Bandit Run @ Buddy Run

The Robinson’s Fit & Fun Buddy Run is one race we  thoroughly enjoyed.  We did not write about it sooner since we couldn’t quite fuse together the extreme but opposite feelings this race brought us.

You might even think this is so out of season with the Buddy Run finished almost a month ago. A dark topic in a season of bright yellows?

Noooo, this is not a race review with its usual positives and negatives, pros and cons, stars or ratings.  I know, I know, this run seems ancient by now but bear with me though coz I really want to post this and share some thoughts…

A Fun Running Experience:

Jun needed a long run that weekend and decided to proceed with his  planned buddy team-up with Vince.  I was supposed to be just the  official photographer  however Aljo learning I will not be running  invited me to join him, Bobby, Tin, Vima and Art.

The plan was for us to do a pre-race run of about 3k and then join Vima and Art in their 5k race later on.  Seemed such a good plan.  I can join the race and have running buddies to boot.  Sure!

The planned run turned out very well for me.  Despite the rainy early morning, we proceeded to the race site early and we were able to do our planned  3km initial run with Jun, Bobby, Aljo and Tin.  Then Bobby and I joined Vimz and Art  while Aljo and Tin ran together.

It was an enjoyable 5k run.  The incessant chatter from Vima, (KulitRunner) and banterings from Bobby(Cruise Control) and of course with Art, Vima’s hubby,  taking our running pics every now and then just made this run totally fun and memorable for me.  Total of 8k ran for the day. Not bad.

It was soooo nice running with you, Vima, Art and Bobby!  This was why I couldn’t leave this race out in this blog.  Our chronicles wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t write about this.  Art… i really appreciate the pictures.  Sipag mo!

running with Bobby(cruise control), Vima(kulit runner) w Art taking the pic

Vima and me still going strong 🙂

Tiring out going to the last km... Form does speak! (see the hunched shoulders?)

the new breed of pacers! 😉

bobby my buddy

with bobby who took on an unplanned buddy role. thanks! 🙂

As for me it was just as fun.  Treating it as a training run, Vince and I just ran on, speeding up and slowing down as we felt like it.  Running in this race was just what I expected.  It was relatively small and well-organized. After our 10k, Vince and I together with Jaymie and Miguel added another 2k.  With the 2k I ran with Mariel & company before the race, that adds up to a 14k.  That was a good Sunday morning training.

Good day and good run and a fun-filled breakfast with our running buddies.

Vince, Bobby, Mariel, me, Tiffin, Kristine, Vima, Mark, Ben, Miguel, Aljo, Jaymie, Sir Ipe & Art

Buddy Run (July 12, 2009)

Jun & me post race


Thoughts on Running as Bandits:

While doing this post, Jun informed me that there were already a lot written about bandit running.  I didn’t mind since what I have to say is based on my own experience and my own take on the topic.  I intentionally did not try to read any of the supposed materials about this so that I don’t get influenced by their opinions be it for or against.

For the sake of newbies like me, being a bandit means running a race unregistered.  Simply put, this means not paying fees but enjoying the race route, the festive atmosphere and sometimes even the water/energy drinks at the water stations and other freebies at post-race.  Seems like a wise, practically idea, ey?

Jun & I ran unregistered during the Fit & Fun Buddy Run last July 12.  Not that we didn’t want to register.  In fact, we badly wanted to and  tried ways to do so up to day before the race  to no avail.  There were just no more slots left. 😦

This was really our fault as we were not able to think about this race early on.  With me being sick a couple of weeks before race day, we were not able to really pin down which races we would register for ahead of time.  We just didn’t know if I would be well enough to run.

So, Jun and I both ran this race not as running buddies but running bandits.  I was a little uncomfortable with the thought.  I thought I’ll just make an effort not to take advantage of the race amenities.  Since I’m just running 5k here, I thought I can very well do that.  I wasn’t so successful doing this as I accepted a bottle of water from Art at one point ( I was panting and needed the drink) and even mindlessly accepted a halfway ponytail marker and of course, I went along with Vima making the rounds of the festive booths!  Hah!  I sincerely  hope that that bottle of water did not deprive any of the runners a drink.

The run was great!  So… our take on bandit running?

We do not want to encourage it.  Though we enjoyed the experience (who wouldn’t if you did not shell out anything and enjoyed the race?), we do not want to take away something that is rightfully not ours to take.  I hope I don’t get through as preachy or worse, sound righteous.  That is far from my intention.  I would be first to cast a stone… onto myself, that is! (Didn’t we already admit it?) Calling a spade, a spade, we don’t want to steal and I’m not just talking about water and other amenities but the race experience  itself made possible by the people who sponsored it, organized it and the runners themselves who paid for it.

Swept by the Cory fever, I can’t help but draw a parallel thought.  Wouldn’t it be nice if in our small running community, we contribute in our own little way to a culture of honesty and integrity?

In short, we enjoin all runners… in our own little way, let us make a stand.  In our own small voice… Let us NOT, please?


5 Responses to “Bandit Run @ Buddy Run”

  1. 1 cruisec0ntr0l August 7, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    hey solemates, i’m guilty! hehehe…pero diba pacers tayo? 😉

  2. 3 kulitrunner August 8, 2009 at 12:48 am

    hey mariel. don’t worry about the water. in effect that was art’s share. we shared my bottle right? 😉

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