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My Ironman 70.3 Relay Experience

Day 1:  Flying with the Fast, Strong and Famous

The Ironman 70.3 fever was felt as  soon as we arrived at the terminal 3 airport. VIP treatment was accorded all the participants traveling to CamSur.  This early we could tell that this is going to be an excellently organized event and we were not disappointed.

I was like a fan ogling at the elites especially the famous Ironman champions at the VIP lane where we were ushered in.  Most recognizable of them is the Ironman Hawaii World champion Chris McCormack,  Eagleman 70.3 first placer, Terenzo Bozzone and Ironman Hawaii third placer, Tim Marr.  Wow, imagine our team having the same flight as these famous athletes?  Of course, we were excited!  You can say we started our trip on a really high note.  The warm welcome at the Naga airport sure added to the excitement.

Hans, Pastor Ernie, me, Melody with Ironman Hawaii World Champion Cris McCormack

Team Believstrong members, Aumar, Melody, Philip, Pastor Ernie, Jason, Me and Hans

Team Believestrong members at the airport while waiting for boarding, Aumar, Melody, Philip, Pastor Ernie, Jason, Me and Hans

Day 2-3:  Pre-Race Prep

Team Believestrong  went to the site,  Cam Sur Watersports Complex (CWC), to get a feel of the place.   Some tested the waters while i did a short 4k around the big lake which was to be also a part of the run course.

While day 1 was perfect, these days in-between was a different story…

Our team experienced some misadventures.  Aumar, the swimmer for the other relay team has been having asthma attacks for the past few days and would likely not be able to recover on race day.  The runner for that same team  has issues in Manila and has  not arrived yet.  Pastor Ernie who will be doing an individual was still recovering from  flu. As if problems with some members are not enough, we also had problems with our equipment. Some of the bikes did not arrive as scheduled!  As a result, most of the team members were not able to do a bike course ride-out.  Add to that, two bikes arrived with flat tires.  And I thought that was it …  Meal fiasco awaits.  Waited for more than an hour for our ordered lunch and almost missed  the must-attend race briefing! Whew, judging from the series of events, it must have looked like God didn’t want us to continue…  But we kept the faith and embodied our team name … We just had to believe strong that God is in control and all will be well.

Meet the Pros press conference

Jason, me, Pastor Ernie, Rein, Dale with Ironman Philippines 70.3  Chamion Terenzo Bozzone

Jason, me, Pastor Ernie, Rein, Dale with Ironman Philippines 70.3 Champion Terenzo Bozzone

Day 4:  Raceday

Woke up early for  breakfast as our bus needed to leave the hotel by 4:30am going to CWC.  Body marking started 5am so I was also up early even if i expected to start my run leg at around 11am.  My mind says rest but my heart wants to cheer my teammates on.  Of course,  who would want to miss witnessing the events?

Being marked with my race number which left a mark on my arms darkened by the midday sun.

At exactly 7am, the starting gun went off.   The pros where 15 meters ahead of the other individual participants. After 10 minutes, the relay swim leg took off. It was  like seeing a huge  school of fish swimming in one direction.  Professionals, amateurs, newbies, men and women, young and old, each one was  trying to get the best position in the water.  Some were really fast, some were just taking their time and reserving their energy for the next two legs. After my teammates crossed the Big lake, i went to the relay tent area and there waited with my teammate Jason who will do the bike leg. After 45mins, Jason took off while i stayed at the relay tent and chatted with other relay participants.  All of us were cheering all those who took off and everyone just wanted to be an encouragement to others.  It was amazing!

Several more minutes passed and I could still see one bike left in the transition area owned by the Alamat Relay Team.  Their biker couldn’t take off as he  was still waiting for their swimmer to check-in.  It was more than an hour already so they were already paging their swimmer to check in. Unexpectedly sad things happened. Few minutes after,  we found out that Team Alamat swimmer was found dead in the small lake. I later found out it was the same Miguel Vazquez whom I had the chance to meet during my corporate days.  It was a sad development for all race participant.  Our sincerest condolences to Mr. Vasquez’ family.

