Fun at the Globe Run

After the Condura Full and Century Half  where I was happy with my finish times,  I opted to relax from running and ate to the max.  So when it was time for the  Globe run, I doubted if I can have another 21k run good enough for a possible time improvement carrying these extra pounds.  I decided I’ll just enjoy every stride and if there is improvement, it would be a bonus.

As much as I wanted to improve my time, I am also helping Mariel in her training for her next goal…. Oops (secret pa pala).


My race experience:  We arrived at the Paseo center parking lot at around 4:40am.  With a good 30 minutes before gunstart, parking was a breeze.  Mariel went for her last restroom visit while I positioned myself outside the car to get a GPS signal.  Couldn’t seem to get a good signal so as soon as she was done, we just proceeded  to the corral and there restarted my Garmin again and after some time picked up a good signal. I heard from friends that they had the same experience with their GPS watches.

We saw friends Kim, Dindo , sisters Lala and Inang, Bards , Dingdong and their T2 gang at the starting corral.  The atmosphere was fun with runners having their group pics taken.  Even Mr. Fernando Zobel who was positioned not far behind was having some photo-ops.

Mariel & Kim / Dindo & Jun at the starting line

Countdown came and we started walking before we progressed to a slow run.  Reminded Mariel to take it easy and just enjoy the race as we crossed the starting line. I know she wanted this to be a PR run which she will use to gauge her willingness to progress to  her next goal. Ooops (secret pa daw!).

After crossing the greenbelt tunnel I peeped at my Garmin and saw 11k+ registered distance. I suddenly remembered that i forgot to reset it from my last Friday run which was more than 10k. hahaha  Well, I just focused on my pace and enjoyed the race.

I guess these pics will show I had a fun and easy run

Crossed the finish line at 2:05+. Well, happy enough ‘coz it was a nice run after all.. Went to get water, greeted some running friends and went back to the same route to check out Mariel and run back with her all the way to the finish line. Yes, new PR for her notwithstanding the photo shoots while running and CR breaks. yoohooo!!. Congrats Hon!!

Woohoohoo!  It was a good run for me.  I enjoyed the route very much.  Reversing the route from CBD to The Fort and back made a difference and added a freshness to the usual course.  Of course, running in the Greenbelt area especially the mini tunnel was a new experience that I couldn’t help but go up the pavement to stop and take a pic.  Hahaha so much for PR goals!  The whole CBD run was just great.  The roads were well-illuminated and there were no run-in-the-dark moments.  I could focus my efforts on getting my rhythm and willing my legs to lighten up. 🙂

Greenbelt Tunnel

Going up the Buendia flyover, the restroom beckoned again.  I couldn’t seem to nix this unwanted breaks.  I decided not to postpone it so I can have a comfortable and fun run.  So, I went straight to Jollibee (again) for that 2-minute pee break.  Did wonders as I ran along happy with a lighter load.

Greatly organized-race

There was much I was happy about in this race —  the long table set-up with over-flowing water and Powerade (made me wonder why i still donned my hydration belt and carried that extra load), the icy-cold sponges that really made a difference in cooling body temps in that sweltering heat and humidity, the run inside the serene Heritage Park, the absence of irate, horn-honking drivers who forgot to take their Imodiums in races past.

It was such a good experience.  I think my photovendo pictures captured how much I enjoyed it.  Thanks Ben & the Photovendo team!

Fun, fun, fun!

I had super fun running inside Heritage it even looked like I was dancing. 🙂

The Heat is On… (literally!)

Going back Lawton off Bayani road, the rays of the hot sun was directly on my face.  We were running in single file all seemingly trying to shield ourselves  from the sun.  Going back the Makati CBD as I was running up the Buendia flyover, I felt a sudden rise in temperature.  It was at the last 2kms at almost 8am was when I really felt the sun’s heat at my back.  I wanted to walk the flyover but found myself running as fast as my tired legs could manage in an attempt to get away fast from the sun’s rage seering through my skin.

Down the flyover and before the left turn at Paseo de Roxas was the last water station with a marker signalling the last 1km of the race readying runners for the final stretch.

Sprint to the finish with the Blue Sole

Seeing Jun waiting for me  just off the last water station, I braised myself knowing this blue sole will push me to my limit.  I reached for a cup of water, then a cup of powerade and accepted an icy-cold sponge and off  I went meeting the blue sole a few steps ahead.  We ran side-by-side still relaxed for a few meters updating each other of our runs when he got me to speed up and told me to select a target (meaning, a runner ahead of me)  I would aim to overtake.  Okay,  we sped up a little with me eyeing a breathless male runner just a couple of meters ahead.  The blue sole however had other ideas.  He pointed a girl-runner in purple so much farther away.  I knew it! He won’t let me settle for an easy target.  So we ran, overtaking MY chosen target  easily and continued running and running and running with heart pounding, telling myself this would soon be over.  Finally overtaking HIS chosen target before I finally crossed the finish line at 2.37.41  (wait! route was long at 21.7k, right?? See Running DATCOM post)

alavet, alavet, alaaaavet!!! 🙂

This is my 4th half mary in four months and unlike my first 3,  I didn’t feel any pain in my legs. No painful outer knee and back of thighs, no jelly-like knees and no tight hamstrings. WOOHOO!

Yes, an improved time in this run was one criteria I set in my decision to go for my first full in a couple of months time.  One down, 2 to go…

Thanks for a wonderful race Globe-Ayala Land and of course to Coach Rio, Vince and the entire Finishline Team!  Mabuhay kayo!!!

Thanks to my Coach of course! 🙂

The Sole Mates' sprint to the finish

POST RACE  with friends @ the Ayala Triangle Garden

Ella, Vimz (Kulitrunner) and me

Jun, Bobby (Cruise Control), Raymund (Rainman) and Art

Raymund, Ella, Vimz, Bobby, me and Art

Runners rest post race under the shade as they watch other runners finish their races

Jun, Mommy Vimz and the rest of the group inside the Ayala Triangle Garden

runner's check out the Runners World booth

First Runners World Philippine Edition w/ Coach Rio dela Cruz on the cover

Cover boy Coach Rio --- We're so very proud of you!!! Nag-level-up ka na!!!

It was fun running this race, fun going around the booths and fun eating breakfast with friends.  This race was just PLAIN FUN!!!  Till next year!!!


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