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Fun at the Globe Run

After the Condura Full and Century Half  where I was happy with my finish times,  I opted to relax from running and ate to the max.  So when it was time for the  Globe run, I doubted if I can have another 21k run good enough for a possible time improvement carrying these extra pounds.  I decided I’ll just enjoy every stride and if there is improvement, it would be a bonus.

As much as I wanted to improve my time, I am also helping Mariel in her training for her next goal…. Oops (secret pa pala).


My race experience:  We arrived at the Paseo center parking lot at around 4:40am.  With a good 30 minutes before gunstart, parking was a breeze.  Mariel went for her last restroom visit while I positioned myself outside the car to get a GPS signal.  Couldn’t seem to get a good signal so as soon as she was done, we just proceeded  to the corral and there restarted my Garmin again and after some time picked up a good signal. I heard from friends that they had the same experience with their GPS watches.

We saw friends Kim, Dindo , sisters Lala and Inang, Bards , Dingdong and their T2 gang at the starting corral.  The atmosphere was fun with runners having their group pics taken.  Even Mr. Fernando Zobel who was positioned not far behind was having some photo-ops.

Mariel & Kim / Dindo & Jun at the starting line

Countdown came and we started walking before we progressed to a slow run.  Reminded Mariel to take it easy and just enjoy the race as we crossed the starting line. I know she wanted this to be a PR run which she will use to gauge her willingness to progress to  her next goal. Ooops (secret pa daw!).

After crossing the greenbelt tunnel I peeped at my Garmin and saw 11k+ registered distance. I suddenly remembered that i forgot to reset it from my last Friday run which was more than 10k. hahaha  Well, I just focused on my pace and enjoyed the race.

I guess these pics will show I had a fun and easy run

Crossed the finish line at 2:05+. Well, happy enough ‘coz it was a nice run after all.. Went to get water, greeted some running friends and went back to the same route to check out Mariel and run back with her all the way to the finish line. Yes, new PR for her notwithstanding the photo shoots while running and CR breaks. yoohooo!!. Congrats Hon!!

Woohoohoo!  It was a good run for me.  I enjoyed the route very much.  Reversing the route from CBD to The Fort and back made a difference and added a freshness to the usual course.  Of course, running in the Greenbelt area especially the mini tunnel was a new experience that I couldn’t help but go up the pavement to stop and take a pic.  Hahaha so much for PR goals!  The whole CBD run was just great.  The roads were well-illuminated and there were no run-in-the-dark moments.  I could focus my efforts on getting my rhythm and willing my legs to lighten up. 🙂

Greenbelt Tunnel

Going up the Buendia flyover, the restroom beckoned again.  I couldn’t seem to nix this unwanted breaks.  I decided not to postpone it so I can have a comfortable and fun run.  So, I went straight to Jollibee (again) for that 2-minute pee break.  Did wonders as I ran along happy with a lighter load.

Greatly organized-race

There was much I was happy about in this race —  the long table set-up with over-flowing water and Powerade (made me wonder why i still donned my hydration belt and carried that extra load), the icy-cold sponges that really made a difference in cooling body temps in that sweltering heat and humidity, the run inside the serene Heritage Park, the absence of irate, horn-honking drivers who forgot to take their Imodiums in races past.

It was such a good experience.  I think my photovendo pictures captured how much I enjoyed it.  Thanks Ben & the Photovendo team!

Fun, fun, fun!

I had super fun running inside Heritage it even looked like I was dancing. 🙂

The Heat is On… (literally!)

Going back Lawton off Bayani road, the rays of the hot sun was directly on my face.  We were running in single file all seemingly trying to shield ourselves  from the sun.  Going back the Makati CBD as I was running up the Buendia flyover, I felt a sudden rise in temperature.  It was at the last 2kms at almost 8am was when I really felt the sun’s heat at my back.  I wanted to walk the flyover but found myself running as fast as my tired legs could manage in an attempt to get away fast from the sun’s rage seering through my skin.

Down the flyover and before the left turn at Paseo de Roxas was the last water station with a marker signalling the last 1km of the race readying runners for the final stretch.

