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2009: The Year That Was

What a year this has been for the Sole Mates!

With just a couple of hours left in 2009 and 2010 looming big in the horizon,  let us take a last glance at this year’s interesting highlights (even those when the lights were dimmed)  in the lives of the running Sole Mates.



Jun, relatively fresh from his 21k race at the Standard Chartered Singapore ’08, first started experiencing discomfort which later on escalated to ITBS and runner’s knee injuries forcing him to decrease mileage and pass-up some races he wanted to join.    😦


I got excited enough hearing stories from Jun and his running buddies about running and races especially the much anticipated Condura Race that I  impulsively signed up and started running myself.  🙂

How The Sole Mates started running


I ran my first race, The Condura “Run for the Whale Sharks” Race, and conquered my first 5k running non-stop for the first time.  Feeling awkward at the start of the race, I finished excited and elated at having enjoyed my first race experience.  🙂

Jun, who ran his first race at the Condura’08 (10k) celebrated his anniversary run in this race’s  2009 edition (21k)  where he and other runners donned their IamNinoy Runners yellow shirts for the first time to celebrate the launching of the group.  Still recovering from injury, he just couldn’t pass up the skyway run so run he did vowing to do this at a most relaxed pace.  🙂

My First Race; Jun’s 1st year Anniversary Run



1.  The Solemates blog was born! 🙂

2.  The family had a blast during our  first family fun run as Sole Mates runners at the Pinay-In-Action Fun Run.  It’s The Sole Mates + 3 here.  🙂

The Solemates + 3  first family fun run

3.  I ran my first 10k race at the Greenfields Race in Sta. Rosa.  Started quite unsure about finishing but ended happy with the whole experience and the result.  🙂

Jun still recovering from injury had to pass-up this one and watched at the sidelines.  Appointed as my official photographer for the race, i know he did not relish the assignment preferring to run of course rather than take pictures.   😦

1st 10k race at Greenfields

4.  I had my  first running accident that gave me an aversion to night runs.  😦

Misadventures of the Pink Sole


We had a blast during our first trail run at the TNF Sacobia Trail Race in Clark, Pampanga.  It was such fun traversing the different terrains — regular road, water, lahar, thick mud, hilly inclines.  Suffering with a blister at the second half of the race, it was a test of our running partnership.  🙂

Super Fun Trail Run


1.  Jun’s first triathlon (mini-sprint) at the Animo Tri.  He finished strong and enjoyed every minute of it.  🙂

Animo Tri

2.  It was however at the night prior to this event that I first felt sick which turned out later to be Dengue Fever sidelining me for a full month.  An ensuing complication scare that delayed issuance of a clean bill of health for me had us dealing with the uncertainty of being able to run again.   😦

Tinamaan ng Lamok! 



1.  I  was given a clean bill of health and resumed running with the Buddy Run as my comeback race.  🙂

She’s back!

Come back Run at Buddy Run

2.  The Runnr Store was launched and we had a blast being part of its coming-out party.  We’re always in this store, it’s almost like second home. hahaha 😉

Runnr Store BHS, our running home


Jun’s stint at the 70.3 Ironman in Camsur doing the run leg of the relay as part of Team BelieveStrong.  Under extremely hot weather conditions, this was a very challenging but nevertheless a truly great experience for the Blue Sole! 🙂

Jun at the 70.3 Ironman Relay

More Ironman Pics


The family had a personal encounter with Ondoy that initially found The Sole Mates struggling to keep the family afloat 😦 ;  finding encouragement in our Savior, our  family and true-blue friends…   🙂

Down but Not Out!



The Sole Mates’ comeback race after a one-month running hiatus after Ondoy at the QCIM race.  Super happy we found the drive to re-start our running engines.  🙂

Back Running after Ondoy


Decision period whether to push through with our Singapore race as we joined races to train for it running our LSDs —  18.5k for me partly via the Botak Paa-tibayan Race and Jun’s 32k partly during the Timex Race.  Running engines were revving up well. Great feeling! 🙂

Singapore or not?


