Botak Paatibayan Redeemed

Four  races, one weekend?  Whew, which one do we pick?

Del Monte’s Fit & Run is close to my heart but offers only up to 10k(does not support our immediate and critical goal for a long run).  Men’s Health’s Urbanathlon also very close to our hearts just doesn’t have a friendly format (can’t risk those obstacles injuring us now).  Race for Life with its advocacy is one that we can readily support however it offers just a 10k, too(i think). Besides being a little far,  this one’s being held on a Saturday when we have an importnt family event.  That leaves us with the Botak Paatibayan race.  With our not so good experience with a previous Botak event early this year however,  do we risk picking this one?  With Botak Paatibayan offering a 15k though, we were willing to place our bets here.  We will just use our hydration belts to be sure.  So… Botak it is…  and guess what?… we didn’t regret it at all!

Jun and I both registered for 15k (almost a last minute decision), the longest distance offered at the race.  While Jun is on taper mode already, I am still aiming to do my longest run at 18k.

Like what we did in the Timex race, we targeted to run our additional mileage before the race.  Unlike Timex though when we were able to sleep early the previous night to be ready for our pre-race run, we didn’t get much sleep Saturday  night since we had family and close friends at home celebrating our Mikka’s 6th birthday.  The whole Saturday was hectic but fun as the whole family celebrated at Fun Ranch as eagerly requested by Mikka.  The whole week was even more tiring with full and work-laden weekdays.  Such was my schedule the past week that I managed only to sneak out for a 45minute 6k run Saturday morning in the village while our birthday celebrator was still sleeping.  I got home with a McDonald’s breakfast bought by Jun with party hats to boot (a family tradition) with the older kids awake ready to wake our little Mikka with a happy birthday song.

So, waking up Sunday early morning wasn’t easy.  I still felt tired and sleepy but forced myself to stand up allowing myself only a few minutes to snooze reminding myself that it is my last chance to do my 18 as i need to taper off.

So we proceeded to the race venue early and started running at 5:15am.  Finish 3.5k with ample time for a restroom break before proceeding to the starting line for the 5:50am gun start.

We started together but planned to run at our own pace giving Jun time to go back for me and finish with me.  Everything was carried out as planned.  Jun finished and went running back and met me at the last kilometer and ran with me, egging me on, encouraging me to take it easy, slowly speed up and use longer strides towards the finish. Finally nailed that 18k (18.5k to be exact)!!! Woooohooo!!! On to Singapore!

Last Saturday was a special day for the family not only because it was Mikka’s 6th birthday but also because it was the very first time we felt that we have truly re-claimed our house.  Not 100% yet but getting close.  Since Mariel did not have time to run the past days, I told to her to run Saturday even for just a few kilometers just to get to feel the road again. She went out to run in the village early while I went out soon after to buy our traditional McDonald’s birthday breakfast.  As soon as the whole family finished breakfast and Mikka finished opening her gifts, Mariel and the kids started hanging the new curtains and slipping on the sofa covers.  It felt like we’re really home again.  🙂

Sunday’s Botak Race was a no-frills race but it had all the basics satisfied.  There were more than enough water and gatorade.  The people manning the stations were practically begging us to get our fill which we did with gusto even if I had my hydration belt on (the colder drinks were more attractive and with no lines and plenty of readily filled cups, who could resist?).  Botak and Men’s Health at some point in the races both used the same route at the same time but the organizers managed it very well.  There were enough marshals to direct us to the right route.

Saw Charlie doing his long run and he decided to join me at the last 5k. I went on to finish 15k uneventfully at 1.28 (based on my garmin) and went back for Mariel with Charlie still running with me intending to go all the way back the same route. We separated when I paced Mariel and he joined Ting as we ran the last kilometer towards the finish line.  Finished a total of 22k for the day.  Very good run.

Sorry, no pics this time as we hurriedly went off to catch our Sunday family activities.  Till NB!


12 Responses to “Botak Paatibayan Redeemed”

  1. 1 m8parco November 24, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Good luck in Singapore

  2. 3 carrey November 24, 2009 at 11:24 am

    didn’t think of joining the botak race because of the past experience. i’m glad that the race went well this time. congrats to you both and happy birthday to mikka! hope to meet you on the road soon 🙂

  3. 6 DATC November 24, 2009 at 11:28 am

    It was good to see you both at the race. Good luck on December 6! And see you too at NB next week.

    • 7 thesolemates November 24, 2009 at 10:25 pm

      Hi Dindo! It was nice seeing you, too. We even saw you after the race continuing your run when we were already driving out of BHS. It’s inspiring to see how your hard work is paying off. See you at NB!

  4. 8 bro j November 25, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    You’re a great team! On to Singapore! We wish you all the best on your Singa-Marathon! God bless! _ Broj and Swthrt!

  5. 10 run unltd. November 26, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    Good luck Jun and Mariel. The “firsts” are the most memorable, here’s wishing you all the best.

  1. 1 This is it! On to Singapore! « The Sole Mates Trackback on December 4, 2009 at 8:59 am

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