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Oh, It’s Cramming Time Again…

Joke time!

I had an amusing thought during my long run this morning at the UP oval thinking about how I am cramming my training for Condura 21k  with just a week more to go .  Can’t help smiling when I think about it.  Thought I’d share this.  Maybe i can make somebody smile, too.

To the tune of  Crying Time by: _____ ???

Oh it’s cramming time again

You better believe it!

Ooops, ooops, oops…. aaaw come on, don’t read.  Sing it!  From the top… 😉

Oh it’s cramming time again

You better believe it!

I can see that fiery, burnin’

look in your eyes.

I can tell by the way you push me dahlin’

That it won’t be long

In fact, it’s cramming time. 🙂

I don’t know whatever possessed me to think about this song.  I swear, this was the first time I sang it even in my mind.  I don’t know …  it must be in my sub-conscious… something deeply rooted …

Oh my!  I know… If I’m not mistaken, this is a Tom Jones song!  Hah, that explains it!

My siblings and I grew up listening to eardrum-blasting Tom Jones songs every weekend!  One of our dad’s favorites together with Abba and  my oh my, Victor Wood Songs!

With many of these songs stored in my sub-conscious, i wonder what else would come out…

Hahaha!  Yebah! 🙂

Hon, maybe it’s time you use an ipod. 😉


Chi Running – Road to Faster, Injury-free Running

Chi running?  What’s that again? Is that short for Chinese running?

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really quite interested in Chi Running when I first heard about it.    I wasn’t interested in copying any nationality or culture’s way of running.  I just wanted to run period.  Anyways, when we received an invitation from Runnr to attend a talk on Chi Running last week, we decided to go and find out what it was about.

I actually felt the same way.  Surprisingly though, we got engaged with the talk.  The presentation was simple and informative.  Mr. Lit Onrubia, US- certified Chi Running instructor,  saw to it that the talk was easy to understand via simple materials and actual demos.  Looking at it, the pointers seemed easy to follow.  I just don’t know yet how easy it would be actually doing it.  Anyways,  we just have to maybe join the practical sessions to find out.

One thing sure, Chi Running makes sense.  For those who want to improve their speed and  run injury-free for a long, long time, this is worth looking into.  Curious?  See our notes from the talk below:

From the Sole Mates notes:

>>> Chi Running “Trinity”:

1.  Form

2. Distance

3. Speed

Now, isn’t that what serious  and want-to-be-serious runners all want to achieve?

>>> Developmental time-table:

1.  Cardio-vascular – 3 to 6 weeks

2.  Muscular –  3 to 6 months

3.  Skeletal  –  9 months to 1 year

Implication:  It takes a longer time  to develop your muscles (strength) than to  train and develop your lung power.  So, be guided accordingly and be prudent in increasing your mileage.  A slow, gradual increase is most recommended.  Will say 100% yes to that.  Learned from experience…

>>>Mr. Lit Onrubia discussed 5 important things to consider:

1.  Posture  – align the lower and upper half of your body, engage your core , create balance by distributing your weight to the whole body making sure the shoulder, hips and ankles are in one straight angle.

2. Lean  –  this is our “gas pedal”, one that propels us to gain speed.  Image cited is that of “falling forward”.  This promotes mid-foot strike that they say, prevents injury, too.  Leaning should start from the ankles and NOT from the hip or neck.  To give you a more vivid picture,  Lit Onrubia described running as constantly falling over with the shoulders coming in first before the hips and legs.

3.  Ankle Lift  –  it’s peeling your foot off the ground lifting the ankles first, then the ball of your foot and lastly, your toes.

4.  Arm Swing –  follow the 50/50 rule — arms should be swinging right around the waist area making sure that it is not up where the shoulders and up and tensed  nor is it down where the  arms are uncontrollably flinging.

–  when swinging, do not cross your center.  Simply put, make sure your right arm do not go over to the left side of your body while it’s swinging and vice-versa.

5.  Cadence  –  our body’s rhythm.  Ideal no. of steps per minute is between 84-90.  It’s recommended that we aim for this.  Chi Running also recommends to keep cadence constant.

Finally, 7 tips for better running:

1.  Listen to your body.  There should be a mind-body connection.  >>> pain doesn’t always mean gain!

2.  Gradual progress >>> slowly build up mileage, let your body get used to the distance.

3.  Relax by focusing on one thing at a time  >>>  posture at one time, arms swing at the next session, etc.

4.  Practice running fast, slow, up, down >>> self-explanatory, can’t be all flat, i suppose. 😉

5.  Focus on form than gear >>> (BUT, if you don’t have the form yet, make up with the gear! hahaha )

6.  Join groups, form groups, join races and read! >>>  yes, yes, yes, and yes!  If you’re into group running, you can join the likes of, fortstriders, runnex   — great support, good camaraderie.  Why not form your own small running group as well if you want control over the schedule but want running buddies with you as well?  Weekend races are a must, if you ask me, especially for newbies.  These races definitely got us motivated to keep training and running.  The energy in races is just swell you’d want to do better and better.  Lastly, nothing beats reading for extra information.  (Books recommended for reading by Mr. Onrubia — Marathoning for Mortals,  Running for Mortals and of course, Chi Running)

7.  Run a lot but rest a lot, too! >>> Running addicts, take note!  Resting is okay, ya know!

So, there you go folks!  We hope you’ve picked-up something that would benefit you.   Our notes is in no way complete. To gain full understanding and get the full benefits of Chi Running, you may enlist Mr. Lit Onrubia for private group or one-on-one sessions that would cover both theories and practice.  One can always benefit from some coaching.

So, go run, run, run.  Run fast, run long  but …  run safe, okay?

