Mommy Milkshake: Drizzly Fun Run

This is one race I was most excited with because it affords us a chance to bring the kids along.  We registered to run the 3k event and a week before the race day,  all the kids have decided on their race gears.  We even did a 2k practice run in the village.  That alone was fun already!

Since it has been raining since a couple of days back, I knew there was possibility that the race could be cancelled or if not, the kids would probably not be able to join us.  True enough, on the night before race day, we received an email advise from the race organizers that they will be sending text messages to the registered participants at 3am on race day should they decide to postpone the event.  That was unsettling but we didn’t tell the kids yet.  Somehow I knew they can still run with us as the rains already subsided and later that night was relegated to a drizzle.  Nonetheless, I woke up at 3am to check for a message.  Felt relieved that there was none even after 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, sleep by this time has eluded me until it was time for everybody to wake up.

The kids readily woke up at 5:15am and prepared for their race.  My sis-in-law(my only brother Junix’ wife that is), Debbie, and her unica hija, Daphne, arrived early very much excited for their very first race. Woohoo! (I hope we can get Junix to run or walk(?) next time.  He surely needs it! ;)).

It was cloudy but there wasn’t even a drizzle sooo … off we went with the kids in tow!

Nearing BHS, it started to drizzle.  O0h oh, too late to back out.  The drizzles came and went.  That was about the story from registration until the finish.  Thank God there was no down-pour and we had no need to pull the kids out from the race ‘coz that would have been a big letdown for them.

One time it was drizzling during the race, our Mikka innocently commented, “Mom, it’s drizzling!”  “Yes” I answered, so better make the most out of this as you wouldn’t be able to run in the rain all too often.”  hahaha We ran on having fun with me offering a silent prayer that the kids don’t get sick.  We thank the Lord they’re all well with nary a hint of colds.   All throughout the race, our 5-year old Mikka dictated our pace.  She’d shout “Walk” when tired and happily scream “Go!” as she starts to sprint.  We had fun running as a family!  Family events such as these spice up our running life, indeed!

We’ll keep this short and let the pictures show you the fun event.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me in the pics though.  I was the family’s appointed official photographer for the event! 🙂  Here goes…

Cloudy skies couldn’t dampen our spirits.  The circus acts and a friendly bear mascot lent a festive atmosphere.

  • circus clowns entertained the kids
  • circus clowns entertained the kids
  • Mikka with the friendly Nivea baby bear mascot

    Mikka with the friendly Nivea baby bear mascot

    Pink was the color of the day with the race organizer encouraging everyone to wear pink for the race.  Of course, the family happily complied.

    Our familys very pink race contingent -

    Our family's very pink race contingent -

    Mommy Vima & Mommy Mariel with our respective kids.

    Mommy Vima & Mommy Mariel with our respective kids.

    cruz family with debbie & daphne,  mendoza family, aljo, marga, patrick, jaymie & miguel

    Definitely more pink than our usual photo-ops with friends --bea, mariel, mikka & sofia cruz, with art & vima mendoza and 3 kids, marga, patrick, miguel, jaymie, aljo, debbie & daphne

    It was drizzling on and off during the registration but race started with a clearer sky just right for a cool weather race…

    at race start

    At race start (see mikka barely seen behind the big banner? Peek... :))

    Mikka finally visible at race start ;)

    ... a- Boo! Mikka finally visible at race start 😉

    With the banner and photo-ops out of the way, everybody’s all set.  Ready… set… go!

    The family started the race together…

    all running together still

    It wasn’t long after though when Sofia and cousin Daphne darted ahead leaving Mikka, Bea and me behind…

    Taking it easy and just enjoying the experience

    Gearing up!

    Gearing up!

    Mikka says Go!

    Mikka says "Go!"

    Mikka leads us when it's "Go!" time.

    Sofia and Mikka running together

    Rare and proud moment for Mikka as she overtakes older sister. Kind Sofia readily gave way. 🙂

    How light and easy can it get? (see mom debbie running with all her paraphernalia?) 🙂

    our 2 girls and a daughter ;)  great running form, dont you think so?

    Bea, Sofia & Mikka: Pretty good running forms, ey?

    It was fun  seeing and even running with friends at some point in the race …

    Bro J, Baby and son

    Bro J, Baby and son having fun running

    good friend Anne joined, too.  It was us who couldnt keep up with her this time. ;)

    Good friend Anne joined, too. It was us who couldn't keep up with her this time. 😉

    The 5k & 3k runners merged towards the 2nd loop. Taki & baby, Jaymie catching up with us here.

    Finally, the finish line awaits…

    Bea, Mikka and I sprinting to the finish line with BroJ & family

    Bea, Mikka and I sprinting to the finish line with BroJ & family

    mariel & mikka

    "Mikka, you did it!"

    The Cruz girls

    The Cruz girls as pink as can be

    For our usual pic … it’s the Sole Mates + 3 …

    The Sole Mates with our most cherished treasures - bea, sofia & Mikka

    The Sole Mates with our most cherished treasures - bea, sofia & Mikka (niece Daphne at the rightmost side)

    After a drizzle-laden run, the kids clamored for a swim.  So, they headed straight to the village pool and continued a fun-filled morning!

    Thanks  Mommy Milkshake. We had fun!  We hope there’s a next time… 🙂


    10 Responses to “Mommy Milkshake: Drizzly Fun Run”

    1. 1 Bro J September 8, 2009 at 11:29 pm

      To the solemates and your children, congratulations! It was really fun running in the rain with our kids. Balik bata rin tayo, hehehe.

    2. 3 kulitrunner September 9, 2009 at 12:48 pm

      yey, it was really fun! its always great seeing you guys. and more fun pala with the kids ano. sana next time our kids can bond together. sobrang kulit lang kasi talaga ni adam. hehe! 😉

    3. 5 Nora, the golden girl September 9, 2009 at 11:37 pm

      I’m super duper sad to miss this (again!). Kakainggit! It’s always a joy to run with the whole family.

      Di ba dapat naka pink din si Jun?

      • 6 thesolemates September 11, 2009 at 9:37 pm

        aawww Nora, we do hope you recover soon so we can see you at the races again. Really sad to learn about your accident. Take care! 🙂

        Oh by the way, you’re right, Jun should have worn pink. He was protesting he doesn’t have a pink shirt. He should have worn his pink long-sleeved shirt instead with matching tie. Watjatink? 😉


    4. 7 correrconmigo September 11, 2009 at 3:59 pm

      Nice shots…

      • 8 thesolemates September 11, 2009 at 9:33 pm

        Thanks Meng! Jun had no choice but to produce nice shots or else… hehehe.
        Didn’t see you running. I suppose you were the appointed family photographer? It was nice seeing your family there especially your cute baby Meekha. Hope to see you again soon! –Mariel 🙂

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