As Jun and I were driving home from last Sunday’s run, we were sharing our thoughts about the race and readily agreed that it was really great!  We couldn’t find fault with anything.  We are not into fault-finding during races as we want to just enjoy every race and focus on their good points.  This time though we did try to find fault and didn’t find any.  Very extra-ordinary!

Because we know that coming up with an event like this requires a good partnership between the sponsor and the organizer, we thank both Timex and Finish Line  for a superbly-planned and implemented race event that resulted to a great running experience.

Now for our race account …


For the first time since I started running, I woke up ahead of  Jun and even before the alarm clock  hit 2:45am.   I tapped him  lightly on the arm to make sure he’s awake and then bounced off the bed.  There was something (or was it someone? Oh Papa P!)  in this race that made me excited.  I probably had a premonition of a great event I didn’t want to ruin it by being late.  haha

At exactly 3:55am, we were in BHS starting our pre-race run.  There were not many people and cars yet but the starting line was already busy, bright and alive.  I was supposed to do a 15k and Jun a 32k.  Being registered only for 10k, I needed to do an extra 5.  Jun doing the 21k event would have to slice his extra 11k before and after the race. So, we did.

Jun and I ran together until I dropped off after finishing my 5k.  I would have wanted to continue and add more mileage as I had a good 30 minutes more before my event but I feared the long lines at the restroom and decided to allot the extra time for it.  It was a good decision after all as I was able to do my thing and felt completely ready for my race.  With the extra time on my hands, I was able to pray with Piolo and the rest of the runners and snap some pre-race pictures.

My view from across the street as Piolo was about to lead the runners in prayer with Coach Rio beside him

The race went great.  I used my hydration belt for the first time as I didn’t want to line up for water and found out I could have foregone use of it.  There was more than enough water for all the runners and the tables set were long enough to avoid any lines.  This, together with the hassle-free same-day claiming of the race pack  were really the biggest and most welcome improvement for me.  The rest like the David Salon rah rah girls, free towels for 21k finishers, free massage booth, loot bags, etc.  are nice-to-haves but definitely did make this race more special than the rest.

After the 21k runners left, I went in the corral and joined all the runners in the stretching exercises.  After the video presentation of the race route (a new techie addition), the race started and off went the 10k runners.  Jun warned me during our pre-race run to make sure I take it easy as I might immediately speed up having been warmed up from my early pre-race 5k.  So i was a little surprised  that my legs felt stiff and I felt in no way warmed-up as I started running my 10k.  I suppose the 30-minute break wiped-out the advantage from the warm-up. After km1, my legs felt better and ready to go and I sped up only to be slowed down by the flyover incline.  (I really need to get  those incline trainings started!)  I guess I was concentrating hard negotiating the incline that I failed to see Jun as we passed each on his way back (he said he saw me looking straight out).  The downhill run, my favorite, was usually an all-out affair for me.  This time though, I decided to take it easy all the way down careful not to cause any pain or any injury.  Off the flyover,  I saw friends Tiffin who cheered me on (thanks Tiff!) then Miguel who’s running his 1st half (congrats Migs!).  I was feeling good all the way that I decided to forgo my planned gel intake after km7 or anywhere before tackling the flyover again.  I didn’t think much about my time.  I just listened to my body more and tried to maintain the pace most comfortable for me that would take me on a longer run.

I was feeling good till the end.   Big thanks to Kaye for the very enthusiastic cheer at the finish line!  No PR this time (1.10.42) but it felt good having finished a total of 15k mileage set for the day.  Gotta nail that 18k this week or I’d be in trouble in December…

Marga, Mari, Kaye, Vima & Art, Tanya's friend, Tanya, me & Christy

Special thanks to Vima and Photovendo  for the pics!

I was looking forward to this race not because it was one of those the most  anticipated races but rather it was scheduled at the same time i was supposed to do my longest run (32k) to get ready for my first full.  So i asked Mariel if we can wake up earlier than usual, start early and run early. My plan was to do 5k or more prior to the 21k race and do the remaining after the race. Mariel agreed with me and we started our day excited and ready for a long run day. She joined the first 5 k and i continued until the final call for 21k runners. Im glad i did 7.5K before the race. As we took off i reminded myself to just maintain my planned pace for each part of the race. I kept in mind that i still need to do 24.5k and just take it easy since it is a long run day and not a race for me. After crossing the finish line, i just sipped some water, exchanged pleasantries with Jay (Prometheus Cometh) and went off straight out and continued my run to complete my 32k. woohooo!

I feel good i completed my longest run. Tired, a little sore but very happy. 🙂

Now, this race seemed more like an international race, don’t you think? 🙂



  1. 1 wilson November 23, 2009 at 6:52 am

    It seems to me like your preparations for December are going well. Keep it up! Two weeks na lang!

  2. 3 Nora, the golden girl November 23, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    You got up at 2:45 AM??? What time did you sleep? Grabe. I really admire (and envy) the both of you. You are–in every sense of the word (este words)–soulmates and solemates!

    Kakaiyak naman at namiss ko ang the best race ever. Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi. Sana maulit muli ang ganitong paligsahan.

    I’m not registered for NB, but I won’t miss Mizuno and Condura. Hope to see you there!

    • 4 thesolemates November 24, 2009 at 10:47 pm

      Nora, dala lang yun ng matinding pangangailangan. hahaha We are racing to log in the mileage needed for Sgpr. Lapit na kasi.

      Sayang nga you were not able to run in Timex pala. Don’t fret though I’m sure the Timex-Finishline team-up will be back with the famous Piolo-Rio tandem.

      Yup, we’re hoping to run in Mizuno and Condura as well. See yah!

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