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My Marathon Dream is On!

I will be gunning for my first ever marathon at the TBR Dream Marathon to be held at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna on May 22.

So, why am I doing this ?

I ask myself this question even during shorter distance training and races —  at the tail end of a Long, Slow Distance (LSD),  at the last 2-3 kms of a 21k race and even post-race while nursing aches and pains limping around the house trying to keep a straight face and poised stance to my kids’ entertainment.  (“Daddy, daddy look at mom! hahaha” :))

Why do I even run???

I do it simply for what running has done and what it continues to do for me.  Fitness is one of the more obvious reasons and health, the most beneficial.

Why do a marathon?

It is the indescribable and immeasurable joy it brings as I am able to hurdle challenges as I train —  busy schedule, work stress, physical aches and pains, the heat, the rain and bouts of just plain training laziness (haha) — and still go on ahead and run and finish a race.

Like anything else  in this world, circumstances may not be perfect for me now. I am assured though that Jaymie and her team  are working hard to make the TBR Dream Marathon as perfect as first-time marathoners like me could have it.

I admit I was reluctant to register at first.  I thought it was too soon to be doing my full when I just ran my first half mary last December. Now, the excitement has gotten to me.  I really, really hope I have fun running my first marathon ever!

This Sunday, I will be doing my longest training run with the blue sole and the rest of the Dream Marathoners.  My personal goal is to finish 30-32k.    This will be our longest cum test run in Nuvali.  I’m beginning to be all giddy about it.  Our final test before the Big M Day.

handsome medal ... like!

I shall look forward to looking back, smiling at the thought that I pursued … pushed … and conquered.

The dream is on!!!

So, please, please, please…  help me God!  🙂


Greenfield Sunset Run 2010: Raced & Reviewed

Race Review3.5 pink and blue sole stamps

Good Job! 🙂

1.  Bottled water and energy drink poured in disposable small cups  (would have made a lot of difference in this summer heat if served cold though)

2.  Nice route covering side-to-side fields at the first 10k and the Pramana route at km 14 with its “mini-hill” at the drop-off entrance of the clubhouse.

3.  21k finisher’s medal (pleasant surprise since it was initially announced that no medal will be given)

4.  Water sponges abound

5.  Accurate kilometer markers

5.  Timing chip

6.  Photovendo at the finish line

7.  Family-friendly set-up with inflatable fun for kids.

Oh oh! 😦

1.  Runners and cars shared the road during one long stretch of the route at around km16 – 18.  Runners had to run single file in the middle of the road with cars on both sides.  This may not have been the intention of the organizers but the sheer traffic resulted to cars backing down and going back the road supposedly reserved for the runners.

2.  There were parts of the route that were not lighted and very dark.

3.  Post-race water station was positioned way too far from the finish line.

The ride going there was long but enjoyable with us and 3 more friends, Vima and Art with their son Adam and Bobby riding Aljo’s “school bus” to the race venue.  With Vima heavy with child, she has no choice but to skip racing.  She did another kind of half mary though from Aljo’s place in Taguig all the way to Sta. Rosa.  hahaha  I think we got tired laughing even before we reached the race.

An attempt for the pink sole to shop for running gear was unsuccessful so we took time to stretch at a shady and grassy portion off the starting line and there saw Pat Concepcion with wife Mabu taking time for some stretching exercises, too.  Proceeded then to the starting line finding Ben Chan of photovendo and then Coach Rio there attending to some last-minute details.

pre-race with mabu & pat concepcion, aljo, bobby, me & mariel and art

catching-up with the ever-busy Ben Chan of Photovendo

Fresh from Boston Marathon, Coach Rio, joins the pre-race chit-chat

There was a healthy bustle of runners milled around the starting line.  There was an atmosphere of fun, camaraderie and anticipation.  We don’t run too many races like this, that’s why.

Me & Mariel, Jay, Aljo, Raymund, Bobby, Miguel, Jaymie and Art just off the starting line

tents and swaying leaves of palm trees line one side of the starting line

tents extend perpendicular to the starting line where runners milled around

starting arch awaits the runners

starting line bustle

The group split into 3 with art and jay doing 10k ,  bobby and raymund joining miguel and jaymie on a 9:1 run/walk  and finally Mariel & I running together all the way.

This is again a planned, easy run for me with the intention of just pacing Mariel.  I knew there’d be a big chance for her doing a PR run and I wanted to help her do it.  Her biggest challenges were a painful right ITB and of course her usual restroom break.  I was hoping to help her manage the pain and run with her through it.  As for the restroom break, I don’t think I can do anything about it if it ever happens. 😉  Anyway, we had a good run over-coming some  road challenges but I’ll let Mariel give you the details…

The first 5k was uneventful.  I was just breathing in the nice route with fields on both sides.  I knew I was starting faster than usual but I feel I can take it and just went on ahead with Jun staying not too far back.  I wondered why he was not keeping up with me when I know he easily could.  I just ran on glancing back from time-to-time checking him out.  Turned out he was checking out my running form for some after-race critique.

