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Four Races and a Training Run


Sept and Oct were El Nino months  for us as far as blogging is concerned.  We participated in 4 different runs and  have not written  about them until now.  Two before Ondoy and two after.  It wasn’t that there was nothing exciting to write about.  We just got the writers’ blues, that’s all.  Since we’ve started posting again, we want to complete our chronicle with short accounts that would hopefully capture our experiences in these 4 races.  Though much too late, it may be fun to reminisce about these races with us and remember the good and bad experiences.  We hope more of the good though. 😉

1) ECODASH :  Four thumbs up!


A happy, very wet run.  That’s how I would describe this race.

I woke up on race day hearing pitter-patters outside.  Is it raining? I asked Jun. He replied, since last night.  Ooh oh.  Honestly, I wasn’t feeling excited that morning first, because I had zero mileage that week and second, I was feeling heavy with all the choco chips I feasted on the day before.  Hah, I was anticipating a heavy panting run.  That was why I didn’t feel so upbeat about it.

I dressed up anyway with Jun egging me to keep moving.  With the rains, I had to re-think my outfit as I didn’t want to get cold nor end up see-through wet.  Of course, thinking through my outfit ate up some unplanned minutes off my prep time.  Haha I think I stressed the Blue Sole again.

With the rain pouring,  we found ourselves just one of a few cars parked at the north side of BHS.  The race started 30 minutes late so I had more than sufficient time to visit the ladies room twice and do some stretching.  I was so relaxed I almost didn’t realize it was my event that was about to start while I stood at the sidelines still waiting for the 10k runners to be called.  haha I guess I was caught daydreaming under the rain.

The run was pure joy.   Probably because the weather was cool that I didn’t feel too tired nor panted as much as I expected even with mileage a ziltz.  It was nice, too, that I had a running buddy (Miguel) during the early part of the race who like myself, has had very little mileage the past weeks.  Sashaying through the puddles was kinda fun, too.  I wasn’t successful avoiding all of them so with shoes, socks and all the way to my feet all wet, I happily trodded on without a care enjoying the new route which brought us around the glorietta/makati shang area via makati ave.  The run back up the flyover didn’t feel so much as a struggle as before.  A dash to the finish capped this rain-soaked run.

Super enjoyed this run and the happy chat with friends after about the up-coming QCIM.  Two thumbs up!

Make that four!

2) ROTARUN :  Now this one is an entirely different story…

I wish I didn’t  wake up early to go to this one.  First, there was no 15k race packet waiting for me as we’ve been promised.  I was being given a 21k packet instead for a distance that I was not prepared to run.  Didn’t get to run this one.  Just as we were told that there only 21k race packets were  left for us, I found out I was missing my ampiphod pouch where I placed my iphone.  The 21k countdown has begun and I waved off Jun to go ahead with his race while I hurriedly traced my steps back to the parking lot and to the car looking for my phone.  I spent the whole race period looking for it and sadly didn’t get it back. 😦

Didn’t plan on running this one but Mariel wanted to run a 15k event.  I ended up the one running instead.  So many things went wrong in this race.  One thing you can’t ignore even if you try is the under-measured distance that left 21k runners with new “scratch-in-the-head” PR’s that proved to be short-lived.  More than 3kms short as per my Garmin reading.

3)  QCIM:   A good comeback race …

Forced myself to run this one even if I really was in no mood to run yet.  Jun encouraged me though and I relented.  We really needed to start running and drive the Ondoy spirit away.  Turned out to be a good run for me.  No PR here but the accomplishment of running again after 1 month of running drought in our household was just great!  Just didn’t expect there’d be some drought in the race, too.  Running out of water at 6k caught me off-guard as I consumed a Hammer gel and found no water to down it with.  aaagh  gulp  gulp.   Apart from that, it was a good race experience for me though I was panting real hard the last few kilometers.  Mark I suppose heard me.  He sneaked-up on me and mimicked my panting and wouldn’t let me forget. hahaha  give me a break mark! haha   It was a good thing I was able to walk together with Mark and Tiffin towards the parking lot as I was quite disoriented and wasn’t quite sure where to go.  Unlike other races I’ve been used to, this one has a different starting and finish points.   And oh Tiffin, I really won’t forget you in this race. 😉  Thanks to Miguel, too, for keeping me company during the long wait for our 10k gun start and running alongside me during the first few kilometers.  Sorry I slowed you down. hehe

The new venue provided a  unique experience running in the wide expanse of Commonweath Ave.  You can see that the race has the full backing of the local government and rightly so.  Ample parking, good no. of security men deployed in the parking lots, sufficient no. of portalets, very festive atmosphere with marching bands and rah rah girls scattered along the race route.  Definitely more special than most races but I would have to agree it needs more  improvement to be at par with  international races.

