Nike Lunar Glide+ Colors : A Review

Pink SoleColor review?  Some guys out there might say, “what the heck…!”  But before you continue, let me just say that though this may be a trivial topic for men, this is definitely a major one for women.  Right, ladies?

So men… I invite you for a sneak peak of how a woman thinks when buying shoes … particularly here, running shoes. Consider this girls talk and you’re invited to eavesdrop… 😉  If you’re anything like my hubby, you’d probably be shaking your head. hahaha!   So, okay?  Read on or click off…  here it goes…

The Color Review

I have been thinking about getting my 4th pair of running shoes for sometime now.  There are only 2 pairs I constantly use – Nike Pegasus and the Nike Lunar Glide+.  The first one I bought (a nice Adidas) was used only once as I unknowingly got just the exact size and it has given me a dead toe nail (well, almost!) on my first run using it..  I’ve appointed it as walking shoes since then.

I loved using my Nike Pegasus until I met and fell in love with the Lunar Glides+.  As said in my previous post on the Lunar Glide+ review, I was already thinking about getting another Pegasus in a different color (i know there’s a breed out there like me who buys things they really like in 2 or more colors) when the Lunar Glides+ stopped me dead on my tracks.  I just fell head over heels in love with it.  Yes, it’s on top of my running shoe list as of now so the question isn’t about getting another Lunar or not but … what other colors do they have? What color should I get?  Do they have enough color collection to satisfy my craving?

Nike has come out with 3 colors of the Lunar Glide+ so far.

Lunar Glide+ whit&orange A real winner.  The color is very subtle with its   basically white color trimmed with neon orange.  This is a safer color I should say which a wider range of women will like.  That includes me! So love mine! If you’re a newbie intent on seriously picking up running for a sport, this will be a very good pick.  It’s almost neutral color can be worn with almost any running outfit.

Lunar Glide+ blueWhoa, this one is striking!  The blue tone is so alive and upbeat.  Complementing it with a “highlighter” yellow provided the much needed break in the overall blue color. This may not be a first shoe pick color for a newbie though but that’s only because there is nothing neutral about the hue and therefore is highly picky on the outfit it will go with.  For runners picking their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, nth  running shoes, this color would surely brighten your collection and just might brighten  your running mood as well.  I just love the vibrant color!

Lunar Glide+ violet This one has two good color elements.  I probably wouldn’t put them together though.  The Barney-like combination just doesn’t appeal to me when worn either as a shoe or any apparel for that matter.  A white combination would have turned the tables for me here.  Not one I will spend on but one I can still wear if by some chance Jun buys it for me as a surprise.   It might just grow on me.  hahaha!!!

So, the verdict?  Got myself the blue Lunar Glide+!!!  Love wearing them!!!

Thought it would be perfect for the Kenny Urbanite Run on Aug 15 with its neon yellow trims.  Wearing this, I just might not need the glow-in-the-dark stuff that will be provided at the races.  😉

Ooooooh….  a NEW COLOR IS OUT!  I just saw the latest lunar glide+ color in Nike BHS last Sunday . . .

Lunar Glide+ 001 Another great neutral color in dominantly white complemented by  dark aqua green combination!   Definitely could be a 1st running shoe pick for those thinking about buying their first pair. This is really nice!  Oh by the way, they also have a men’s version for this in white and dark blue complementing color.  Hon, another Sole Mates pair? 😉

Blue SoleFour months running, four running shoes?!?

Pink SoleTouche! 😉

Lunar Glide+ Men's & Women's all colors

The Nike Lunar Glide+ Collection Men's & Women's

Lunar Glide+ women's all colors

The Nike Lunar Glide+ Women's Collection

What can I say?  as an old song goes…

I love being a girl.  I just love being a girl!  😉


Update:  For batch 2 review (3 new colors), click Nike Lunar Glide+ NEW Colors: Review Batch 2


8 Responses to “Nike Lunar Glide+ Colors : A Review”

  1. 1 runradio August 11, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    oh mariel darling, even if i love my boy-space-friends to death as they comprise more than 90 percent of my friends list, i love love LOVE being a girl too! i saw the gray-aqua variant too and got super giggly and giddy over it.

    wait. back to reality. may size 10 ba sila? cry, cry.

    oohhhkay, do i still love being a girl? 😦

  2. 3 ibetlacbay August 11, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    gusto ko yung blue. i’m planning to get one here. hehe

  3. 5 tina August 12, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    I love the new colors!!! so cuuuute!

  4. 7 kulitrunner August 14, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    i want. i want. i want another pair! waaaaaahhhhhhh….

  1. 1 Nike Lunar Glide+ Colors: Review Batch 2 « The Sole Mates Trackback on November 7, 2009 at 1:06 pm

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