See you all at the races — happy, strong and injury-free! 🙂

Thanks to Runnr Store who made this available to runners and would-be runners alike.  🙂

A Simple Birthday Tribute to Tita Cory

Today we wore our hearts on our shirts.  Once again, we donned our IamNinoy Runner’s shirts as we ran for Tita Cory to celebrate her 77th birthday.

No fanfare, hardly any preparation, no announcements.  Just a heart-felt 9k run around BHS for our dearly beloved President Cory.

We celebrate the life that you lived.  Thank you!

A big slump after 21…

More than a month after my first 21, I’m still incredibly busy at work, could barely squeeze in short runs and have not joined any race at all!  Tsk, tsk, tsk …  getting worried how I would fare at the Condura race where I signed up for another 21.

The Condura Race marks both Jun’s and my anniversary race — his 2nd  and my first anniversary race.  It’s a good thing his training is going along just fine for his next full.

Haaay, hon, you might have to run extra well for the both of us.

Kaya pa yan! two more weeks to go.  start now.  go go go!

Right now . . . all i can manage is a  Ggggo . . . ggggo . . . ggggo . . . ooooh soooo sloooow.  soooo very tired.  baaaadly neeeeeed rrrrrest and sleeeep…

Yes, rest, sleep and GO!  Never too late.  You can do it!


Century Tuna Super Bods Run – 1st leg, RunRio Trilogy

RunRio is at it early this year and what a way to start!    I’m excited about this and who wouldn’t be?  Run with  Century Tuna’s Superbods frontrunners Derek Ramsey and Coach Rio for the first leg of the RunRio Trilogy and be in for another exciting run!

A little birdie told us Century Tuna wants this event to be HUGE.  Hmm… can’t wait to find out what’s in store for us, runners.  Definitely not missing this one… Wait no more.  Sign up now!

Just a friendly reminder to RunRio & Century Tuna:   For the sake of truth in advertising, make sure Derek  runs in the same outfit (or lack of it! :)) in the ad below, okay?  MWAHAHAHA

For details of the run, we are printing here RunRio’s official press release.  It sure is going to make you more excited. Awards night, Afroman Run?  Read on…

The running event of the year has finally arrived!  Unlike any race you’ve seen before, The RunRio Trilogy is a triple combination of 3 major running events spread throughout the year, with no less than Century Tuna, the country’s leading brand of canned tuna kicking off the run series on February 21, 2010 with Century Superbods Run 2010!

You have every reason to join all three legs because special awards await our loyal participants, with the first-ever RunRio Awards Night capping off your year-long hard work and running achievements.  To showcase another first, The RunRio Trilogy will be introducing the 32km Afroman distance on its third and final leg.  For those who have intentions of finishing a full marathon distance, the Afroman is a perfect training race leading up to your target event.

The RunRio Trilogy also aims to encourage first-time runners to try the sport and enjoy running with friends and family.  Beginners may want to test the waters and try the shorter 3km and 5km events and eventually graduate to a 10K or 21K by the end of the series, taking their running fitness to the next level.

Participants can expect a lot of surprising innovations during the entire series.  With Finishline pioneering the use of ChampionChips, a high-tech timing system for fast and accurate race results; detailed RunPix performance analysis complete with graphic illustrations and comparative results; and professional action shots by PhotoVendo to capture those precious winning moments, there’s no telling what Coach Rio and his team has in store for us during this three-part series.

In our efforts to give social relevance to the event, Century Tuna and Coach Rio have chosen to support UNICEF and WWF throughout The RunRio Trilogy in the hopes of making it not just a fun event but also a worthwhile venue to encourage the running community to reach out to the marginalized sector of society, as well as to do our share in preserving the environment and our wildlife.

So get the most out of your Sunday morning.  Join us in this historic event and be a part of the race of the Century!

Regular Registration is on January 11 to February 8, 2010

Registration areas: TIMEX  SM MOA (556 0167) , TIMEX Megamall (637 8438), TIMEX SM Southmall (800 1273), Nike Park BHS (856 2587), Second Wind Teacher’s Village (799 2089) and special registration every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm at NIKE Running Clinic at Ultra.

Late Registration: February 9 to February 15, 2010

Registration area for this period: Nike park BHS and Second Wind Teacher’s Village.

Online Registration period: January 11 to February 7, 2010

Register at or

Freebies upon registration and upon finishing the race

All participants will use disposable timing chips

Singlets will be given to the first 4,000 registrants. There will be no guaranteed size of singlets for the late registrants.


A grand raffle draw will be held after the race for all runners and guests. Interested participants must present as many Century Tuna labels at drop-off areas at registration venues and at the event itself. Each label must have the following information:

Participant’s name,  address,  contact number and signature.

One label corresponds to one (1) raffle entry.

For every label dropped, a corresponding donation will go to UNICEF and WWF.


Distance                 1st Place                                          2nd Place

3km       P6,000/Nike shoes/Timex watch         P3,000/Timex watch

5km       P10,000/Nike shoes/Timex watch      P5,000/Timex watch

10km    P20,000/Nike shoes/Timex watch      P10,000/Timex watch

21km    P42,000/Nike shoes/Timex watch      P21,000/timex watch

3rd place

3K – P1,500/Timex watch

5K – P3,000/Timex Watch

10K – P5,000/Timex watch

42K – P10,500/Timex watch

RunRio Finisher’s shirt & medal

Top 3 winners will also receive Nature Valley Gift packs

There will also be Special Awards to be given on the event day. Awardees will receive Century Tuna gift packs. Visit for the complete list of Special Awards.

For questions, contact the Secretariat at 02 703 1736 from 9am to 8pm.

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