After a full year’s quest for THE FULL, Jun finally finished his  first full marathon.  I, on the other hand, after 9 months running (7 months net due to illness and Ondoy) conquered my first half marathon.  Both accomplished at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon last Dec 6.  🙂 🙂

Jun’s Full Marathon Experience

Mariel’s Half Marathon Experience

Looking back, I never thought running would be one sport I would take up for I never had any interest in it.  I never liked seemingly monotonous sports.  Of course, it was just the ignoramus in me, not having tried them, that I find the likes of golf and yes, running, monotonous being more interested in supposed high-energy, seemingly more exciting and more unpredictable sports like volleyball, tennis and badminton.

Such was my perception that it was really a big surprise to me that I liked running at all and eventually, like most of those who tried it, got hooked on it BIG time!

Now, it is part of me… part of us… part of our family life and thoroughly loving it!

Running, not only gave me health, fitness but also gave me back a semblance of my old form. 😉  Furthermore, it has given my family yet another activity we can all enjoy together.

For 2010, it’s God and  family…and friends we can cherish for a lifetime.

From The Sole Mates, cheers to a brand new running year for us all! 🙂

Recovering from a Marathon

Many write about their first full or even half marathons but few write about the details of recovery.  Well, here’s an honest- to-goodness chronicle of how well (or how bad, haha) we are recovering…

My first half marathon left me with a very uncomfortable left leg.  The pain tightness I felt during the race extended well over a couple of days.

Right after the race, mi amiga, Angge, who I fortunately saw right away at the water/finishers’ medal line, headed towards Starbuck’s in Raffles Center.  With my tight left leg, it seemed such a long walk from the race venue.  It was such a chore trying to run (or shall I say, hobble?) and beat the yellow light when we had to cross the street at one point.  Oh my, “I’m done running for the day!”

At 10am, the mall was already open and a happy mix of sweaty runners and regular mallers abound.  Way off the race venue, runners can be seen everywhere — stretching, eating, chatting the morning away.  It was like the whole city was invaded by runners.  What a happy sight!

We bought some McDonald’s breakfast and took a cab to Angge’s place where we ate, watched TV and  rested while waiting for Jun to arrive. He finally did before 12nn and we rested some more before heading for a protein-filled dinner at Angge’s fave steak house, Ashtons.  Yummy!  Just what our muscles need after a long day’s run.

A long walk awaits though heading to the mall and an equally long malling tour after…  Ooooh my leg hurts but Jun said we should be walking it…. so, we did…  There was a time at the mall when I felt light-headed and thirsty.  Must be my body’s way of telling me to go fill-up.  We downed some isotonic drink and I munched some good old chocolate  for some more fill of energy.  Before heading home, we ordered take-away dinner at nearby KFC.  hahaha and we thought we already had early dinner!  We were hungry again!!!

The following day was an all-day race to get everything else that we needed to buy from there.  Considering what we lost to Ondoy, the list is loooong.  Anyway, we neither have the time nor the resources to replace everything yet so we had to contend ourselves to just get what we can afford for the moment.  By the time we bid Angge so long, checked-in and were waiting for our flight home, i was beat.  The flight home allowed me rest but my left leg wouldn’t let me forget it’s hurting.  Walking out the terminal, I wasn’t walking normally.  The airport guys there even offered me a wheelchair which I of course, refused.  hah, i was still in denial but nervously asked Jun if he thinks I could be injured.  I shudder at the thought as I think about possible  involuntary no-running days, months even!

Thank Heavens I’m not injured though!  After a full day’s rest of just plain sitting down, playing monopoly with the family and a deep-tissue massage late in the afternoon, all is well with my leg, my body, mind and soul again.

Thus, I can truly say… on to the next race!!! 🙂

I’d say recovering from my  SCSM full marathon is a process i am enjoying.  After 2 days of  “walking recovery” in the Singapore malls, i had a full day’s rest and recreation with the family at home playing the really cool new edition world series monopoly we brought home for the kids (Sofia who followed the conservative approach won by the way :))  The day was capped by a deep-tissue massage that brought me well on the road to recovery.

