What Lies Beyond Half Mary’s

After 4 half mary’s (21k’s), I am considering going for my first full.  Am I really saying this? I feel like choking!  hahaha

Honestly, I didn’t imagine I’d be thinking about it seriously this early.  I initially thought I’d do my first marathon on  my 2nd running anniversary in Feb 2011 most likely at the Condura, the race that started me off last year.  Lo and behold, circumstances, friends and the hubby, started me thinking about it, albeit reluctantly.  Jun has really been very supportive about the idea, not just giving me a training program but monitoring my compliance and even running LSD’s with me at my own pace (thanks hon! I know this gives you really tight muscles).

Two weeks ago, I ventured beyond 21k, running with the blue sole for 23k in BHS. It should be easy with a gradual increase of just 2k, right?  WRONG!!!  I was wasted!!!

We started our run at 5am in BHS initially just the two of us for the first 4k and later on with friends.  The first 14k was fun where chit-chat, laughter and photo-ops abound.

Fun with Run924 friends during the first 10k

Run924 Core Group (Beng, me, Dietz, Melody, Doc Jay & Nell w Jun taking the pic)

Our friends went on their way after 10k while Jun and I continued on.  It was great until the 18th, started to be a challenge until the 20th. I guess the heat and some other contributing factors took its toll.

The last 3k?  I didn’t want to run it!  My legs were heavy and the kilometer reading on my watch doesn’t seem to be moving.  I felt hot and tired.   Jun was giving me a gentle push, encouraging me it’s normal to feel that way, telling me the last 2k is always difficult but i’ll get through it.

I did get through it after what seemed like ages.  We were running for almost 3 hours.   He couldn’t talk to me.  I was sore and  tired.  He wanted to eat, I didn’t.  I felt like I would throw up if I took in anything solid.  I just wanted some GAAAATOOOORAAAAADE and we didn’t bring any. 😦

After stretching in silence, using the van to shield me from the raging heat of the sun, we drove out looking for Gatorade.  I finished 2 cold  bottles and felt so much better after.  All’s well that ends well.

What I did Wrong/Lessons learned:

1.  SLEEP —  slept only 3 hours the night before.

>>Get sufficient sleep; atleast 6 hours is okay for me but others may need more.

2.  HYDRATE — did not bring energy drink.

>> Hydrate not just with water but with energy drink especially during the Summer where the sweltering heat can wreck havoc on our chemical balance.

3. NUTRITION — didn’t have my usual light meal of a loaf of bread and coffee.  Didn’t take my gel the last 8k.

>> Eat a light meal BEFORE your run, take in an energy gel in regular intervals to fuel your run and feed your muscles.

While resting and accompanying Jun have his breakfast, I couldn’t imagine doing that again.  I definitely couldn’t imagine doing double that to complete a full marathon!

So, did I give up?  Like a mother experiencing indescribable pain at childbirth, I didn’t think I’d do it again. After relishing the achievement and realizing I can survive the challenge though, I was out evaluating the run and planning the next one.

I was back doing my LSD 5 days later on Holy Thursday adding another 2k to complete a planned 25k in UP with Jun.   Having prepared for this one more carefully, it turned out to be a great and fullfilling experience.  I enjoyed the long run and the new route.  Enjoyed running downhill with a cheer!  Wooohooohooo!  Not without the blue sole’s warning though, “What goes down must come up.”  Huh?

Finished in high spirits!!! WOOHOO!!!

I love UP runs!

Jun seemingly running towards heaven. Nice!

negotiating a long, steep incline

the most challenging part of our UP route. Almost there. Rest awaits just off the van.

the blue sole leading the way

The bigger lesson though is…  through downfalls and disappointments, NEVER EVER GIVE UP! There’s always a better time, a better road, a better route, a better mood ahead. 😉

God bless our runs! 🙂


4 Responses to “What Lies Beyond Half Mary’s”

  1. 1 cruisec0ntr0l April 8, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    go pink sole, you can do it! goodluck! =)

  2. 2 thesolemates April 9, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Bobby, thanks sa pampalakas ng loob ha? I’m still convincing myself. 😉 – Mariel

  3. 3 Jen Cristobal April 24, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Go, go, go ate!! Kayang-kaya mo yan!

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