Century Tuna Super Bods Run – Great run, Great race!

This is such a happy day for the blue sole!

After a great finish at the Condura full two Sundays ago, he got his secret wish and did a sub 2 during this mornings 21k at the Century Tuna Super Bods Run.  Great run powered by Prometheus Cometh!

Oh but i’m so excited for him, i’m getting ahead of the story.  I’ll get him to sit down and write now.  Give me a minute…

Hahaha Yes!!.  Couldn’t believe it happened today without much thought about doing it in this run. Since I just finished a full marathon two weeks ago, I just thought of running this race easy. As Forrest Gump said “I just felt like running”.  I joined a lot of 21k races last year but all are part of my long runs in prep for my full and all are far from my previous PR. I remember the last time I had a decent 21k time was last Dec 2008 which is 2:04. This run was just supposed to be one of those relaxed run.

Armed with just 3 hours sleep due to the previous night’s important family affair, Mariel and I arrived at the race venue 30 minutes before the supposed gun-time.  After a little stretching and a restroom break, we proceeded straight to the starting line where a lot of runners are already gathered.  The atmosphere was festive.  While waiting for gun start,  I saw Jay alone and called him to join us. He was on the taper mode already for his BDM stint on March 6. He asked what will be my pace and i told him i will just do an easy and comfortable run. And that is just what he wanted to do.

the sole mates sharing a 21k starting line for the first time

Jun and Jay waiting for gunstart

Just before gunstart, bidded Mariel to take is slow and easy knowing her leg discomfort.  As soon as the race started, Jay and I went off with no plan and no talk of targets.  We just let the race take its natural course while we talk about some other things (chika pace).

By the time we reached the 8km mark,  Jay looked at his Garmin and told me if we can maintain our current pace, a sub-2 is possible. Told him “Hmm, havent done any sub-2s. That will be nice.  Ok, sige let’s try.”  So, with an unplanned but new-found target we ran on with Jay dictating the pace.  He was really one fine pacer egging me on, pushing me to speed up when needed and take it easy at the hilly parts.  We started overtaking a lot of runners. On our way back from Bayani Road to Lawton Avenue, we increased our pace and  Jay stayed in front of me  making sure i was just at his back all the time. After passing by American Cementery,  I was having doubts already that we will  be able to make our target.  We continued to push on and increase our pace more all the way down to 5th Avenue.  Jay was at my side  telling me that “we’re almost there, we are just 1 km away, reminded me its just like few more rounds in the oval, thinking about our ultra speed workout.  I was  getting tired and did talk anymore to save more energy and making sure that i still have some energy left for the 100 meter push. At the last turn, its now time to sprint as Jay cheering all out  and shouting go go go for your PR and that lead me to a victorious 1.58.34 (Garmin time) PR finish! Yooohoooo!!!

Great run that was! My plan was just to improved my previous best time before the year ends. I never thought that it will come this early and it will be a sub-2.  Thanks Prometheus Cometh for sharing your fire!

two-thumbs-up for a great race and a PR run

You're the man, Jay!

No doubt he was in cloud 9 smiling while looking outdoors that he didn’t hear me as I called him to write his race account.  Haaaay, starry, starry-eyed!

I wish I could chronicle a PR run as well but that is not to be had for now. As for me, very tight hamstrings was to be my challenge for this race plus my can’t-seem-to-avoid restroom breaks since I started doing 21k’s.  This is my 3rd now and each time, I always had to go.  Hmmm, need a little more mealtime adjustments here, i suppose.

As for the hamstrings, I joined the Unilab run clinic this week with 3 of my officemates.  Breaking them into the running scene, i decided to join them in the program where i was made to do intervals on Tuesday and tempo on thursday.  Originally, i just wanted to log in mileage and do at least a 15k LSD having had no chance to run after my 21k Condura 2 Sundays ago.  The intervals left me with very tight and painful hamstrings on both legs the following day.  I think this was because arriving late,  we had to forgo stretching and went straight to the drills.  Hah! Paid much for that!