Sprint to the finish with the Blue Sole

Seeing Jun waiting for me  just off the last water station, I braised myself knowing this blue sole will push me to my limit.  I reached for a cup of water, then a cup of powerade and accepted an icy-cold sponge and off  I went meeting the blue sole a few steps ahead.  We ran side-by-side still relaxed for a few meters updating each other of our runs when he got me to speed up and told me to select a target (meaning, a runner ahead of me)  I would aim to overtake.  Okay,  we sped up a little with me eyeing a breathless male runner just a couple of meters ahead.  The blue sole however had other ideas.  He pointed a girl-runner in purple so much farther away.  I knew it! He won’t let me settle for an easy target.  So we ran, overtaking MY chosen target  easily and continued running and running and running with heart pounding, telling myself this would soon be over.  Finally overtaking HIS chosen target before I finally crossed the finish line at 2.37.41  (wait! route was long at 21.7k, right?? See Running DATCOM post)

alavet, alavet, alaaaavet!!! 🙂

This is my 4th half mary in four months and unlike my first 3,  I didn’t feel any pain in my legs. No painful outer knee and back of thighs, no jelly-like knees and no tight hamstrings. WOOHOO!

Yes, an improved time in this run was one criteria I set in my decision to go for my first full in a couple of months time.  One down, 2 to go…

Thanks for a wonderful race Globe-Ayala Land and of course to Coach Rio, Vince and the entire Finishline Team!  Mabuhay kayo!!!

Thanks to my Coach of course! 🙂

The Sole Mates' sprint to the finish

POST RACE  with friends @ the Ayala Triangle Garden

Ella, Vimz (Kulitrunner) and me

Jun, Bobby (Cruise Control), Raymund (Rainman) and Art

Raymund, Ella, Vimz, Bobby, me and Art

Runners rest post race under the shade as they watch other runners finish their races

Jun, Mommy Vimz and the rest of the group inside the Ayala Triangle Garden

runner's check out the Runners World booth

First Runners World Philippine Edition w/ Coach Rio dela Cruz on the cover

Cover boy Coach Rio --- We're so very proud of you!!! Nag-level-up ka na!!!

It was fun running this race, fun going around the booths and fun eating breakfast with friends.  This race was just PLAIN FUN!!!  Till next year!!!


Parking at the Globe Run 2010

Runners can’t get stressed over parking before a race.  That’s a big no-no!

For hassle-free, stress-free parking on race day, let’s all be advised and/or reminded of the different parking lots open for the Globe Run-for-Home 2010.

So, plan ahead and be early!  Happy Globe running day!

My Quest for a Running Watch

The quest is over…. I found the watch for me!

Runners sooner or later would want to have a running watch, a constant buddy that would monitor their performance and push them to give more.  I was no exception.  Early on, I was just using a simple sports watch, one that  I already had even before i started running.

It was a Garmin I first considered having.  I didn’t really think I needed it at that time but if I were to buy one, I would have  chosen a Garmin.  Yes, I was partial to the brand simply because it was what Jun and a lot of our running friends were using and have heard them satisfied with its performance.

Since I wasn’t serious about purchasing yet, I hadn’t really researched on its features.  A piece of information however jolted me when I heard it.  Jun’s Garmin 205 and some other runners’ 305’s  and the Garmin 405 I was eyeing only has a 1 – 2 year lifespan.  Later on, I would read about less than a year old Garmins conking  out on their frustrated runner-owners.   I was aghast!  I’m a sucker for value-for-money.  Shelling out P10-15k for something I can only enjoy for possibly only 1 year doesn’t sound appealing to me.  I knew there has to be something better out there.

So began my quest for my running watch.  I was training for my first half marathon and I already felt a real need to have one.   I wanted to have the freedom to divert from Jun’s plotted route in the village and still know the distance I have finished.  I wanted to know my pace while running, too and my heartrate as well.  My old reliable Baby G sports watch just doesn’t serve my increasing runner’s requirements anymore.

My shortlist:

1) Garmin Forerunner 405 – I really liked the look of the round-faced, black model.  Unlike the Forerunner 305, this one is not too bulky and is just like an ordinary watch.   It’s cool in every way except for the very limited life span.

