A Memorable Weekend Run

Blue SoleLast Saturday’s run marked many firsts for Mariel.  The uniqueness of this experience makes this memorable for us.

A dear friend invited us to join her running that weekend.  We readily agreed excited with the fact that it will be our FIRST time to run in the Forbes area where beautiful trees line the roads and where the asphalt roads will make it easy for my injured knees and ITB.  It will also be our FIRST time to run with dear friend,  Mommy Kim.

I’ll turn you over to Mariel who really has more firsts here than me.

Pink SoleYeah, I’m pretty excited to tell you ‘coz this run turned out to be unexpectedly extraordinary for me.  When I just thought about doing a 10k run thinking I cannot run at their much faster pace and would definitely tire out sooner trying,  I was able to finish my FIRST 15k road run.  It sure was fun running with friends.  I am so used to running on my own, I didn’t know what I was missing.  Thanks to running friends, Jaymie, Miguel, Vince, Ben and Jonel and of course, to my sole mate, who decided to take it easy and mercifully did not run as fast that Kim and I were able to keep within their distance.

What made it even more enjoyable was that it was my FIRST run under the rain!  It wasn’t an all-out cats and dogs type of rain but a drizzle switching from light to moderate.  It was fun!  At the end of 10k, we all stopped for awhile to hydrate.  Starting the last 5k leg, I had my FIRST taste of chocolate power gel.  Yummy! Kidded Jun this was why he had been keeping this from me all along (he was advising me not to be dependent on power gels so I didn’t even taste it until now). The chocolate flavor was heaven! It sure gave me a kick and propelled me up several inclines and powered me till the end.

Good run! I thought that was it.  Instead, an even greater time awaits… Mommy Kim prodded us all to get right into the pool … with our running clothes on! This will be good for our tired muscles, she said.  Almost reluctantly, we proceeded to the pool area.   Whooooaaa! We weren’t prepared for this . . . Jun took out his swimming cap and gave me his goggles.   No, we weren’t prepared. HAHAHAHA  We all had a good laugh.  So, goes our FIRST pool dip in running attire right after a run.   After, excellent breakfast awaited the hungry runners . . .  and swimmers.

What an amazing  pre-birthday run! 🙂

Thanks to Mommy Kim and our running friends!!! 🙂

memorable wkend run(aug 1, 2009)


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