I have gone back to running short distances mostly in the village and recently went back to the Ultra to give extra cushion to the knees.  Thank God, everything seems to be well.  I am not experiencing any pain and the muscle tightness is very manageable.  Furthermore, I’m enjoying packing in all the calories lost from the race and more!  I just seem to be hungry all the time since then.

We have not joined any races at all since SCSM and would have wanted to join this Sunday’s Celebrity Run.  Our schedule though wouldn’t permit it as we have to wear our daddy/mommy hats and bring Sofia early to church for the Christmas presentation they’ve been practicing so hard for the past month.  Maybe Rizal day 32k run on the 30th?  Hmmmm…

Hmmm… like!  It’s been almost 2 weeks since SCSM.  Unlike Jun, I have not had a chance to run at all as I dove right back to work.  Can I do a planned DNF on this one and just do a 15 or 21k perhaps?  Think, think, think…   If I can run a 5k and 10k before the 30th, 15 may be possible.   I just want a stress-free, injury-free run to end this year.

Whatever we decide though would just be a pleasant add-on to our recovery process for a much anticipated new running year…

So, malling, monopoly game with the family, deep-tissue massages, calculated binges, short runs, family dinners, reunions, merry-making … they are good things (borrowed from Martha Stewart ;)).

Singapore Marathon ’09 – My first full marathon experience

Days before flying out to Singapore, I had a chance to talk to some friends who have been very supportive and gave me some pieces of  good advice. Jay (Prometheus Cometh)  and Vener (Run Unlimited) who have completed their feat successfully wisely advised me to start conservatively and enjoy the run since this will be my first.  Coaches John, Roel, Jo-ar and Allan (Ballester) also told me the same thing.  So I divided my plan every 10k with planned paces and target times (max and conservative).

We arrived Friday midnight and went to claim our race kits Saturday, walked around the expo and met some friends. I told Mariel that we should not tire ourselves prior to race day and rest early and so we did.  Well, relatively early.

claiming my race kit.

With Jay, Charlie and Mari

Race day : Woke up around 3:30 and did my morning ritual and was ready to leave by 4:15.  The cab dropped me off the  City Hall MRT station and walk towards the starting area where I did my stretching.  The organizers assigned pens depending on one’s target time.  I joined the sub 5hr pen. I saw, Charlie and Jay at the same pen. We waited and chatted.

On we went: When the starting gun was fired, more than 15,000 full marathoners in the pens moved  waiting for their turn to cross the starting line. I turned on my shuffle and as soon as i crossed the starting, the first music  “Together in Electric Dreams” by Giorgio Moroder (depending on your age, you may not know them, hehe) started me off. The start of the song just gave me a lot of boost.  Well, that’s the way i wanted to start my run — boosting me up  and seeing my dreams fulfilled. I took it easy and conservatively, just going with the flow of runners.   I maintained my first 10k between  6:30-6:40 and just ignored the humidity and tried to focus on the road ahead.

After 10k: Upon reaching 10k,  i peeked at my garmin.  It read 1:06, less than a minute off my target time. That’s alright, I’m still within reach of my target and still felt great.  My 2nd 10k planned pace was 6:20 so it was time to push a little.  And what a way to start the next 10k.  I didn’t plan this but my shuffle next played   “Sweet child of mine” by Guns N Roses, another song with an uplifting intro.

I was  enjoying the run, the view, reading all encouragement bibs at the back of other runners like “Perseverance to the end”,  “One step at a time”, “See you at the finish line” and more. There is also “I love you daddy” that reminded me again of my goal, why i was  doing this.  You see, every time i go home from a run, my kids always ask me, “how was your run, daddy?”  They have been just so sweet and encouraging. I thought about all the  people i wanted to dedicate this milestone run to.  I was a little teary-eyed at 14k thinking about these things….focus, focus.