By the time Jason arrived from the bike leg, it was  11am,  it was my turn to run.  Darn.. the hottest time of the  day…I started with my planned pace and maintained it up to 4k. Then I started to feel the  heat and caused me to slow down.  I was tiring so early and  losing a lot of energy from the extreme heat.  I didn’t stop at the first 2 water stations as i was donning my hydration belt.   On the 3rd water station, i decided to stop and get cold water and a cup of cold gatorade.  That helped me a lot fight the heat in my head and my body. From then on, i stopped  at each water station since it is located every kilometer,  got cold water to drink and pour over my head, neck and shoulders.  Upon entering the 2nd loop of the run, i saw my biker teammate Jason and handover my hydration belt to him. I’ve decided I needed the cold drink offered at the stations.  At 15k, i felt so very tired.  It felt like i wasn’t progressing at all.  I kept looking at my Garmin and it seemed like the distance reading was not moving!  It felt like the longest 1km i ran going towards the next water station.

Towards the end of my run, clouds started to form that it threatened to rain.  I would have  welcomed it with open arms.   But sadly it never came during my run.  Felt a few drops then was gone again.  I was soooo exhausted  I wanted to walk the last 4k and just finish it. But as soon i arrived at the last big loop around the big lake, i started to hear the music and announcers at the finish line.  This lifted up my spirit and spurred me to continue running.  As i ran nearer and nearer, the sound got stronger and stronger lifting my feet off the ground at a faster rate.  As i entered the last 8oom, i heard my name being announced, welcoming me and encouraging me to  continue and finish strong.  Reaching the last 100m, I heard my race number again, then my name, then our team’s name being announced again.  That really gave a big push.  I finished one of the most difficult 21k I’ve ever done. I did it! As soon as i crossed the finish line, the finishers medal was placed around  my neck.  I was given a cold gatorade and water  was poured over my head to cool me down.  I went to the cooling down area, had my second gatorade while the staff continued to pour water over my head using a water hose.  Exhausted but felt very much fulfilled.

At the Finish Line

At the Finish Line

TBS at the finis line: Me, Rein, Jason, Philip, Col. Dennis, Melody, Dale, Pastor Ernie, Jason. Not in photo (Deo and and Aumar)

TBS at the finish line: Me, Rein, Jason, Philip, Col. Dennis, Melody, Hans, Dale, Pastor Ernie, Jason. Not in photo (Deo and and Aumar)

It was one of the toughest race i have done. Running in the heat in one of the hottest places in the country, during the hottest time of the day really drained me.  During the presscon, Liza bentley, the winner of the women’s elite described it as “like running in an oven”.

It was difficult but finishing felt great.  It was a great experience worthy of a repeat or an upgrade perhaps? We’ll see …

God’s ways are different.

The kids and I were praying for rains during the run leg of the race.  From Jun’s updates, we knew it was scorching hot in that part of the country.  The whole time he was running his race, I would from time to time stop and keep still and pray for a strong run and that much-requested rain from above.  It didn’t come and I think I know why…

Had it rained during the race, it would definitely be a breeze for Jun running that 21k.  Without the rains, at 11am-1pm, that leg of the race became extraordinarily difficult.  It became a struggle even for elite participants however,  it also became a very special accomplishment to those who finished it.  Truly, God knows what He’s doing. 🙂

More pictures to come…..


Kenny Run 09 Report and Results

For this race, race day meant not only race proper but 2 separate pre-race runs for both Mariel and I.


I was scheduled for a long run that day and the plan was to meet up with Jaymie and Miguel to run atleast 15k (in knee-friendly asphalt roads )since we will be running only 5k at the race.  Mariel, who promised our daughter that she’ll take her to practice that morning opted not to join us to fulfill her commitment and planned instead to run in the cemented roads of our village.

