Recovering from a Marathon

Many write about their first full or even half marathons but few write about the details of recovery.  Well, here’s an honest- to-goodness chronicle of how well (or how bad, haha) we are recovering…

My first half marathon left me with a very uncomfortable left leg.  The pain tightness I felt during the race extended well over a couple of days.

Right after the race, mi amiga, Angge, who I fortunately saw right away at the water/finishers’ medal line, headed towards Starbuck’s in Raffles Center.  With my tight left leg, it seemed such a long walk from the race venue.  It was such a chore trying to run (or shall I say, hobble?) and beat the yellow light when we had to cross the street at one point.  Oh my, “I’m done running for the day!”

At 10am, the mall was already open and a happy mix of sweaty runners and regular mallers abound.  Way off the race venue, runners can be seen everywhere — stretching, eating, chatting the morning away.  It was like the whole city was invaded by runners.  What a happy sight!

We bought some McDonald’s breakfast and took a cab to Angge’s place where we ate, watched TV and  rested while waiting for Jun to arrive. He finally did before 12nn and we rested some more before heading for a protein-filled dinner at Angge’s fave steak house, Ashtons.  Yummy!  Just what our muscles need after a long day’s run.

A long walk awaits though heading to the mall and an equally long malling tour after…  Ooooh my leg hurts but Jun said we should be walking it…. so, we did…  There was a time at the mall when I felt light-headed and thirsty.  Must be my body’s way of telling me to go fill-up.  We downed some isotonic drink and I munched some good old chocolate  for some more fill of energy.  Before heading home, we ordered take-away dinner at nearby KFC.  hahaha and we thought we already had early dinner!  We were hungry again!!!

The following day was an all-day race to get everything else that we needed to buy from there.  Considering what we lost to Ondoy, the list is loooong.  Anyway, we neither have the time nor the resources to replace everything yet so we had to contend ourselves to just get what we can afford for the moment.  By the time we bid Angge so long, checked-in and were waiting for our flight home, i was beat.  The flight home allowed me rest but my left leg wouldn’t let me forget it’s hurting.  Walking out the terminal, I wasn’t walking normally.  The airport guys there even offered me a wheelchair which I of course, refused.  hah, i was still in denial but nervously asked Jun if he thinks I could be injured.  I shudder at the thought as I think about possible  involuntary no-running days, months even!

Thank Heavens I’m not injured though!  After a full day’s rest of just plain sitting down, playing monopoly with the family and a deep-tissue massage late in the afternoon, all is well with my leg, my body, mind and soul again.

Thus, I can truly say… on to the next race!!! 🙂

I’d say recovering from my  SCSM full marathon is a process i am enjoying.  After 2 days of  “walking recovery” in the Singapore malls, i had a full day’s rest and recreation with the family at home playing the really cool new edition world series monopoly we brought home for the kids (Sofia who followed the conservative approach won by the way :))  The day was capped by a deep-tissue massage that brought me well on the road to recovery.

I have gone back to running short distances mostly in the village and recently went back to the Ultra to give extra cushion to the knees.  Thank God, everything seems to be well.  I am not experiencing any pain and the muscle tightness is very manageable.  Furthermore, I’m enjoying packing in all the calories lost from the race and more!  I just seem to be hungry all the time since then.

We have not joined any races at all since SCSM and would have wanted to join this Sunday’s Celebrity Run.  Our schedule though wouldn’t permit it as we have to wear our daddy/mommy hats and bring Sofia early to church for the Christmas presentation they’ve been practicing so hard for the past month.  Maybe Rizal day 32k run on the 30th?  Hmmmm…

Hmmm… like!  It’s been almost 2 weeks since SCSM.  Unlike Jun, I have not had a chance to run at all as I dove right back to work.  Can I do a planned DNF on this one and just do a 15 or 21k perhaps?  Think, think, think…   If I can run a 5k and 10k before the 30th, 15 may be possible.   I just want a stress-free, injury-free run to end this year.

Whatever we decide though would just be a pleasant add-on to our recovery process for a much anticipated new running year…

So, malling, monopoly game with the family, deep-tissue massages, calculated binges, short runs, family dinners, reunions, merry-making … they are good things (borrowed from Martha Stewart ;)).


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