Handsome watch but one you enjoy only for a short time

2) Polar RS 400– The replaceable batteries sold me into this one.  It looked nice, too, but the big foot pad was a major turn-off for me.

Nice watch you can count on for a long time but too big footpod a major turn-off

3) Beurer – cool big round face with stainless-looking frame in black strap.  Replaceable batteries!  At S$300 (P10k), I almost picked this one when I saw it in the Standard Chartered expo.  It looked good and had good features except that it measures pace in kph just like most treadmills.  Again, I liked the look but Jun reminded me I will not be speaking the same runner’s language on pace and would have to keep converting.

Great-looking but speaks in kph treadmill lingo.

So, I held my horses.  I didn’t really plan on buying here anyway.   Then I saw the one for me…

Jun and I chanced upon the Garmin booth at the expo and I was introduced to the Garmin FR60.  This is just perfect for my needs.  It does more than what I really need for now so I can still grow on it.  It is not laden with too much unnecessary features that it becomes too expensive.  It is just right, just perfect!

GARMIN FR60, The One.

Great for running, great for everyday casual wear. A lasting running buddy -- Like!

The Look – This is always the topmost criteria that has to be fulfilled whenever I buy something.  The black color is what I’ve always wanted in a running watch.  This one is  trimmed with light gray around the face.  The roundish square face suits me and the size is just perfect.    Font size is also eye-friendly even when on the run.

It looks like a regular watch so I often use it when I’m in jeans, too.  That’s value-for-money for me!

Function –   With The Look out of the way, I can now focus on my next criteria.  All the basic functions I am looking  for in a running watch is here — real time, total run time, distance, pace, heart rate, calories burned and more! Tempo runs can be measured and recorded, too.  It can keep a historical record of each run and keeps count of total distance ran so far.

And since this running watch is not GPS-driven, i wouldn’t have to worry about losing signal while running amidst tall buildings (perfect for the Globe Run-for-Home route and Milo) or inside tunnel roads (Hon, perfect for the Hongkong Marathon, ey?).

The big draw-in  for me is that the footpod is so small, it fits right into the Nike+footpod slot.  You wouldn’t even know it’s there.  A perfect match for my fave Lunar Glides!

Furthermore,  it also has  a heart rate monitor that i honestly have not tried yet.  I’ll do that soon, very soon.

A bonus but one that I don’t really need now is a bike record.  I don’t think I’d ever need this but for bike enthusiasts out there, this watch can serve that need as well.

Added Features It has an iconnect application that let’s you transfer your run info to your PC/laptop and lets you analyze your stats.  Cool! Cooler still is the fact that you can remotely sync your watch with your PC/laptop without the need for cables!  How cool can that be!

The Price –  At S$ 310 (approx P10,000), this one is a steal compared to the first 2 watches in my shortlist.

I heard Garmin is now available here through an exclusive distributor.  That’s good news!  I hope they price it well so a lot of runners can get a hold of it.

I am very happy with my find.  I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and… so far, so good!  I’d say it was a very good buy, indeed!  🙂

Thanks to our friend Annie whom we consulted before we sealed the deal.  🙂

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2010

In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary, National Geographic Channel is excited to announce its very first NatGeo Earth Day Run on April 18, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia. This fun run is open to all interested runners who are willing to participate in the 3k, 5k and 10k races.

Proceeds will go to building sustainable eco villages to withstand environmental disasters like last year’s Ondoy flooding and to support a global competition to rebuild climate resilient communities designed for a greener environment.

Through this event, NatGeo aims to promote Earth Day and its global mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Help save the environment. Join the NatGeo Earth Day Run!

Registration Details:

· 3k – P500
· 5k – P600
· 0k – P700
This includes a free limited edition NatGeo Earth Day Run technical shirt. Proceeds will support Design Against the Elements Competition in bringing innovative solutions to climate vulnerable communities in developing countries.

Ways to Register:

Online Registration : March 8 to April 4
Courier charges for race kits apply to online registrants
P100 – within Metro Manila
P150 – outside of Metro Manila

Cash Registration: March 8 to April 11
Nike Outlet in Bonifacio High Street
Timex Outlet in SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia

Race day:

5:30AM – Registration
6:00AM – Gun start for all races
8:30AM – Announcement of Winners

Those who are not participating in the races can still come. Breakfast will be served and interviews with the winners will be held after the awarding ceremonies.