Rains (or was it just a threat of rain and the stronger pull of the bed? hehe) prevented Jaymie and Miguel from meeting up for our scheduled run.  Already geared up, I decided to join Mariel instead on her planned short run.  On cemented roads, I’m willing to risk a 5k.  It was short and very laid back.

Hah! Of course, his laid back run isn’t laid back for me at all!  I ran at a faster rate than usual.  I’m not complaining though.  It was a good 5k run for me, one that I felt pushed me a little more.  Every now and then Jun would be asking if I was okay and  surprisingly, I was.  Though breathing a little heavier,  I felt I could take it and was happy about managing a faster pace.

After our morning run, time for some mommy duties. After that, I managed to take a sweet, restful nap waking up upon Jun’s arrival from picking up Sofia  from practice.  Now, it was time for his nap.

I wasn’t as successful as Mariel taking a nap.  I went to bed but couldn’t quite  get a restful sleep. Anyway, soon after, it was time to pick up Bea this time from practice and reminded Mariel to be ready for our pre-race run with Jaymie and Miguel at the BHS (take 2).

This time the planned run materialized.  We met up with the Pizarro’s at around 6:30pm at Runnr.  Finding long lines to the restroom we decided to start running and headed towards McDonald’s for that much-needed restroom break for the girls.  Aljo joined us until McDonald’s and decided to head back after.  We then continued our run and headed towards the outer streets of Fort Boni passing through the condiminium area, back of S&R, towards Serendra and back to BHS completing one loop of 5k.  Mariel dropped out at 5k and Miguel at probably around 8k.  Jaymie and I continued on and completed the 2nd loop to finish a 10k run.

It was another enjoyable 5k run for me.  With Jun setting the pace, it couldn’t be too easy for me.   It was an easy pace for him and our running buddies but definitely a faster than normal rate for me again.  Whew, the perils of running with bulls and itchy blue soles! hahaha  No, don’t get me wrong.  I ‘m not complaining.  Tired but really enjoyed every minute of it.  It’s always great running with friends! 🙂

After a change of running clothes, met up with my sister Jen and couple friends and first-time 5k runners Popoy and Cielo at Runnr as we waited for Jun to finish his run.  The chatter was fun and upbeat centering on the couples’ attempt at pre-Kenny race training, weight-loss, gears and future races.  We met up with the Pizarro’s again and proceeded to the iamninoy booth where I finally met couple JamikeMayi whom I only get to communicate with online.  Also met Rapa Lopa and wife Didi.  It was a pleasure meeting you all.

We drank in the sites and sounds of the race here.  The atmosphere was truly festive and fun.  As we watched the 10k race start, we awaited with much excitement for our first-time race participant friends the call for the 5k runners. When it came,  we positioned ourselves almost at the end of the pack as we squeezed ourselves in the corral.  The runners were in high spirits and we joined the howls of the runners psyching up for the race.  The air was charged!  It felt like everybody was having fun! We certainly were!


As soon as the starting gun fired, the continuous beeps coming from the timing chips were heard and we slowly inched our way to the starting line passing the metal platform that would record our official race start.  Jun initially ran easy which allowed me to keep pace.   The road was packed with runners and it took effort getting ahead of the runners/walkers.  He motioned for me to run behind him as  we criss-crossed our way ahead.   I was able to keep up until the turn-around loop but as soon as we passed the half-way turn going towards the incline,  he asked me one last time if I was okay and as soon as I gave him an affirmative answer, he motioned he will go ahead and he was off.  That was the last I saw of him during the race.  I knew he would not be able to hold back for long.  haha  The itchy blue sole was at it again and on his heels was a seemingly mad bull.  hahaha  Wait, where was Miguel?  Guess what?  He actually finished ahead running on race mode all the way! I guess he was a madder bull that night.  Way to go Miguel!   hahaha

Jun was at the finish line waiting for me and we went to get our freebies and certificates together.