Coming off from  a one-month hiatus, I consider this 21k  race  a good running experience or me.

4) Adidas KOTR:  A much awaited race …

PR race for me timing in unofficially at 1:08 10k based on my old reliable Baby G stop watch. Didn’t  find my name though in the official results.  The singlet was nice (love the bright yellow and black color!) and Adidas lived up to its reputation of providing well-designed, quality race singlets.   A very well attended event,  the  atmosphere was fun and at the same time electrifying.

Training run for me again as I extended and added another 4k to my 21k run.  Good running day for me.

Mariel with Melody

me & Vima (kulit on the run)

me, vima & tanya


A milestone for me though came not from all these races.  We went to BHS  a month ago (Oct 26) hoping to run 10  and unexpectedly ran a 15k non-stop!   Really, not even a water break!.  Now, how did that happen?  Thanks to Kaye who provided the target and later on  the unexpected reward!  haha

Finishing our warm-up run, Jun asked me how many I’m doing.  “10, I hope” was my tentative reply.  I myself was surprised I was feeling strong after 10k that I decided to just go for it.  Jun, who already finished his run was wondering why I was  taking too long and Kaye, who I had a nice chat with before my run in front of Nike was already thinking I might have taken her seriously and followed her advise.  Ha ha ha followed her indeed and what a happy runner I  was that night! Finished my first non-stop 15k with no pain at all. Not even the following days after.  Fabulous!!! 🙂

Guess what my motivation was to finish the 15k even when I started to feel I was drying up in the last 2 rounds (2.4k)?  Pan chicken at Pancake House!  So, off we went to Pancake House after.  What a great ending to a great training run! woohoo!  If that wasn’t enough, Jun agreed I should have that black and yellow Lunar Glides. WOOOHOOOHOOO!!!

Last na yan!  Next buy would be for 42k.

Huh? I would be needing more Lunar motivations for that! 😉


Botak Paatibayan Redeemed

Four  races, one weekend?  Whew, which one do we pick?

Del Monte’s Fit & Run is close to my heart but offers only up to 10k(does not support our immediate and critical goal for a long run).  Men’s Health’s Urbanathlon also very close to our hearts just doesn’t have a friendly format (can’t risk those obstacles injuring us now).  Race for Life with its advocacy is one that we can readily support however it offers just a 10k, too(i think). Besides being a little far,  this one’s being held on a Saturday when we have an importnt family event.  That leaves us with the Botak Paatibayan race.  With our not so good experience with a previous Botak event early this year however,  do we risk picking this one?  With Botak Paatibayan offering a 15k though, we were willing to place our bets here.  We will just use our hydration belts to be sure.  So… Botak it is…  and guess what?… we didn’t regret it at all!

Jun and I both registered for 15k (almost a last minute decision), the longest distance offered at the race.  While Jun is on taper mode already, I am still aiming to do my longest run at 18k.

Like what we did in the Timex race, we targeted to run our additional mileage before the race.  Unlike Timex though when we were able to sleep early the previous night to be ready for our pre-race run, we didn’t get much sleep Saturday  night since we had family and close friends at home celebrating our Mikka’s 6th birthday.  The whole Saturday was hectic but fun as the whole family celebrated at Fun Ranch as eagerly requested by Mikka.  The whole week was even more tiring with full and work-laden weekdays.  Such was my schedule the past week that I managed only to sneak out for a 45minute 6k run Saturday morning in the village while our birthday celebrator was still sleeping.  I got home with a McDonald’s breakfast bought by Jun with party hats to boot (a family tradition) with the older kids awake ready to wake our little Mikka with a happy birthday song.

So, waking up Sunday early morning wasn’t easy.  I still felt tired and sleepy but forced myself to stand up allowing myself only a few minutes to snooze reminding myself that it is my last chance to do my 18 as i need to taper off.

So we proceeded to the race venue early and started running at 5:15am.  Finish 3.5k with ample time for a restroom break before proceeding to the starting line for the 5:50am gun start.

We started together but planned to run at our own pace giving Jun time to go back for me and finish with me.  Everything was carried out as planned.  Jun finished and went running back and met me at the last kilometer and ran with me, egging me on, encouraging me to take it easy, slowly speed up and use longer strides towards the finish. Finally nailed that 18k (18.5k to be exact)!!! Woooohooo!!! On to Singapore!

