This is it! On to Singapore!

Early this year while I was at the peak of my training for my first full, I had an injury that sidelined me and made me reluctantly stop pursuing my marathon dream for a while.  I had to satisfy myself with short easy runs and less mileage and contend myself with more PT drills and some cross training.  It took sometime for me to get used to the idea of not pushing myself  when running.  I waited patiently (i must admit, sometimes impatiently) to be able to go back to running again.  So, mileage was drastically reduced and training intensity was kept down so as not to aggravate my injury.

By summertime, I went  slowly went back and conservatively planned my runs which included Sunday races just to be able reach my goal to do my first full marathon.  I followed my training plan religiously.  Even during races where I do all my long runs, I maintained my planned pace even though it was very tempting speed up. I being such a good boy.

Then, calamity struck us that disrupted my training for three weeks. I was physically and emotionally drained that time and was uncertain if I will be able to do my first full.  Slowly, I went back to training while I took care of rehabilitating our home.  After doing my first 30km long run, I knew there was hope to get my marathon dream this year.

Mariel and I decided to do it.  My first full and her first half.

So, this is it! We’re running at the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore.  Am i ready? hmmmmm,  I am hoping my preparation will be enough for me to finish strong?….. finishing well will do.  I’m packed and just about ready.  Deep tissue massage, check.  Garmin, check.  Hydration belt, check.  singlet, Skins, socks, shoes, check check check check.  Mariel, check?


I’m honestly very nervous about this. Yesterday morning, I did my last 10k run.  Last night was my last deep tissue massage. There are definitely some tight muscles there.  I’ve only ran as far as 18.5k almost 2 weeks ago and have ran out of time to duplicate or top that.

Can I really run a 21k?  ooooh I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it.  Unlike my 15k non-stop training run,  when I didn’t feel any pain,  i felt my legs get heavy and tired at about the 16th km (13th km during the Botak race) which was why Jun insisted that I forgo my usual leg massage and have a deep tissue massage  instead after the Botak Race.

I hope I am able to settle down and calm my nerves come race day.  I hope I do well… I hope I finish… strong… alive? hahaha!  Gotta get these nasty thoughts out of my head!  I will just do my very best and pray everything turns out well and have a good and enjoyable run.  Good thing I believe in miracles! I definitely need one. 😉

This is it. No turning back … on to Singapore!


8 Responses to “This is it! On to Singapore!”

  1. 1 ibetlacbay December 4, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    good luck Jun and Mariel. kaya niyo yan 😀

  2. 5 run unltd. December 4, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Good luck solemates, enjoy your “first”. Our thoughts will be with you as you conquer another milestone together.

  3. 7 m8parco December 5, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Good Luck and just enjoy the race!!!

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

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