This is one race that erased my fears and  exceeded my expectations.  While I was apprehensive about running in the dark, the entire route turned out to be well-lighted during the race (atleast by the headlights of cars held up by the race traffic). While I knew this would be a really fun race, it turned out to be much more fun than I thought it would be. While I expected to run slow and even walk, I was able to run faster and hit a PR thanks to Jun who served as my pace-setter for the first half.

Finished at a PR time of 35.3.  Considering the hilly route and of course factoring in the darkness,  this was really unexpected. Previous PR for a 5k at 36.4  set at a flat route and morning run at Condura. WOOHOO!

This day was totally fun.  Thoroughly  enjoyed my 5k easy run with Jun that morning within the village and the  pre-race run around Fort Bonifacio with Jun, Jaymie & Miguel.  The 5k race completed a 15k mileage for me for the day.  Happiness!!! 🙂


After getting our fill of powerade and getting our bag of freebies, we converged again at the iamninoy booth for a lot of chats and a few photo-ops as we waited for my sister and our friends to finish and get their freebies.  The lines were long by the time they finished so there were a lot of opportunity to chat and just people watch.


The results of the race was just as fun to see …


Jun :

–  passed 359 runners and 0 passed hi.  Cool!

– finished 14th place in division


– finished upper 12% in gender category(middle packer at the globe 10k)

– finished 16th place in division

– PR finish at 35:3 (net).  Cool, too!

Our RunPix stats …

Kenny -Jun Stats


and our running pics (thanks photovendo).  I have not been fortunate enough to have good shots though 😦 Well, better ones next time, i hope …

blog final 1

As for the usual after race meal?  NADA!  It was full house at Pancake House  and after waiting and chatting awhile decided that we’re not hungry anyway.  We comforted ourselves with the fact that we did not put the day’s work-out to naught.  We just chatted some more and tried to plot out our next races with our new running recruits.  Before calling it a night, we remembered our standard photo-ops. Perfect!

with only sis, jen, on her 2nd 5k race now. Woohoo!

with only sis, jen, on her 2nd 5k race now. Woohoo!

Jun and I with good friends, Popoy & Cielo, our new running recruits

Jen, Cielo and me

Jen, Cielo and me

I’m so happy when friends start getting excited about the sport Jun and I  so passionately love.  We just truly love encouraging our friends to take up running.  I even find myself talking about running almost everywhere I go — at work, the parlor,  gym, spa and even at the derma while undergoing cautery session.  The joys of running just pleasantly fills my thoughts.  😉  I remembered the time when I noticed Jun talking about running all the time and managed to squeeze in the topic almost everytime.  Hah, now i find myself doing the same!  The running fever is really contagious! I hope more of our friends get it. 😉

Great friends, great chat, great race.  What more can we ask for?  Probably a great meal at KR? (We would have opted for the KR meal if my pretty sister could just find her and our friends meal stubs)  😉

Fabulous time anyway… with or without a meal! 🙂


Just had to include this even if it's blurred. Won't be complete without the usual Sole Mates pic! 😉

A Chance to Relay at Ironman 70.3

logoBlue SoleAfter my first triathlon event, a mini-sprint at the animo event last June,  my training group and I mused about when our next one will be.   Hmmm,  maybe a sprint event this year and hoping  we can also upgrade to an Olympic standard event by next year.   Ironman 70.3 Camsur was also mentioned.  I thought then how  nice it will be  to join an international event being held in our country.  Even to just participate in the  relay and do the run leg of the race will really be something.  We had different goals.  For me,  should there be no more  injuries, my 1st priority was (and still is!) to do a full marathon before the year ends.  If everything goes well  then that’s the time i plan for another tri-event.

Little did I know that i will have that chance now.  I was  invited to join Team Believestrong who will debut at  Ironman 70.3 Camsur.  Of course, i said yes with a wide, cannot-hide grin!  I will be joining the relay team and will do the run leg just as I first wished. What a blessing! Woohoo!!