Last Saturday was a special day for the family not only because it was Mikka’s 6th birthday but also because it was the very first time we felt that we have truly re-claimed our house.  Not 100% yet but getting close.  Since Mariel did not have time to run the past days, I told to her to run Saturday even for just a few kilometers just to get to feel the road again. She went out to run in the village early while I went out soon after to buy our traditional McDonald’s birthday breakfast.  As soon as the whole family finished breakfast and Mikka finished opening her gifts, Mariel and the kids started hanging the new curtains and slipping on the sofa covers.  It felt like we’re really home again.  🙂

Sunday’s Botak Race was a no-frills race but it had all the basics satisfied.  There were more than enough water and gatorade.  The people manning the stations were practically begging us to get our fill which we did with gusto even if I had my hydration belt on (the colder drinks were more attractive and with no lines and plenty of readily filled cups, who could resist?).  Botak and Men’s Health at some point in the races both used the same route at the same time but the organizers managed it very well.  There were enough marshals to direct us to the right route.

Saw Charlie doing his long run and he decided to join me at the last 5k. I went on to finish 15k uneventfully at 1.28 (based on my garmin) and went back for Mariel with Charlie still running with me intending to go all the way back the same route. We separated when I paced Mariel and he joined Ting as we ran the last kilometer towards the finish line.  Finished a total of 22k for the day.  Very good run.

Sorry, no pics this time as we hurriedly went off to catch our Sunday family activities.  Till NB!


As Jun and I were driving home from last Sunday’s run, we were sharing our thoughts about the race and readily agreed that it was really great!  We couldn’t find fault with anything.  We are not into fault-finding during races as we want to just enjoy every race and focus on their good points.  This time though we did try to find fault and didn’t find any.  Very extra-ordinary!

Because we know that coming up with an event like this requires a good partnership between the sponsor and the organizer, we thank both Timex and Finish Line  for a superbly-planned and implemented race event that resulted to a great running experience.

Now for our race account …


For the first time since I started running, I woke up ahead of  Jun and even before the alarm clock  hit 2:45am.   I tapped him  lightly on the arm to make sure he’s awake and then bounced off the bed.  There was something (or was it someone? Oh Papa P!)  in this race that made me excited.  I probably had a premonition of a great event I didn’t want to ruin it by being late.  haha

At exactly 3:55am, we were in BHS starting our pre-race run.  There were not many people and cars yet but the starting line was already busy, bright and alive.  I was supposed to do a 15k and Jun a 32k.  Being registered only for 10k, I needed to do an extra 5.  Jun doing the 21k event would have to slice his extra 11k before and after the race. So, we did.

Jun and I ran together until I dropped off after finishing my 5k.  I would have wanted to continue and add more mileage as I had a good 30 minutes more before my event but I feared the long lines at the restroom and decided to allot the extra time for it.  It was a good decision after all as I was able to do my thing and felt completely ready for my race.  With the extra time on my hands, I was able to pray with Piolo and the rest of the runners and snap some pre-race pictures.

My view from across the street as Piolo was about to lead the runners in prayer with Coach Rio beside him

The race went great.  I used my hydration belt for the first time as I didn’t want to line up for water and found out I could have foregone use of it.  There was more than enough water for all the runners and the tables set were long enough to avoid any lines.  This, together with the hassle-free same-day claiming of the race pack  were really the biggest and most welcome improvement for me.  The rest like the David Salon rah rah girls, free towels for 21k finishers, free massage booth, loot bags, etc.  are nice-to-haves but definitely did make this race more special than the rest.

After the 21k runners left, I went in the corral and joined all the runners in the stretching exercises.  After the video presentation of the race route (a new techie addition), the race started and off went the 10k runners.  Jun warned me during our pre-race run to make sure I take it easy as I might immediately speed up having been warmed up from my early pre-race 5k.  So i was a little surprised  that my legs felt stiff and I felt in no way warmed-up as I started running my 10k.  I suppose the 30-minute break wiped-out the advantage from the warm-up. After km1, my legs felt better and ready to go and I sped up only to be slowed down by the flyover incline.  (I really need to get  those incline trainings started!)  I guess I was concentrating hard negotiating the incline that I failed to see Jun as we passed each on his way back (he said he saw me looking straight out).  The downhill run, my favorite, was usually an all-out affair for me.  This time though, I decided to take it easy all the way down careful not to cause any pain or any injury.  Off the flyover,  I saw friends Tiffin who cheered me on (thanks Tiff!) then Miguel who’s running his 1st half (congrats Migs!).  I was feeling good all the way that I decided to forgo my planned gel intake after km7 or anywhere before tackling the flyover again.  I didn’t think much about my time.  I just listened to my body more and tried to maintain the pace most comfortable for me that would take me on a longer run.