After 15k, another inspiration passed me.  In between two guys was a girl riding a wheelchair being push by another guy. The 3 guys alternately pushed the wheelchair.  A lot of runners were in awe of what they were doing.  All we can do was give them an encouraging applause.  Lucky girl she is.  She might be a wife or a sister of any of the three guys…, i don’t know.  Those guys could probably be friends who were there sticking it out with her and helping her fulfill her dreams too… what a sight…

after 20k: At this point, i was a  little tired but still happy because there was no pain on my knees nor any indication of any other pain  i usually feel during my injury and recovery days. I reached 20k at 2:10:03.  Still off by more than a minute but that was still okay.  That was easily recoverable.   Guess what was playing in my shuffle, another power song favorite, “Love’s theme” by Barry White with Love Unlimited Orchestra (another one of those you probably don’t know).  An easy music that uplifts. The timing was just perfect.  Just completed the first half and another half to go.

My plan was to take an easy pace of 6:20-6:30 again and i did that up to 25k after which I felt a tightness on my inner thigh and hamstrings.  So I started to drop in at every water station to get some short walk breaks and conserve my already half-empty hydration jugs.

After 30k: While my shuffle continue to play my power songs from  Journey, U2, Michael Jackson, Hillsong, Seal,  my walk breaks became more often.  The tightness turned to pain intensifying as I covered more ground.  I just felt my inner thigh ready to  give in.  By this time I’m already off my target by more than 6 mins.  I didn’t mind my target anymore  but just  focused on  finishing it well for now.

I saw Jo-ar and Aljo at the other side of the road, both doing 21k.  They were already walking.  Later I found out that Aljo got five blisters but still managed to finish and got that 21k finisher’s medal.  I also saw Lester who was also doing a full marathon walking.  Oh my… What is happening?  It seemed like there was a plague.  I wasn’t alone.  After crossing the u-turn at the Stadium Boulevard at 32k, super cramps hit me.  My right inner thigh and hamstring hit me at the same time.   I had to stop and held on to the rail to keep myself steady.  I did some stretching and rested for a minute.  I started walking slowly and by the time i was about to start running again, cramps again hit me this time in my left hamstring.  I tried stretching again but it seemed my right leg reacted again leading to  another onset of  cramps.  So I just decided to rest for a while then slowly walked again. It seemed that stretching was not working for my legs anymore.  So I just walked even when there was pain determined to finish this race I started.  When I  tried to walk fast, my inner thigh became so tight it lead to another round of cramps. Slowed down again and back to brisk-walk again.  Each kilometer of that remaining 10k, I attempted to run but cramps immediately set in foiling any attempt for a continuous run.

So that was the story of my last 10k — walk, brisk-walk, very short run, stop when pain sets in to avoid cramps,  slow walk again and so on.  I have to scratch out my target and focus on finishing the race.  My heart was so willing, my legs unfortunately were not.

Even with that terrible pain, i didn’t think about giving up.  DNF was not an option.

I finished my first full marathon at 5:19:50 (garmin time), way off my target time of 4:30-4:40. Am i happy?, yes of course!!  After all, it still is a milestone for me.

When I started running two years ago I never thought of being able to complete a full marathon. I’m not young anymore. I started late but I conquered something that not all will be able to do. Though not the only runner in my whole family, I was to be the  first in my family line to do a full.

I could not have done it if not for SomeOne who loves me and gave me that privilege.  I’m talking about our Almighty who had given me the strength and power, the ability to accomplish this feat.  That is why i want to thank Him for giving me this opportunity.

Also, He has given me a wife who was there for me, who sacrificed a lot  while i was out training, who was there for me during my dark  injured days.

I thank Him for my children who have been sources of  encouragement inspiring  me to push each day so that they will hear good updates when they ask me about my run.

To  my mom whom I terribly miss…

I dedicate my first full to you all.

To the rest of my family and friends who stayed by my side encouraging, pushing, propelling me to be strong and dream. Thanks a whole bunch!!!.

And special thanks also to Coach Rio who guided me in my running.

As for my next full, only time and God can tell…

See you at the races, still!

My First Half at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Oh what a race!!!