After crossing the highway,  he caught up and paced me.  We ran without stopping at the water stations nor drinking from our jugs.  I was running faster than usual at this point and I felt good.  The only thing that bothered me was the constant need to adjust and re-adjust my ever-turning hydration belt which I know is making me expend unnecessary energy. Made a mental note that I reached Km5 at 31mins (a silent yey as I topped my  36-minute 5k time).

Started to feel my right outer knee acting up again at Km8.   Jun reminded me I should have reserved energy as I just took in my gel and I have to take advantage of that.  I surged on and ran faster over-taking some runners one after another. It was getting dark and I wanted to cover more ground before the light completely zaps.  I felt really good.  With the faster pace, I seem to be licking the pain on the tight right outer leg.  Jun caught up with me ( AS IF he’d have a hard time to HAHA) and now reminded me that we still have a long way to go.  Advised him of a marked target and slowed-down when I finally over-took him.

I was still good to go at 15k but felt I was losing steam after  this point.  I was up for another gel at 16k which I dutifully took but it didn’t seem to help.  It didn’t help, too, that water at the stations were not cold.  Honestly, I didn’t quite feel refreshed drinking it.   I ran out of water at this point and was looking forward to hydrating at the next water station but lo and behold, the next station ran out, too! OOH OH This is going to be a very challenging run until the next water station made even more challenging with the headwind pushing me back thus, requiring more energy to cover ground.  It was a very challenging run until the last turn-around point and I was so looking forward to running the other opposite direction where the wind can be my ally  that would push me and propel me forward.

Boy, was I wrong!  Not only did the wind fade but we were confronted with vehicles on both sides of the road.  Cars stationary at congested traffic on the left and passing cars and motorcycles on our right.  We were running in single file at this point.  I wondered what went wrong here.  Runners and cars were sharing the road with the former at a clear disadvantage.  This went on I think for a long 2 kilometers.

I was glad when we got out of this situation and finally crossed the highway with 3 kms more to go.  Dark road awaited before a truly well-lighted road to the finish.  I was tired and hot and needed a real cold drink.  The last 2kms seemed like a long stretch.  Finally, when the blue sole signalled the last  400 meters, we ran on ahead with the promise of rest and a really, really cooooold drink!

Cheers to a PR finish of 2.33 (garmin) with a BIG help from the blue sole.  Thanks much, hon! 🙂

Jun and myself near the finishline ( thanks Vimz for some of the photos)

Alfresco dinner awaited at a little-known Japanese restau at the Paseo

The ride home which again took long because of traffic in South Super Highway turned out enjoyable still with non-stop chit-chat from our “school busmates”.   Thanks for the ride, Aljo!  It sure turned  South Suffer Highway to South Laughter Highway!  🙂

Click HERE to view your Photovendo race pics. Enjoy!

Nature Valley Run 2010 – RunRio Trilogy Leg 2

Are you ready for Leg 2?  We sure are!
Go get your race packets now ‘coz they’re selling like hotcakes!
  • Race Day: May 30, 2010
  • Race Venue: 28th Street (beside NBC Tent), Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Early Registration Period: April 15 to May 12, 2010

  • SM TIMEX Shops – North EDSA, South Mall, San Lazaro, Glorietta
  • Watch Republic – Robinson’s Galleria
  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Late Registration: May 13 to May 20, 2010

  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig ONLY

Online Registration: April 15 to May 12, 2010


  • Registration may end earlier than announced deadline. (Registration kits may run out before May 20.)
  • Singlets will be given to the first 7000 registrants. There will be no guaranteed size of singlets for late registrants
  • Disposable timing chips will be used by all participants during the race.
  • Medals and RunRio shirts will be given to all 21km finishers.
  • Nature Valley loot bags and bars will be given upon finishing the race.
  • For questions, contact the secretariat at (02) 703 1736.
  • For further details, visit

Coach Rio, Star Inside-Out

The guy has not changed at all.  He is still the same Rio dela Cruz we knew from the first time we had the pleasure to know him as a personal coach and friend up to this time when his star is fast rising.  What can we say…   He deserves all the success.

We watched  him tirelessly posing and smiling with runners who wanted their pictures taken with him. He gamely got my camera phone when we kiddingly called him to take our group picture after posing for fans one after the other.  We laud his efforts to help his community when calamity struck even when he himself was affected. We watched and heard how he is still the same Rio to his roaster of coaches and other runrio staff.

We, ourselves,  attest to this unchanged persona.  He may be bigger than life now, busy as a bee but he remains to be the same ol’ friend we know.    He is no saint, that’s for sure! He can lash out and defend himself when someone is trying to pull one over him.  One thing we know,  he is one guy striving to be better.

Kudos to the man who’s feet is firmly planted  on the ground!  We pray that the fame change you only for the better. We’re so very proud of you, for life’s challenges you have hurdled, for your extra-ordinary accomplishments and most especially, for the person that you continue to be.

May you continue to be a blessing to others as you continue to be blessed!!!  God bless you more!!!

Coach Rio just finished an impressive 3.00.15 Boston Marathon finish. May 3-minute emergency restroom break pa yan ha!   What’s next,  the Olympics?

