New Balance Power Run ’09

Flashback: New Balance ’08 (Clark)

My first exposure to the New Balance Race was in October of last year  in Clark not as a runner but as a co-photographer to our eldest daughter, Bea,  providing moral support to the then one and only runner in the family — Jun, of course!  The whole family hied off to Clear Water for some R&R and watched Jun finish his 25k race while taking some very interesting pictures during the race.

I still remember very clearly… Jun woke me up as planned all geared-up already so I can bring him to the starting line.  I drove back and at the appointed time woke-up our then 13 year old Bea and stationed ourselves at the race route just before the turn-around point near our hotel waiting for Jun to come running by.  It was a long wait as we were there even before the first runner came running along.  So, Bea and I had some fun time together chatting, laughing and clowning around while waiting.

Bea, entertaining me with her funny faces as we wait for Jun

Finally, our “star” arrives!

Snapped some running pics also of running regulars I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet at that time.  Looking at the pictures we took back then, it was interesting that the unnamed runners are now friends I now often see during races, training runs or even race launch events.  Let me share some unpublished pics (the Sole Mates’ blog was not in existence yet at the time)  we took last NB’08.

Present:  New Balance Power Run ’09 (The Fort)

From NV (read ENVY) to NB…

This year was different, from being a mere support to Jun, I am now an eager participant of the race.  I ran 10k and Jun did the 21k event.  We both took it easy since this was to be our  last race before my first half and Jun’s first full marathon. I’m happy to note that this year’s New Balance Power Run (Raising Hope) was a well-organized race.  The race started on time and water was in abundant supply.  Marshals were sufficient and very upbeat especially those stationed before the finish line. Furthermore,  bananas and 100 Plus drink were given at the finish and a very welcome surprise for me — a finisher’s medal!  Thanks NB for my very first running medal!

I waited for the Blue Sole to finish his race and off we went to make the rounds of the booths and got the chance to chat with friends, Dindo, Vener & Christy, Charlie, Rio, Ordo and Nana Mayen at different time points during our rounds.

We both described this race as comfortable.  We were both running events that we are most comfortable with at the moment  — me at 10k (I think I can run 10k everyday … hmmm… maybe every other day :))and he at 21k.  Dec 6 is a different story as we will both be out of our comfort zones and will be exploring new and exciting territory.  oooh sooo nervous… Meantime, I’ll just savor my very comfortable run and finish at the NB’09.


2 Responses to “New Balance Power Run ’09”

  1. 1 Running Diva December 4, 2009 at 9:54 am

    You’ll do well in your upcoming half-mara. I saw Jun and asked where you were and I learned you ran 10k. Our path didn’t cross last year and it is surprising to know that we were already in the same race. The 25km-race at Clark was my longest distance I achieved last year. Jun do well in your first full. Congrats (in advance) to both of you! 😉

    • 2 thesolemates December 12, 2009 at 8:54 am

      thanks roselle! nice to have that mid-training run chat with you. as to the NB’08 in Clark, photographer/support lang ako dun. Being a runner at that time was farthest from my mind. Our paths didn’t cross at that time yet but hey, what’s important is today. Thanks for the encouraging words and congrats again on your first full!

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