I was feeling good till the end.   Big thanks to Kaye for the very enthusiastic cheer at the finish line!  No PR this time (1.10.42) but it felt good having finished a total of 15k mileage set for the day.  Gotta nail that 18k this week or I’d be in trouble in December…

Marga, Mari, Kaye, Vima & Art, Tanya's friend, Tanya, me & Christy

Special thanks to Vima and Photovendo  for the pics!

I was looking forward to this race not because it was one of those the most  anticipated races but rather it was scheduled at the same time i was supposed to do my longest run (32k) to get ready for my first full.  So i asked Mariel if we can wake up earlier than usual, start early and run early. My plan was to do 5k or more prior to the 21k race and do the remaining after the race. Mariel agreed with me and we started our day excited and ready for a long run day. She joined the first 5 k and i continued until the final call for 21k runners. Im glad i did 7.5K before the race. As we took off i reminded myself to just maintain my planned pace for each part of the race. I kept in mind that i still need to do 24.5k and just take it easy since it is a long run day and not a race for me. After crossing the finish line, i just sipped some water, exchanged pleasantries with Jay (Prometheus Cometh) and went off straight out and continued my run to complete my 32k. woohooo!

I feel good i completed my longest run. Tired, a little sore but very happy. 🙂

Now, this race seemed more like an international race, don’t you think? 🙂

Nike Lunar Glide+ New Colors: Review Batch 2

When I wrote the first review, I really didn’t think I’d have a part 2.  I guess my question in the first review as to whether Nike will have enough colors to satisfy my craving for a Lunar Glide+ may have been answered. To date, they’ve come out with 7 color varieties for women and another 7  for men.  With the success of the Lunar Glide+, I believe there’d be more.  Hurray!!!

So ladies, this may be a little late as I have been sidelined for a time due to unforeseen events, but I’m back and raring to feature my fave shoes again.  Men’s colors to be featured, too.  So hang in there…

Nike Lunar Glides+ (Batch 2)


Light and airy, is how I will describe this model.  The color is just so cool to the eyes.  The light blue, white, light gray and a a little darker gray color combination soothes the eyes.  Nothing shocking. Nothing glaring.  A combination that has a calming effect.  Seems like this would make me run floating.  Pretty nice for an everyday walking shoes, too that would blend well with the old reliable jeans.

Image014Just like the first batch, batch 2 has a striking variant.  What can be more striking than red?   This  dominantly red ride was effectively toned down by the black and gray combination that truly matches.  Unlike the light blue up there which calms, this one shouts energy!  Go Go Go!  Run Run Run!

blog colors 2

Now if there’s a pair I would pick for this batch, this one gets my 100%, hands-up, full vote.  This one is screaming ” BUY ME, BUY ME!!!”   This is handsomely chic!  With shoes like this, how can you go wrong?  This one makes me feel like I can run my first 21k in no time.  haha

Have you taken your pick?  Before you decide, here’s the first color batch launched by Nike and reviewed in this blog.

lunar glides  women's batch 1

To read color review and view bigger pictures of batch 1, click  Nike Lunar Glide+ COLORS: A Review.

To read  Sole Mates’ review of the Lunar Glide+, click Nike Lunar Glide+ for Men & Women  Review.

Now, here’s for the men.  Great color picks even for women!

1) Dark Gray and Yellow

2) Light Gray/White/Purple

3) Black/Gray/Red

men's batch 2

Batch 2  on parade …  Clap Clap Clap!  Braaaavo!

Available at all Nike Outlets  and Runnr Store for P5,550.00

lunar glides men's & women's batch 2

Lunar Glide+ Women's at the top with their counterpart colors for men at the bottom

Ondoy 013

Women's on Top

To Sing or not to Sing …

Nope, we are not talking about a vocal engagement here but an all-important race we signed up for early June  scheduled for Dec 7 — the Standard Chartered International Marathon in Singapore.

Having been sidelined for a month as clean-up chores took priority, we are racing to train for a race we signed up for months before.  As we resume training, we are still undecided … or atleast Mariel still is. Do we push through with it?

I am hoping to go back and this time conquer my first full in Singapore.  Mariel on the otherhand, has signed up for her first half.

We are in a dilemna right now.  With the way things are right now, Mariel is having second thoughts…

Still praying about it …  With barely a month to go, we’ve got to make a decision soon…

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