Our team is composed of  men and women with different backgrounds.  Both old and new to the sport of triathlon but each one having his own strength and all having one goal in mind —-  Give our best and finish the race set before us.

I’ve been training with the team for the past month and it was great being able to meet and gain new friends who have the same passion as I do.

I hope everything goes well  for the team and for the rest of our  fellow athletes who will join the Camsur Iron 70.3.

I wish all the participants the best! See you all there!

Pink SoleMy honey will  be gone for 5 days…  the kids and I will surely miss you.  We’ll all be praying for a great run.

On monday, win or lose, I will be welcoming my IRONMAN back home.  I’m pretty sure…

tambak na ang plantsahin by then!  Walang day-0ff for 1 month ha?  (Joke!  HA HA HA)

Tonight’s the Night!

It seems such a long time ago since the Kenny’s Urbanite Race was first announced.  Now it’s time… Tonight’s the night!

No PR expectations for this race for me.  I just wanna have fun with our friends joining a once-in-a-blue-moon nightime race.  Early on, I wanted to sign up for my first 15k (my supposed first 15k at the men’s health trail run went kapoot!) but I signed up for 5k  instead where our long-time couple  friends popoy and cielo and my sister, jen will be running also.  Having developed a trauma for road runs at night with my little accident a couple of months back  (see earlier post on Misadventures of the Pink Sole),   I was apprehensive about running a longer distance.  I might not be as alert when I’m already tired so it’s 5k for me tonight.  No plans really for this race … slow … fast … walk … run … walk-run-walk …  walk-run-stop(photo-ops? ;)) … anything goes for this race … I’ll just play it by ear. Any pace, any time will do.  😉

Our schedule is really tight with all the many activities happening all at the same time but I think we’ve managed to sort and  iron things out at last!

So on to the Urbanite Run!  Don’t forget your race bibs, timing chip and food stubs and maybe… flashlights are in order?  hahaha   See you there!

Nike Lunar Glide+ Colors : A Review

Pink SoleColor review?  Some guys out there might say, “what the heck…!”  But before you continue, let me just say that though this may be a trivial topic for men, this is definitely a major one for women.  Right, ladies?

So men… I invite you for a sneak peak of how a woman thinks when buying shoes … particularly here, running shoes. Consider this girls talk and you’re invited to eavesdrop… 😉  If you’re anything like my hubby, you’d probably be shaking your head. hahaha!   So, okay?  Read on or click off…  here it goes…

The Color Review

I have been thinking about getting my 4th pair of running shoes for sometime now.  There are only 2 pairs I constantly use – Nike Pegasus and the Nike Lunar Glide+.  The first one I bought (a nice Adidas) was used only once as I unknowingly got just the exact size and it has given me a dead toe nail (well, almost!) on my first run using it..  I’ve appointed it as walking shoes since then.

I loved using my Nike Pegasus until I met and fell in love with the Lunar Glides+.  As said in my previous post on the Lunar Glide+ review, I was already thinking about getting another Pegasus in a different color (i know there’s a breed out there like me who buys things they really like in 2 or more colors) when the Lunar Glides+ stopped me dead on my tracks.  I just fell head over heels in love with it.  Yes, it’s on top of my running shoe list as of now so the question isn’t about getting another Lunar or not but … what other colors do they have? What color should I get?  Do they have enough color collection to satisfy my craving?

Nike has come out with 3 colors of the Lunar Glide+ so far.

Lunar Glide+ whit&orange A real winner.  The color is very subtle with its   basically white color trimmed with neon orange.  This is a safer color I should say which a wider range of women will like.  That includes me! So love mine! If you’re a newbie intent on seriously picking up running for a sport, this will be a very good pick.  It’s almost neutral color can be worn with almost any running outfit.

