Tonight’s the Night!

It seems such a long time ago since the Kenny’s Urbanite Race was first announced.  Now it’s time… Tonight’s the night!

No PR expectations for this race for me.  I just wanna have fun with our friends joining a once-in-a-blue-moon nightime race.  Early on, I wanted to sign up for my first 15k (my supposed first 15k at the men’s health trail run went kapoot!) but I signed up for 5k  instead where our long-time couple  friends popoy and cielo and my sister, jen will be running also.  Having developed a trauma for road runs at night with my little accident a couple of months back  (see earlier post on Misadventures of the Pink Sole),   I was apprehensive about running a longer distance.  I might not be as alert when I’m already tired so it’s 5k for me tonight.  No plans really for this race … slow … fast … walk … run … walk-run-walk …  walk-run-stop(photo-ops? ;)) … anything goes for this race … I’ll just play it by ear. Any pace, any time will do.  😉

Our schedule is really tight with all the many activities happening all at the same time but I think we’ve managed to sort and  iron things out at last!

So on to the Urbanite Run!  Don’t forget your race bibs, timing chip and food stubs and maybe… flashlights are in order?  hahaha   See you there!


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