However tired I was coming into race day with the very full work schedule on race week, whatever pre-race muscle aches and pains made me nervous I wouldn’t finish strong, all these are  pushed aside, forgotten, deleted and moved in my memory bank’s trash bin.  This race has been just great regardless of the kinks that went along with it!  Truly, a race I will treasure … a milestone …  my first half marathon …

Flight Night

Meetings, deadlines, long work days and yes, even nights, characterized the week leading to race day.  Such was my schedule that Jun just picked me up in the office and we went straight to the airport to catch our Friday night flight to Singapore.  Needless to say, I was exhausted but still managed to get a good catch-up chat with Jun at dinner and with Tin at the airport who was boarding the same flight.  By the time we boarded and were seated,  I was red-eyed and yawn-filled.  I dozed-off even before the plane took-off.  We arrived at our friend’s apartment at 1am and and prepared to get a good night’s sleep.


Armed with a full 6 hours sleep,  we woke up and headed to the Race Expo to claim our race packets.  Having been briefed by Jun about the possibility of  long lines, I was expecting about an hour to complete the process.  Lo and behold!  The redemption was so seamless taking us probably just about 5-10 minutes to claim our race packets, test our timing chips, take pictures and leave the claim area onto the expo booths.

amazingly efficient and stress-free race pack redemption. Bravo!!!

The race packet redemption area flowed smoothly onto the expo booths.  Now, it was here where some of us got pleasantly bogged-down…   hahaha

me behind Mari, Jay and Charlie who we frequently bumped into at the malls

going out of the expo with my advanced reward. 🙂

That afternoon found us spending time with running friends Annie, Jaymie and Miguel and with my close friend, Angelica Suiza, as we went around checking out some sporting outlets and later, a sit-down chat over some ice cream talking about the Singapore life.  We all went our separate ways with a lame attempt to organize a post-race get-together.  I think we all knew it would be quite difficult to do considering the big crowd and our relative unfamiliarity with the holding area lay-out.  All told, we bid one another goodnight with the admonition that we all be asleep at 8:30pm.

That was not to be the case with us though as Jun, our host, Angge and I proceeded to Toy’s R Us.  We were pushing our schedule too close for comfort but we just had to get some stuff for the kids who lost all their boardgames to Ondoy.  With Bea’s sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, Sofia’s teary gasp of delight and Mikka’s happy shriek, all accompanied by lots of warm hugs and kisses of thanks,  that greeted us as we gave them those gifts, I would have traded the marathon for toys shopping  for all I care (of course, I’m a little exaggerating here just to drive a point) 😉

Race Day

Jun woke me up at 4:15am just before he set out.  With his race starting over an hour before mine, we decided he’ll go on ahead. Though I woke up very early,  I wasn’t able to do much stretching as  I took a longer time doing my morning ritual which was what I was more worried about.  Thank God that was a success! Angge (running her 3rd 21k in SCSM) and I left at 6am with just enough time to spare before our 6:45am gun-start.

At past 6am, the runners were already everywhere  — a happy bunch of excited, happy people anticipating the biggest running event of Singapore.  With the full marathoners already off since 5:30am, I was just amazed at how big the crowd still was.  We proceeded straight towards the starting line and was pleasantly surprised to hear Miguel calling out.  With that big crowd, finding friends would be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Managing a little stretching here and there while waiting for race start,  I also remembered to take and get a couple of photos  just a minute left before gun start.  Whew, got that in time! 🙂

With Angge and Miguel at the starting line

with friends Angge and Miguel a few seconds before race start

Race Proper

Km 1-5

It took me almost 2 minutes to cross the starting line as the sea of blue runners all moved forward in perfect sync.  I started easy with the plan of maintaining a steady even pace until the end with the hope of having spare energy for a strong finish.  It was disconcerting to feel the need to pee as early as the first kilometer.  I tried to brush it off but started looking out for portalets along the way.  The first set of portalets came at Km3.  I stopped then decided to run on when I saw the long line (by the way, saw Miguel already lined-up there).  I can still hold it.  The plan was to stop at the next portalet row with a relatively shorter line.