Lunar Glide+ blueWhoa, this one is striking!  The blue tone is so alive and upbeat.  Complementing it with a “highlighter” yellow provided the much needed break in the overall blue color. This may not be a first shoe pick color for a newbie though but that’s only because there is nothing neutral about the hue and therefore is highly picky on the outfit it will go with.  For runners picking their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, nth  running shoes, this color would surely brighten your collection and just might brighten  your running mood as well.  I just love the vibrant color!

Lunar Glide+ violet This one has two good color elements.  I probably wouldn’t put them together though.  The Barney-like combination just doesn’t appeal to me when worn either as a shoe or any apparel for that matter.  A white combination would have turned the tables for me here.  Not one I will spend on but one I can still wear if by some chance Jun buys it for me as a surprise.   It might just grow on me.  hahaha!!!

So, the verdict?  Got myself the blue Lunar Glide+!!!  Love wearing them!!!

Thought it would be perfect for the Kenny Urbanite Run on Aug 15 with its neon yellow trims.  Wearing this, I just might not need the glow-in-the-dark stuff that will be provided at the races.  😉

Ooooooh….  a NEW COLOR IS OUT!  I just saw the latest lunar glide+ color in Nike BHS last Sunday . . .

Lunar Glide+ 001 Another great neutral color in dominantly white complemented by  dark aqua green combination!   Definitely could be a 1st running shoe pick for those thinking about buying their first pair. This is really nice!  Oh by the way, they also have a men’s version for this in white and dark blue complementing color.  Hon, another Sole Mates pair? 😉

Blue SoleFour months running, four running shoes?!?

Pink SoleTouche! 😉

Lunar Glide+ Men's & Women's all colors

The Nike Lunar Glide+ Collection Men's & Women's

Lunar Glide+ women's all colors

The Nike Lunar Glide+ Women's Collection

What can I say?  as an old song goes…

I love being a girl.  I just love being a girl!  😉


Update:  For batch 2 review (3 new colors), click Nike Lunar Glide+ NEW Colors: Review Batch 2

Bandit Run @ Buddy Run

The Robinson’s Fit & Fun Buddy Run is one race we  thoroughly enjoyed.  We did not write about it sooner since we couldn’t quite fuse together the extreme but opposite feelings this race brought us.

You might even think this is so out of season with the Buddy Run finished almost a month ago. A dark topic in a season of bright yellows?

Noooo, this is not a race review with its usual positives and negatives, pros and cons, stars or ratings.  I know, I know, this run seems ancient by now but bear with me though coz I really want to post this and share some thoughts…

A Fun Running Experience:

Jun needed a long run that weekend and decided to proceed with his  planned buddy team-up with Vince.  I was supposed to be just the  official photographer  however Aljo learning I will not be running  invited me to join him, Bobby, Tin, Vima and Art.

The plan was for us to do a pre-race run of about 3k and then join Vima and Art in their 5k race later on.  Seemed such a good plan.  I can join the race and have running buddies to boot.  Sure!

The planned run turned out very well for me.  Despite the rainy early morning, we proceeded to the race site early and we were able to do our planned  3km initial run with Jun, Bobby, Aljo and Tin.  Then Bobby and I joined Vimz and Art  while Aljo and Tin ran together.

It was an enjoyable 5k run.  The incessant chatter from Vima, (KulitRunner) and banterings from Bobby(Cruise Control) and of course with Art, Vima’s hubby,  taking our running pics every now and then just made this run totally fun and memorable for me.  Total of 8k ran for the day. Not bad.

It was soooo nice running with you, Vima, Art and Bobby!  This was why I couldn’t leave this race out in this blog.  Our chronicles wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t write about this.  Art… i really appreciate the pictures.  Sipag mo!

running with Bobby(cruise control), Vima(kulit runner) w Art taking the pic

Vima and me still going strong 🙂

Tiring out going to the last km... Form does speak! (see the hunched shoulders?)

the new breed of pacers! 😉

bobby my buddy

with bobby who took on an unplanned buddy role. thanks! 🙂

As for me it was just as fun.  Treating it as a training run, Vince and I just ran on, speeding up and slowing down as we felt like it.  Running in this race was just what I expected.  It was relatively small and well-organized. After our 10k, Vince and I together with Jaymie and Miguel added another 2k.  With the 2k I ran with Mariel & company before the race, that adds up to a 14k.  That was a good Sunday morning training.

