this run. would have improved my time. so much for priority registration.

  2. 2 hrlne April 12, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Its a BIG BIG BOO & BIG BIG NO NO for item “2. “Salok” system at the water”.. honestly, i was so disappointed at this race!

  3. 3 Bryan April 13, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    good, honest review. let’s hope Mizuno learned from this experience.

  4. 4 joe April 16, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    jinxed ata ang mizuno runs a. yung una, walang tubig. yung pangalawa, nagkaproblema sa finishing times. may naging problema ba sa 3rd? (di ako nakatakbo dun)… congrats sa takbo ninyo! 😀

  5. 5 bobby April 19, 2010 at 11:55 am

    i guess the “salok” system is a trademark for RACE organiized runs, but atleast they have gatorade as a consolation hehehe…

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