Cheers!!! 🙂

RUNew 2010 – Run for Health

Running for our health and for others’, too!  This is what RUNew is all about.

The organizers emailed us aptly explaining this event’s cause.

RUNew 2010

by: Dr. Josephine Tuason

Its amazing that since last year when the first RUNEW was held in Mc Kinley Hills and Heritage Park , running events have grown almost ten fold.  Runners will just have to choose from among the weekly running events that will best suit their schedule, depending on the date or location of the events.  But equally important is the CAUSE of the running event.  RUNEW has been conceived not only to promote healthy lifestyle but also to raise funds for the indigent patients of Asian Hospital Charities, Inc. Most of these patients belong to the poorest of the poor in our community who cannot afford the medical and surgical services of Asian Hospital.  For the past 5 years, the members of the friends of Asian Hospital Charities, Inc have tirelessly raised funds for these patients. And, proudly, we can say, that we already have given back to a lot to them.

We are hoping that the running community will again join hands with us, through RUNEW 2010, this coming May 2 at the Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa.

There is JOY in GIVING…let us RUN not only for our own health but for the health of others, especially the poor.  Thank you in advance for your support.  We hope to see all of you at the RUNEW 2010.

Need we say more?

For race details, read on…

Event Registration Fee No. of Participants Assembly Time Gun Start
16K Php650 500 4:50am 5:20am
10K Php600 1,000 5:05am 5:35am
5K Php550 1,500 5:20am 5:50am
3K Php400 1,000 5:25am 5:55am

Regular In-Store Registration: March 29 to April 18, 2010

  • Planet Sports – Trinoma
  • New Balance – Glorietta
  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
  • Lifestyle Medicine Center – 4/F Hospital Building, Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Late In-Store Registration: April 19 to April 25, 2010

  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
  • Lifestyle Medicine Center – 4/F Hospital Building, Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Visit and for more details. For inquiries, please call (632)703-1736.

The Sole Mates’ 1st Blog Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year now since we published our first post!  April 17 marks our first blogging anniversary.  We have one good solid year of  recorded memories of our running adventures that we can go back to when we are old and gray and our running shoes are stashed away.  One good year of memories we can share with our children and grandchildren.

Our first year of blogging was both fun and challenging.  I enjoyed chronicling our adventures and relieving the memories as I re-read them from time-to-time. Unlike other blogs, this one is shared.  Topics are mutually agreed upon.  Titles should get both our nods. Even publishing schedule is subject to discussion.

Exciting still is that we can react to each other’s posts as we write our part.  The on-line teasing could end up in laughter shared with the kids.  Things could also get a little sour off-line due to  the on-line reactions.  Thinking about it makes me chuckle.  We could get really silly sometimes. 😉

Then there is that case of my finished draft gone missing when Jun was writing his part to complete the post for publishing.  Uurgh  He called me and sheepishly told me what happened.  How he managed to lose my saved draft I still couldn’t understand. We ended up writing a totally different post.  Grrr…

Such are the perils of having a shared blog.  Sometimes, I do think about what it would be like to have my own.  I know it brushes his mind, too.  After some thought however  we still conclude that we would have it no other way.

So,  this blog will continue to be shared as a reflection of our shared passion for God, family, friends and running.

The past year saw this blog recording Mariel’s  first ever 5k run, progressing to 10k’s then to 21k’s.  I, on the other hand, was already doing 21k’s then and has recorded my struggle with injuries before conquering my first full marathon.  Of course, our family runs are this blog’s special features.  It is these runs that we love writing about the most. Surely we will treasure those experiences on the road and on the web. We hope  that we will continue to write not only to inform or enlighten but also to  encourage.

“It is through our soles we could trace the journeys of our runs, discover channels we never thought we could conquer. It is through our soles we will continue to take the course set before us.”

Since it is our first year blogging anniversary, we’d like to acknowledge and give send our appreciation to the following people who have helped us with this blog one way or the other.

Jaymie, for helping us venture into this cyber territory.

Jonas M, our very good friend, who shared his God-given gift and designed The Sole Mates logo for us.

Good friends with whom we have shared many enjoyable runs and and after-race breakfasts.

Last but not the least, family, friends, runners, bloggers who have encouraged us by either reading our blog, posting comments, adding us to their blogrolls or those who we had the pleasure of running with one time or another.

BIG thanks to all!!!

Nike Running Clinic is back!

Nike Running Training Clinic is back!!! Here’s the e-mail from Kaye of RunRio:

We’re bringing fast and sexy back this summer with the return of the Nike Running Training Clinics! After a short hiatus, Coach Rio and his coaching staff are back to help you get in shape and in form for your next PR.

It will start tonight April  15, 2010, 6-9pm  outside Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street (BHS).

Regular schedule will be:

  • Every Tuesday 6-9pm,  at the ULTRA track  Oval (entrance to the oval is FREE!!)
  • Every Thursday 6-9pm outside Nike Park, Bonifacio HighStreet

So gear up and  bring your newbie running friends along. We’ll help you kick ass and look great on your next race Train smart with us at the Nike Running Training Clinic!

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