Ooooh, i wonder where that will be as I passed several more portalet rows and still found long lines.  I tried not to think about it.  I prayed mostly for Jun’s good run ( I know how much this means to him).  I sang praise songs, too, silently … sometimes, not too silently, when I extraordinarily find some breathing (and singing) space around me. 😉  You’d probably think I’m expending unnecessary effort and energy singing but I find myself extra-ordinarily refreshed whenever I offer a song of praise  to the Lord.

I just divulged a secret why I don’t listen to music when I run.  I make my own music.  That’s why. 🙂

I was still relatively relaxed at this point.  Afterall, I am still well within my distance comfort zone.  It was at this time when I took out my camera phone and took some race pictures.

two of the first few 42k runners going at it who we happily cheered on.

Km 11-15

This was to be the 2nd most difficult 5k part of my race .  At past 10k, I started feeling a noticeable pain at the back of my left thigh.  The location of the pain was surprising as I didn’t experience any problems with my left side.  My aches and pains has always been at the right — right hamstrings, right hip, right ankle, right plantars.   I felt my left upper back thigh begin to tense little by little.  I just ran on as usual carefully monitoring the pain.

By km12, I decided I just have to have that pee break.  I wanted to relieve my bladder off so I can concentrate my efforts and energy on my left leg.  Alas, I found a relatively shorter line at km 13 portalet row.  It took me still almost 5 minutes to line up and go.  The whole time I was trying to move my legs while in line so afraid of the cramping I often hear runners experience when they stop in the middle of a run.

Km 15-20

When I passed the 15km mark, I started to feel the pain extending to the outer side of my left knee.  “What is this?” I thought. “This is different.”  The muscle was getting tighter.  I was to find out later that that was my ITB giving me a problem. I tried running a different way to relieve the pain there but it wouldn’t go away.  I just tried to go a bit slower and sometimes walked a few steps when I opted to avail of water at the stations.  One thing sure,  the pain, though not strong enough to make me stop running surely slowed me down as I was afraid to push and risk experiencing leg cramping.

At km 19 though,  I was greeted with a loathsome bridge incline.  Whaaat?  An incline at the last 2km of a 21k run?  How cruel can they get!!!  Negotiating that bridge, I was seriously wondering  if I would ever do a 21k again.  I decided not to think about that yet and concentrate on finishing this one first.    With a determined posture, I picked up the pace even while still experiencing the tightness. I very briefly slowed down at one point when I felt unusually cold and light-headed.  I stopped at the last hydrating station to get a drink and prepared to go all out. I decided I will finish strong come hell or high water.

Km 21

I started this final phase summoning all strength of mind, heart and body, fully determined to finish and finish strong.   It seemed like a long final kilometer.  With the many twists and turns of the race route, the finish line was nowhere in sight.  In this final kilometer, the enthusiastic crowd cheering, clapping, shouting words of encouragement to the runners were really such a blessing.  The atmosphere suddenly just became so festive that I know we must be  near.  I definitely ran my fastest at this final kilometer — happy to know I was completing this milestone strong, well and alive!

Finished at 2hrs 41mins 43secs net.  Still alive and kicking, man!  🙂

made it!!! 🙂


So, will I do this again? …  God willing… a resounding YES!!!  🙂

See you at the races! 🙂

Since the Singapore race are milestones for both Jun and myself, we are posting our race experiences separately.  The Blue Sole’s account next…

This is it! On to Singapore!

Early this year while I was at the peak of my training for my first full, I had an injury that sidelined me and made me reluctantly stop pursuing my marathon dream for a while.  I had to satisfy myself with short easy runs and less mileage and contend myself with more PT drills and some cross training.  It took sometime for me to get used to the idea of not pushing myself  when running.  I waited patiently (i must admit, sometimes impatiently) to be able to go back to running again.  So, mileage was drastically reduced and training intensity was kept down so as not to aggravate my injury.

By summertime, I went  slowly went back and conservatively planned my runs which included Sunday races just to be able reach my goal to do my first full marathon.  I followed my training plan religiously.  Even during races where I do all my long runs, I maintained my planned pace even though it was very tempting speed up. I being such a good boy.

