2009: The Year That Was

What a year this has been for the Sole Mates!

With just a couple of hours left in 2009 and 2010 looming big in the horizon,  let us take a last glance at this year’s interesting highlights (even those when the lights were dimmed)  in the lives of the running Sole Mates.



Jun, relatively fresh from his 21k race at the Standard Chartered Singapore ’08, first started experiencing discomfort which later on escalated to ITBS and runner’s knee injuries forcing him to decrease mileage and pass-up some races he wanted to join.    😦


I got excited enough hearing stories from Jun and his running buddies about running and races especially the much anticipated Condura Race that I  impulsively signed up and started running myself.  🙂

How The Sole Mates started running


I ran my first race, The Condura “Run for the Whale Sharks” Race, and conquered my first 5k running non-stop for the first time.  Feeling awkward at the start of the race, I finished excited and elated at having enjoyed my first race experience.  🙂

Jun, who ran his first race at the Condura’08 (10k) celebrated his anniversary run in this race’s  2009 edition (21k)  where he and other runners donned their IamNinoy Runners yellow shirts for the first time to celebrate the launching of the group.  Still recovering from injury, he just couldn’t pass up the skyway run so run he did vowing to do this at a most relaxed pace.  🙂

My First Race; Jun’s 1st year Anniversary Run



1.  The Solemates blog was born! 🙂

2.  The family had a blast during our  first family fun run as Sole Mates runners at the Pinay-In-Action Fun Run.  It’s The Sole Mates + 3 here.  🙂

The Solemates + 3  first family fun run

3.  I ran my first 10k race at the Greenfields Race in Sta. Rosa.  Started quite unsure about finishing but ended happy with the whole experience and the result.  🙂

Jun still recovering from injury had to pass-up this one and watched at the sidelines.  Appointed as my official photographer for the race, i know he did not relish the assignment preferring to run of course rather than take pictures.   😦

1st 10k race at Greenfields

4.  I had my  first running accident that gave me an aversion to night runs.  😦

Misadventures of the Pink Sole


We had a blast during our first trail run at the TNF Sacobia Trail Race in Clark, Pampanga.  It was such fun traversing the different terrains — regular road, water, lahar, thick mud, hilly inclines.  Suffering with a blister at the second half of the race, it was a test of our running partnership.  🙂

Super Fun Trail Run


1.  Jun’s first triathlon (mini-sprint) at the Animo Tri.  He finished strong and enjoyed every minute of it.  🙂

Animo Tri

2.  It was however at the night prior to this event that I first felt sick which turned out later to be Dengue Fever sidelining me for a full month.  An ensuing complication scare that delayed issuance of a clean bill of health for me had us dealing with the uncertainty of being able to run again.   😦

Tinamaan ng Lamok! 



1.  I  was given a clean bill of health and resumed running with the Buddy Run as my comeback race.  🙂

She’s back!

Come back Run at Buddy Run

2.  The Runnr Store was launched and we had a blast being part of its coming-out party.  We’re always in this store, it’s almost like second home. hahaha 😉

Runnr Store BHS, our running home


Jun’s stint at the 70.3 Ironman in Camsur doing the run leg of the relay as part of Team BelieveStrong.  Under extremely hot weather conditions, this was a very challenging but nevertheless a truly great experience for the Blue Sole! 🙂

Jun at the 70.3 Ironman Relay

More Ironman Pics


The family had a personal encounter with Ondoy that initially found The Sole Mates struggling to keep the family afloat 😦 ;  finding encouragement in our Savior, our  family and true-blue friends…   🙂

Down but Not Out!



The Sole Mates’ comeback race after a one-month running hiatus after Ondoy at the QCIM race.  Super happy we found the drive to re-start our running engines.  🙂

Back Running after Ondoy


Decision period whether to push through with our Singapore race as we joined races to train for it running our LSDs —  18.5k for me partly via the Botak Paa-tibayan Race and Jun’s 32k partly during the Timex Race.  Running engines were revving up well. Great feeling! 🙂

Singapore or not?


After a full year’s quest for THE FULL, Jun finally finished his  first full marathon.  I, on the other hand, after 9 months running (7 months net due to illness and Ondoy) conquered my first half marathon.  Both accomplished at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon last Dec 6.  🙂 🙂

Jun’s Full Marathon Experience

Mariel’s Half Marathon Experience

Looking back, I never thought running would be one sport I would take up for I never had any interest in it.  I never liked seemingly monotonous sports.  Of course, it was just the ignoramus in me, not having tried them, that I find the likes of golf and yes, running, monotonous being more interested in supposed high-energy, seemingly more exciting and more unpredictable sports like volleyball, tennis and badminton.

Such was my perception that it was really a big surprise to me that I liked running at all and eventually, like most of those who tried it, got hooked on it BIG time!

Now, it is part of me… part of us… part of our family life and thoroughly loving it!

Running, not only gave me health, fitness but also gave me back a semblance of my old form. 😉  Furthermore, it has given my family yet another activity we can all enjoy together.

For 2010, it’s God and  family…and friends we can cherish for a lifetime.

From The Sole Mates, cheers to a brand new running year for us all! 🙂


2 Responses to “2009: The Year That Was”

  1. 1 bro j January 4, 2010 at 9:41 am

    It was nice seeing you and jun at UPD last Sunday. I hope you also had a good run. God bless!

    • 2 thesolemates January 4, 2010 at 9:00 pm

      Hi Bro J,

      We sure did! happy to be back running in UP especially that we saw a lot of runner friends there like you and baby. UP’s such a happy running place. I always look forward running there.

      See you around and God bless you, too.

      Jun & Mariel

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