Oh, It’s Cramming Time Again…

Joke time!

I had an amusing thought during my long run this morning at the UP oval thinking about how I am cramming my training for Condura 21k  with just a week more to go .  Can’t help smiling when I think about it.  Thought I’d share this.  Maybe i can make somebody smile, too.

To the tune of  Crying Time by: _____ ???

Oh it’s cramming time again

You better believe it!

Ooops, ooops, oops…. aaaw come on, don’t read.  Sing it!  From the top… 😉

Oh it’s cramming time again

You better believe it!

I can see that fiery, burnin’

look in your eyes.

I can tell by the way you push me dahlin’

That it won’t be long

In fact, it’s cramming time. 🙂

I don’t know whatever possessed me to think about this song.  I swear, this was the first time I sang it even in my mind.  I don’t know …  it must be in my sub-conscious… something deeply rooted …

Oh my!  I know… If I’m not mistaken, this is a Tom Jones song!  Hah, that explains it!

My siblings and I grew up listening to eardrum-blasting Tom Jones songs every weekend!  One of our dad’s favorites together with Abba and  my oh my, Victor Wood Songs!

With many of these songs stored in my sub-conscious, i wonder what else would come out…

Hahaha!  Yebah! 🙂

Hon, maybe it’s time you use an ipod. 😉


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