Kenny Run 09 Report and Results

For this race, race day meant not only race proper but 2 separate pre-race runs for both Mariel and I.


I was scheduled for a long run that day and the plan was to meet up with Jaymie and Miguel to run atleast 15k (in knee-friendly asphalt roads )since we will be running only 5k at the race.  Mariel, who promised our daughter that she’ll take her to practice that morning opted not to join us to fulfill her commitment and planned instead to run in the cemented roads of our village.

Rains (or was it just a threat of rain and the stronger pull of the bed? hehe) prevented Jaymie and Miguel from meeting up for our scheduled run.  Already geared up, I decided to join Mariel instead on her planned short run.  On cemented roads, I’m willing to risk a 5k.  It was short and very laid back.

Hah! Of course, his laid back run isn’t laid back for me at all!  I ran at a faster rate than usual.  I’m not complaining though.  It was a good 5k run for me, one that I felt pushed me a little more.  Every now and then Jun would be asking if I was okay and  surprisingly, I was.  Though breathing a little heavier,  I felt I could take it and was happy about managing a faster pace.

After our morning run, time for some mommy duties. After that, I managed to take a sweet, restful nap waking up upon Jun’s arrival from picking up Sofia  from practice.  Now, it was time for his nap.

I wasn’t as successful as Mariel taking a nap.  I went to bed but couldn’t quite  get a restful sleep. Anyway, soon after, it was time to pick up Bea this time from practice and reminded Mariel to be ready for our pre-race run with Jaymie and Miguel at the BHS (take 2).

This time the planned run materialized.  We met up with the Pizarro’s at around 6:30pm at Runnr.  Finding long lines to the restroom we decided to start running and headed towards McDonald’s for that much-needed restroom break for the girls.  Aljo joined us until McDonald’s and decided to head back after.  We then continued our run and headed towards the outer streets of Fort Boni passing through the condiminium area, back of S&R, towards Serendra and back to BHS completing one loop of 5k.  Mariel dropped out at 5k and Miguel at probably around 8k.  Jaymie and I continued on and completed the 2nd loop to finish a 10k run.

It was another enjoyable 5k run for me.  With Jun setting the pace, it couldn’t be too easy for me.   It was an easy pace for him and our running buddies but definitely a faster than normal rate for me again.  Whew, the perils of running with bulls and itchy blue soles! hahaha  No, don’t get me wrong.  I ‘m not complaining.  Tired but really enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s always great running with friends! 🙂

After a change of running clothes, met up with my sister Jen and couple friends and first-time 5k runners Popoy and Cielo at Runnr as we waited for Jun to finish his run.  The chatter was fun and upbeat centering on the couples’ attempt at pre-Kenny race training, weight-loss, gears and future races.  We met up with the Pizarro’s again and proceeded to the iamninoy booth where I finally met couple JamikeMayi whom I only get to communicate with online.  Also met Rapa Lopa and wife Didi.  It was a pleasure meeting you all.

We drank in the sites and sounds of the race here.  The atmosphere was truly festive and fun.  As we watched the 10k race start, we awaited with much excitement for our first-time race participant friends the call for the 5k runners. When it came,  we positioned ourselves almost at the end of the pack as we squeezed ourselves in the corral.  The runners were in high spirits and we joined the howls of the runners psyching up for the race.  The air was charged!  It felt like everybody was having fun! We certainly were!


As soon as the starting gun fired, the continuous beeps coming from the timing chips were heard and we slowly inched our way to the starting line passing the metal platform that would record our official race start.  Jun initially ran easy which allowed me to keep pace.   The road was packed with runners and it took effort getting ahead of the runners/walkers.  He motioned for me to run behind him as  we criss-crossed our way ahead.   I was able to keep up until the turn-around loop but as soon as we passed the half-way turn going towards the incline,  he asked me one last time if I was okay and as soon as I gave him an affirmative answer, he motioned he will go ahead and he was off.  That was the last I saw of him during the race.  I knew he would not be able to hold back for long.  haha  The itchy blue sole was at it again and on his heels was a seemingly mad bull.  hahaha  Wait, where was Miguel?  Guess what?  He actually finished ahead running on race mode all the way! I guess he was a madder bull that night.  Way to go Miguel!   hahaha

Jun was at the finish line waiting for me and we went to get our freebies and certificates together.

This is one race that erased my fears and  exceeded my expectations.  While I was apprehensive about running in the dark, the entire route turned out to be well-lighted during the race (atleast by the headlights of cars held up by the race traffic). While I knew this would be a really fun race, it turned out to be much more fun than I thought it would be. While I expected to run slow and even walk, I was able to run faster and hit a PR thanks to Jun who served as my pace-setter for the first half.

Finished at a PR time of 35.3.  Considering the hilly route and of course factoring in the darkness,  this was really unexpected. Previous PR for a 5k at 36.4  set at a flat route and morning run at Condura. WOOHOO!

This day was totally fun.  Thoroughly  enjoyed my 5k easy run with Jun that morning within the village and the  pre-race run around Fort Bonifacio with Jun, Jaymie & Miguel.  The 5k race completed a 15k mileage for me for the day.  Happiness!!! 🙂


After getting our fill of powerade and getting our bag of freebies, we converged again at the iamninoy booth for a lot of chats and a few photo-ops as we waited for my sister and our friends to finish and get their freebies.  The lines were long by the time they finished so there were a lot of opportunity to chat and just people watch.


The results of the race was just as fun to see …


Jun :

–  passed 359 runners and 0 passed hi.  Cool!

– finished 14th place in division


– finished upper 12% in gender category(middle packer at the globe 10k)

– finished 16th place in division

– PR finish at 35:3 (net).  Cool, too!

Our RunPix stats …

Kenny -Jun Stats


and our running pics (thanks photovendo).  I have not been fortunate enough to have good shots though 😦 Well, better ones next time, i hope …

blog final 1

As for the usual after race meal?  NADA!  It was full house at Pancake House  and after waiting and chatting awhile decided that we’re not hungry anyway.  We comforted ourselves with the fact that we did not put the day’s work-out to naught.  We just chatted some more and tried to plot out our next races with our new running recruits.  Before calling it a night, we remembered our standard photo-ops. Perfect!

with only sis, jen, on her 2nd 5k race now. Woohoo!

with only sis, jen, on her 2nd 5k race now. Woohoo!

Jun and I with good friends, Popoy & Cielo, our new running recruits

Jen, Cielo and me

Jen, Cielo and me

I’m so happy when friends start getting excited about the sport Jun and I  so passionately love.  We just truly love encouraging our friends to take up running.  I even find myself talking about running almost everywhere I go — at work, the parlor,  gym, spa and even at the derma while undergoing cautery session.  The joys of running just pleasantly fills my thoughts.  😉  I remembered the time when I noticed Jun talking about running all the time and managed to squeeze in the topic almost everytime.  Hah, now i find myself doing the same!  The running fever is really contagious! I hope more of our friends get it. 😉

Great friends, great chat, great race.  What more can we ask for?  Probably a great meal at KR? (We would have opted for the KR meal if my pretty sister could just find her and our friends meal stubs)  😉

Fabulous time anyway… with or without a meal! 🙂


Just had to include this even if it's blurred. Won't be complete without the usual Sole Mates pic! 😉


4 Responses to “Kenny Run 09 Report and Results”

  1. 1 mixednuts August 26, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    It was really nice to have finally met you too Mariel. See you in the other races. You sound like you’re addicted na to running–haha.

  2. 3 run unltd. August 26, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    Hi Jun & Mariel, you had a wonderful run there, congrats. I missed you though at the post race huddle. See you again and best regards.

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