For more details, please call Agatep Associates, Inc. at 635-9355-60 and look for Glaiza Porneso (loc 160); fax: 635-0516.

BDM 102

I’ve packed my gear, I’m set and ready to go.  Nervous and I’m not even the one running.  HAHAHA

I hope  everything goes well tomorrow for Jay and Vener’s first BDM bid.

Even before the BDM starts, I congratulate all of you who are running this.  The decision to run and the dedication to train for this ultramarathon is just beyond me.

I salute you all! You’re a rare breed.

God bless you all with good, strong and safe runs!

Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home 2010 – LAST DAY!!!

No doubt you’ve heard or read something about the  Globe -Ayala Land Run for Home 2010!  If there’s one thing we want to tell you now, it is this…  IT’S THE LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION.  SIGN UP NOW!!!

Last year’s edition brought us the first use of a timing chip in local shores with Runpix analysis.

Once again Globe brings us a pioneering development in the race scene.  For this year’s Globe run, runners will be treated to an exciting interface with the very popular social networking apps, Facebook.

How would you like your Facebook friends to know how you did in the race immediately after crossing the finish line without having to open your laptops or needing to access your cellphones?  Would you rather that your friends and/or family see you cross the finishline via livestream?  Exciting right?

After every race, we go home with our 3 daughters eagerly awaiting news about our run.  What distance we ran, how we did, what time we finished and so on.  We would be telling them details of the race even before we reach the door.  How Daddy cramped, how Mommy needed a restroom break again in the middle of the race and of course how we finished our races.

With this year’s Globe Run-for-Home, they don’t have to just settle for words, they will actually be able to see us finish our races!  They are very excited!!!  Our eldest daughter would surely have her Facebook open to see our finishing times even before we get home.  I’m sure the family will be having a different kind of bantering this time as our children  will actually be seeing us running to the finish in the comfort and safety of home.  I would sure try to remember to smile at the finish lest they see what our daughter Bea and I call “the face of agony”  HAHAHA

For RACE DETAILS, read on…

The Cause:  Community Development

  • Globe is donating a portion of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity Philippines, with the common goal of building communities through volunteerism.
  • Habitat for Humanity is a global organization dedicated to uplifting people’s lives by providing them affordable and durable housing.   In partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, Globe will support the construction of new housing units to address the need for resettlement of the informal settlers from the Pasig riverbanks, a project initiated by Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBIP).  Run for Home 2010 will help fund the construction of houses in Bayanijuan sa Calauan, a 100-hectare resettlement community in Barangay Dayap, Calauan, Laguna. This initiative is part of the Ayala Group of Companies’ commitment to build communities for those in need.
  • Globe has been working with Habitat For Humanity since its arrival in the Philippines in the year 2000. Globe and its employees have built homes in Taguig, Mandaluyong, Batangas, Cebu and Davao over the years.

The Venue:  Makati CBD

This year you and your pals can share your proud day at Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home 2010. On March 21, 2010, runners of every ilk — serious athletes, health buffs and weekend warriors alike — will converge at Makati City’s Ayala Triangle Garden to join one of the biggest urban runs of the year.  With a route winding through the premium Makati Central Business District, casual runners can cruise the 3k or 5k routes, while the more competitive can test their mettle with the 10k or 15k.  As for the hardcore runners, they can get their game on with a 21k half-marathon.

The Runners:  Showbiz Celebrities Included

Last year’s Run for Home event, held at the Bonifacio Global City, was one of the first races to breach the 6000-runner mark. And that day in 2009 was peppered with personalities such as business scions Fernando Zobel De Ayala and Lance Gokongwei, political powerhouse Senator Pia Cayetano, celebrities Christine Reyes and Samboy Lim, and power couples like  Anton and Nina Huang,  Paco Sandejas and Christine Jacob, and Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

The Discount:  Up to P2000 discount for group registration

This year, Globe lets you bring along your whole brood by offering special packages for group registration. In 2010, Run for Home will give out discounts of up to P 1000 for groups who register for the shorter runs, while groups who sign up for the longer distances can get up to P 2000 off their registration fees.