Good day and good run and a fun-filled breakfast with our running buddies.

Vince, Bobby, Mariel, me, Tiffin, Kristine, Vima, Mark, Ben, Miguel, Aljo, Jaymie, Sir Ipe & Art

Buddy Run (July 12, 2009)

Jun & me post race


Thoughts on Running as Bandits:

While doing this post, Jun informed me that there were already a lot written about bandit running.  I didn’t mind since what I have to say is based on my own experience and my own take on the topic.  I intentionally did not try to read any of the supposed materials about this so that I don’t get influenced by their opinions be it for or against.

For the sake of newbies like me, being a bandit means running a race unregistered.  Simply put, this means not paying fees but enjoying the race route, the festive atmosphere and sometimes even the water/energy drinks at the water stations and other freebies at post-race.  Seems like a wise, practically idea, ey?

Jun & I ran unregistered during the Fit & Fun Buddy Run last July 12.  Not that we didn’t want to register.  In fact, we badly wanted to and  tried ways to do so up to day before the race  to no avail.  There were just no more slots left. 😦

This was really our fault as we were not able to think about this race early on.  With me being sick a couple of weeks before race day, we were not able to really pin down which races we would register for ahead of time.  We just didn’t know if I would be well enough to run.

So, Jun and I both ran this race not as running buddies but running bandits.  I was a little uncomfortable with the thought.  I thought I’ll just make an effort not to take advantage of the race amenities.  Since I’m just running 5k here, I thought I can very well do that.  I wasn’t so successful doing this as I accepted a bottle of water from Art at one point ( I was panting and needed the drink) and even mindlessly accepted a halfway ponytail marker and of course, I went along with Vima making the rounds of the festive booths!  Hah!  I sincerely  hope that that bottle of water did not deprive any of the runners a drink.

The run was great!  So… our take on bandit running?

We do not want to encourage it.  Though we enjoyed the experience (who wouldn’t if you did not shell out anything and enjoyed the race?), we do not want to take away something that is rightfully not ours to take.  I hope I don’t get through as preachy or worse, sound righteous.  That is far from my intention.  I would be first to cast a stone… onto myself, that is! (Didn’t we already admit it?) Calling a spade, a spade, we don’t want to steal and I’m not just talking about water and other amenities but the race experience  itself made possible by the people who sponsored it, organized it and the runners themselves who paid for it.

Swept by the Cory fever, I can’t help but draw a parallel thought.  Wouldn’t it be nice if in our small running community, we contribute in our own little way to a culture of honesty and integrity?

In short, we enjoin all runners… in our own little way, let us make a stand.  In our own small voice… Let us NOT, please?

The Heavens Cried as We Ran for Cory

Pink SoleWe began our 10k run for Cory under a very light drizzle until it progressed to an all-out downpour.  It was as if the heavens were crying  as the whole nation grieves and  prepares to bury our beloved Pres. Cory.

We met up with Jay (Prometheus Cometh) to do an easy 10k.   Today, we’re not thinking of pace nor time.  We will just run for Cory.

We saw pockets of runners around.  There were a few we spotted wearing iamninoy shirts and were already doing their runs when we arrived.  There was even a big group of bikers who upon seeing us running amidst heavy rains waved as if in approval.  We may be out in the rain for different reasons but as people see our yellow iamninoy shirts, they seem to know and very well approve.

You’ve run your race well Tita Cory.   Thank you and farewell.

It’s now our turn…  May we  run our own life’s races well . . .

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