Four Races and a Training Run


Sept and Oct were El Nino months  for us as far as blogging is concerned.  We participated in 4 different runs and  have not written  about them until now.  Two before Ondoy and two after.  It wasn’t that there was nothing exciting to write about.  We just got the writers’ blues, that’s all.  Since we’ve started posting again, we want to complete our chronicle with short accounts that would hopefully capture our experiences in these 4 races.  Though much too late, it may be fun to reminisce about these races with us and remember the good and bad experiences.  We hope more of the good though. 😉

1) ECODASH :  Four thumbs up!


A happy, very wet run.  That’s how I would describe this race.

I woke up on race day hearing pitter-patters outside.  Is it raining? I asked Jun. He replied, since last night.  Ooh oh.  Honestly, I wasn’t feeling excited that morning first, because I had zero mileage that week and second, I was feeling heavy with all the choco chips I feasted on the day before.  Hah, I was anticipating a heavy panting run.  That was why I didn’t feel so upbeat about it.

I dressed up anyway with Jun egging me to keep moving.  With the rains, I had to re-think my outfit as I didn’t want to get cold nor end up see-through wet.  Of course, thinking through my outfit ate up some unplanned minutes off my prep time.  Haha I think I stressed the Blue Sole again.

With the rain pouring,  we found ourselves just one of a few cars parked at the north side of BHS.  The race started 30 minutes late so I had more than sufficient time to visit the ladies room twice and do some stretching.  I was so relaxed I almost didn’t realize it was my event that was about to start while I stood at the sidelines still waiting for the 10k runners to be called.  haha I guess I was caught daydreaming under the rain.

The run was pure joy.   Probably because the weather was cool that I didn’t feel too tired nor panted as much as I expected even with mileage a ziltz.  It was nice, too, that I had a running buddy (Miguel) during the early part of the race who like myself, has had very little mileage the past weeks.  Sashaying through the puddles was kinda fun, too.  I wasn’t successful avoiding all of them so with shoes, socks and all the way to my feet all wet, I happily trodded on without a care enjoying the new route which brought us around the glorietta/makati shang area via makati ave.  The run back up the flyover didn’t feel so much as a struggle as before.  A dash to the finish capped this rain-soaked run.

Super enjoyed this run and the happy chat with friends after about the up-coming QCIM.  Two thumbs up!

Make that four!

2) ROTARUN :  Now this one is an entirely different story…

I wish I didn’t  wake up early to go to this one.  First, there was no 15k race packet waiting for me as we’ve been promised.  I was being given a 21k packet instead for a distance that I was not prepared to run.  Didn’t get to run this one.  Just as we were told that there only 21k race packets were  left for us, I found out I was missing my ampiphod pouch where I placed my iphone.  The 21k countdown has begun and I waved off Jun to go ahead with his race while I hurriedly traced my steps back to the parking lot and to the car looking for my phone.  I spent the whole race period looking for it and sadly didn’t get it back. 😦

Didn’t plan on running this one but Mariel wanted to run a 15k event.  I ended up the one running instead.  So many things went wrong in this race.  One thing you can’t ignore even if you try is the under-measured distance that left 21k runners with new “scratch-in-the-head” PR’s that proved to be short-lived.  More than 3kms short as per my Garmin reading.

3)  QCIM:   A good comeback race …

Forced myself to run this one even if I really was in no mood to run yet.  Jun encouraged me though and I relented.  We really needed to start running and drive the Ondoy spirit away.  Turned out to be a good run for me.  No PR here but the accomplishment of running again after 1 month of running drought in our household was just great!  Just didn’t expect there’d be some drought in the race, too.  Running out of water at 6k caught me off-guard as I consumed a Hammer gel and found no water to down it with.  aaagh  gulp  gulp.   Apart from that, it was a good race experience for me though I was panting real hard the last few kilometers.  Mark I suppose heard me.  He sneaked-up on me and mimicked my panting and wouldn’t let me forget. hahaha  give me a break mark! haha   It was a good thing I was able to walk together with Mark and Tiffin towards the parking lot as I was quite disoriented and wasn’t quite sure where to go.  Unlike other races I’ve been used to, this one has a different starting and finish points.   And oh Tiffin, I really won’t forget you in this race. 😉  Thanks to Miguel, too, for keeping me company during the long wait for our 10k gun start and running alongside me during the first few kilometers.  Sorry I slowed you down. hehe

The new venue provided a  unique experience running in the wide expanse of Commonweath Ave.  You can see that the race has the full backing of the local government and rightly so.  Ample parking, good no. of security men deployed in the parking lots, sufficient no. of portalets, very festive atmosphere with marching bands and rah rah girls scattered along the race route.  Definitely more special than most races but I would have to agree it needs more  improvement to be at par with  international races.

Coming off from  a one-month hiatus, I consider this 21k  race  a good running experience or me.

4) Adidas KOTR:  A much awaited race …

PR race for me timing in unofficially at 1:08 10k based on my old reliable Baby G stop watch. Didn’t  find my name though in the official results.  The singlet was nice (love the bright yellow and black color!) and Adidas lived up to its reputation of providing well-designed, quality race singlets.   A very well attended event,  the  atmosphere was fun and at the same time electrifying.

Training run for me again as I extended and added another 4k to my 21k run.  Good running day for me.

Mariel with Melody

me & Vima (kulit on the run)

me, vima & tanya


A milestone for me though came not from all these races.  We went to BHS  a month ago (Oct 26) hoping to run 10  and unexpectedly ran a 15k non-stop!   Really, not even a water break!.  Now, how did that happen?  Thanks to Kaye who provided the target and later on  the unexpected reward!  haha

Finishing our warm-up run, Jun asked me how many I’m doing.  “10, I hope” was my tentative reply.  I myself was surprised I was feeling strong after 10k that I decided to just go for it.  Jun, who already finished his run was wondering why I was  taking too long and Kaye, who I had a nice chat with before my run in front of Nike was already thinking I might have taken her seriously and followed her advise.  Ha ha ha followed her indeed and what a happy runner I  was that night! Finished my first non-stop 15k with no pain at all. Not even the following days after.  Fabulous!!! 🙂

Guess what my motivation was to finish the 15k even when I started to feel I was drying up in the last 2 rounds (2.4k)?  Pan chicken at Pancake House!  So, off we went to Pancake House after.  What a great ending to a great training run! woohoo!  If that wasn’t enough, Jun agreed I should have that black and yellow Lunar Glides. WOOOHOOOHOOO!!!

Last na yan!  Next buy would be for 42k.

Huh? I would be needing more Lunar motivations for that! 😉


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