Then, calamity struck us that disrupted my training for three weeks. I was physically and emotionally drained that time and was uncertain if I will be able to do my first full.  Slowly, I went back to training while I took care of rehabilitating our home.  After doing my first 30km long run, I knew there was hope to get my marathon dream this year.

Mariel and I decided to do it.  My first full and her first half.

So, this is it! We’re running at the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore.  Am i ready? hmmmmm,  I am hoping my preparation will be enough for me to finish strong?….. finishing well will do.  I’m packed and just about ready.  Deep tissue massage, check.  Garmin, check.  Hydration belt, check.  singlet, Skins, socks, shoes, check check check check.  Mariel, check?


I’m honestly very nervous about this. Yesterday morning, I did my last 10k run.  Last night was my last deep tissue massage. There are definitely some tight muscles there.  I’ve only ran as far as 18.5k almost 2 weeks ago and have ran out of time to duplicate or top that.

Can I really run a 21k?  ooooh I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it.  Unlike my 15k non-stop training run,  when I didn’t feel any pain,  i felt my legs get heavy and tired at about the 16th km (13th km during the Botak race) which was why Jun insisted that I forgo my usual leg massage and have a deep tissue massage  instead after the Botak Race.

I hope I am able to settle down and calm my nerves come race day.  I hope I do well… I hope I finish… strong… alive? hahaha!  Gotta get these nasty thoughts out of my head!  I will just do my very best and pray everything turns out well and have a good and enjoyable run.  Good thing I believe in miracles! I definitely need one. 😉

This is it. No turning back … on to Singapore!

New Balance Power Run ’09

Flashback: New Balance ’08 (Clark)

My first exposure to the New Balance Race was in October of last year  in Clark not as a runner but as a co-photographer to our eldest daughter, Bea,  providing moral support to the then one and only runner in the family — Jun, of course!  The whole family hied off to Clear Water for some R&R and watched Jun finish his 25k race while taking some very interesting pictures during the race.

I still remember very clearly… Jun woke me up as planned all geared-up already so I can bring him to the starting line.  I drove back and at the appointed time woke-up our then 13 year old Bea and stationed ourselves at the race route just before the turn-around point near our hotel waiting for Jun to come running by.  It was a long wait as we were there even before the first runner came running along.  So, Bea and I had some fun time together chatting, laughing and clowning around while waiting.

Bea, entertaining me with her funny faces as we wait for Jun

Finally, our “star” arrives!

Snapped some running pics also of running regulars I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet at that time.  Looking at the pictures we took back then, it was interesting that the unnamed runners are now friends I now often see during races, training runs or even race launch events.  Let me share some unpublished pics (the Sole Mates’ blog was not in existence yet at the time)  we took last NB’08.

Present:  New Balance Power Run ’09 (The Fort)

From NV (read ENVY) to NB…

This year was different, from being a mere support to Jun, I am now an eager participant of the race.  I ran 10k and Jun did the 21k event.  We both took it easy since this was to be our  last race before my first half and Jun’s first full marathon. I’m happy to note that this year’s New Balance Power Run (Raising Hope) was a well-organized race.  The race started on time and water was in abundant supply.  Marshals were sufficient and very upbeat especially those stationed before the finish line. Furthermore,  bananas and 100 Plus drink were given at the finish and a very welcome surprise for me — a finisher’s medal!  Thanks NB for my very first running medal!

I waited for the Blue Sole to finish his race and off we went to make the rounds of the booths and got the chance to chat with friends, Dindo, Vener & Christy, Charlie, Rio, Ordo and Nana Mayen at different time points during our rounds.

We both described this race as comfortable.  We were both running events that we are most comfortable with at the moment  — me at 10k (I think I can run 10k everyday … hmmm… maybe every other day :))and he at 21k.  Dec 6 is a different story as we will both be out of our comfort zones and will be exploring new and exciting territory.  oooh sooo nervous… Meantime, I’ll just savor my very comfortable run and finish at the NB’09.

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