On to Mizuno 2010… Still

It’s Mizuno Infinity Run tomorrow and Jun had to remind me about it?  That’s right,  no exciting goals for this one. I  just want to finish it.  I had a 10k PR run last year at 1.09.42 but I didn’t sign up for a 10k this time.  I wanted the longest event offered since I’m treating this as a training run and I’m up for a 21k this week.

Friday, being a holiday, we opted to do my LSD in advance to ease pressure for an extra mileage after the race.  We met with RUN 924 friends in BHS aiming to finish different distances.  With a planned 21k run, Jun and I started earlier at 4:30am.

stopping at 6k to pick-up Melody at 5:30am; didn't pass up the chance for some photo-ops. 😉

Me with Melody who is starting her run with a nice pose

Phillip, a sucker for uphills, running strong

Jason & Jun not far behind

keeping up with the 3 stooges? hee hee

Well, Melody and I were keeping up alright when I felt an increasing pain on my lower knee which started while we were running in McKinley Hills progressing to my  outer right knee. The right ITB became very tight  while in Bayani Road  going towards Heritage.   It was walk-run, walk-run after that with the walks being really long.  I decided to  stop at 16k when the pain wouldn’t go away and seem to be increasing in intensity.  We were on the way back from the Heritage area, quite far from BHS B3 where we’re parked.  It was quite a long walk under the sun with Melody who already finished her 10k planned run.  We sure talked a lot about anything and everything under the sun (literally!).

Funny how unexpected things happen in training runs and races.  Guess how my run ended?

giggling after a telecon with Jun telling him we're very near already sprinting to the end

My ride to a 21k finish! 😉

Good thing we’re scheduled for a deep-tissue massage that afternoon which alleviated the pain.  There is still some tightness and pain though and I wonder how I would do tomorrow.  tanananan, tanananan…

Finished 19k.  No training goals for now.  Just accompanying Mariel do her LSD’s.

15k vs 15k for me tomorrow.  I’d be gunning for a PR run.  Nothing too wild.  I am just optimistic I’d do better than last year.  God willing, of course.


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