The Treats:

If you’ve got well-wishing non-runners in your party, they can wait for you at the Ayala Triangle Garden, noshing on finger foods and drinks, or getting online via Wi-Fi to tweet news and post live Facebook ® updates.

In a unique bonus, race kits come with the first-ever environmentally-friendly singlet made from recycled PET bottles. And when you cross that finish line, your success will automatically be posted on your Facebook page, thanks to the electronic timing chip provided by Run for Home, which tracks your progress to the second. In the days following the run, you can check your race photos and post-run results and analysis on Globe’s website, so you can see how you and your pals did and relive the moment you powered past that finish line.

Add in the very worthy cause of providing Filipinos with affordable housing, with Globe and Ayala Land donating a portion of the race proceeds to Habitat for Humanity, and Globe adding an additional P 200 for every Globe Platinum subscriber who joins the run, and Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home 2010 is now this year’s top human race.

The Globe-Ayala Land Message:

Globe Chief Marketing Officer Menchi Orlina explains, “Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home 2010 is all about bringing people together to share that sense of achievement and the enjoyment of doing something they love, and then using that collective passion to make a difference in the lives of others.  With the support of our Ayala family and the goodwill of our subscribers, we can do great things. Now, being Globe-connected is more than just being able to call, text and surf affordably and conveniently; it also means celebrating the bonds that keep us together, and using our shared strength to be a force for positive change.”

The Basic Race Details:

Registration for Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home 2010 opens on February 14 and continues till March 5 at participating Globe Stores; runners can also register online at

How to join the run

  • You can register online. Click here
  • Or visit participating Globe stores
  • Trinoma Mall
  • Greenhills Hub
  • Glorietta 3
  • SM Megamall Cyberzone
  • Alabang Town Center
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Market! Market!
  • After March 5,  registration will only be available at these Globe stores:
    • Trinoma Mall
    • Glorietta 3
  • You can also join by doing any of these things from February 14 to March 5:
    • Buy a new Globe Tattoo Broadband stick for just P 895 at a Globe store. Once you’ve got the stick, visit a participating Globe store and present your Official Receipt; you’ll get your race kit for free!
    • Register to Globe Duo for one month: It’s just P 399 if you’re a postpaid Globe user, and only P 450 if you’re on prepaid or Globe Tattoo. Once you’ve registered, just present the text message you received from Globe Duo, confirming you’re all signed up. You’ll get 50% off your race kit!
    • Just pay P 550 to join the 3k and 5k,  or P 700 for the 10k, 15k and 21k.
    • Bring your friends and run as a group!
      • If you all want to run in the 3k or 5k:

For a group of 5, it’s just P 2,200; you get 5 race kits.

For a group of 7, it’s just P 2,750; you get 7 race kits.

For a group of 10, it’s just P 3,850; you get 10 race kits

  • If you all want to run in the 10k, 15k or 21k:

For a group of 5, it’s just P 2,800; you get r race kits.

For a group of 7, it’s just P 3,500; you get 7 race kits.

For a group of 10, it’s just P 4,900; you get 10 race kits.

So time to gear-up with your family and friends! Your last day to register (March 5, Friday).

Done signing up?  Sign up here or run to your nearest registration centers listed above.  HURRY NOW!!!

Sniff Sniff; Bark Bark

Called in sick Monday and spent the day at home resting the whole morning and went to see the doc in the afternoon.  Too many late worknights and stress has taken a toll and my more than 2 weeks’ battle with the colds and cough, fought with double doses of vitamin C and water therapy ended with a shift to the much-avoided antibiotics.

Hmmm… God has a way of telling us to stop…  to rest… I only wish I  had the sense to listen much earlier.  If I did, I would have been at the Ultra with Jun tonight…  and Thursday.  I would have been running a race this Sunday.

Just last week, I wanted to run 2 different races at one time.

Now, I’m torn no more.  My body  decided for me.

For this Sunday, the races will be there and I won’t be running any.

Better rest now than miss another great race on the 21st.

Sniff, sniff … Gotta shake off the bark, bark.

I should be sleeping now.  oH OH Jun’s home.  Gotta run to bed! 😉

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