The first 5k was especially difficult.  My legs felt verrry heavy.  This early in the race I had doubts I could  finish it.  I brushed-off that thought quickly aside and just ran on slowly.  It was frustrating! Everyone seems to be over-taking me.  At the first turn-around at 4k, I timed 38 minutes.  Woh, way, way slower than usual. Vener (Run Unlimited) who was running a 10k saw me at this point and ran with me a while when I told him about my tight hamstrings. He was of course his usual encouraging self.  Thanks Vener!

What I didn’t tell him was that apart from that heaviness, I had to contend early on with that nagging need to visit a restroom again.  Found a respite at Jollibee around 5k into the race.  Lost more than 9 minutes there. 😦

That restroom break did me good though as I found renewed energy going out on the road again and started running a little faster.  The legs though still heavy, seems to be cooperating little by little.  I was amidst 10k runners and wanted to go catch-up with the 21k participants.  While I set aside slicing my 21k PR,  I was thinking I should at least finish this race I started.  My goal starting at km 6 was upgraded to finishing it below 3 hours still.  I found myself from this time on overtaking a couple of runners, then a few, then a few more.

The best part of the run for me was inside Heritage Park.  It was my first time there.  It was so serene I just had to take some pictures. 🙂

Going out of there was a different story though as I had to contend with an uphill climb out the gate.  Hah, so much for serenity!

Once out, I went into race mode hoping to salvage lost time.

At the 17km mark, i pushed the pedal.  4kms more to go… speeding up…

At km 19km, last 2 kms and i still felt great.  heartrate check, legscheck…  full speed ahead!…

Reached the finishline at 2.45 (garmin time)  smiling happily with energy to spare!  An added bonus was my name being announced twice as I sprinted towards the finish and as soon as I crossed it.  Wow!!!  That definitely added some spring in my strides!

Good enough ending to a very challenging beginning. 🙂

that's me crossing the finish line with Jun right there waiting! (thanks for this precious pic Vener)

As for the race itself, what can we say except BRAVO to Century Tuna and the RunRio team lead by of course, Coach Rio dela Cruz, star and organizer of The Century Tuna Super Bods Run 2010!!!  Great job!!!]

We give this 5 blue and pink sole stamps of excellence!!!


8 Responses to “Century Tuna Super Bods Run – Great run, Great race!”

  1. 1 Bro J February 24, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Congrats Jun, you’re really getting stronger and faster!
    Congrats Mariel, may hamstring problem pa yan,hahaha, you’re great too! God bless you and your family!

    • 2 thesolemates February 25, 2010 at 7:47 am

      Hi Bro J, all with God’s help. Thanks! – Jun

      Halu Bro J! haha thanks! hamstring problem or no hamstring problem, run pa rin. My only goal now is being comfortable with 21k. So, on to more races! 🙂 – Mariel

  2. 3 run unltd. February 24, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    Congrats to the beautiful couple.
    @Jun: Kayang kaya mo naman talaga ‘yan, (puyat pa huh?)
    @Mariel: With that running form, 2:15 is getting near.

  3. 5 prometheuscometh February 25, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Congrats Jun! I really did not do much since you had it in you to go sub 2. I’m sure you will break this record much sooner than you think.

    Mariel strangely enough I felt the same way at the start of the 21K myself. I always say it’s better to start slow and finish strong rather than the other way around.

  4. 6 thesolemates February 25, 2010 at 7:57 am

    Jay! Couldn’t have done that at that time without your help. Thanks for helping me accomplishing that feat! – Jun

    Agree and it’s what Jun always tells me, too! I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks! – Mariel

  5. 7 ibetlacbay February 27, 2010 at 2:22 am

    congrats Jun on your new PR.

    Mariel ready ka na ba mag full marathon? hehe

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