Globe Run for Home Race Report

Much has been said, much has been written.  Some good, some bad.  One thing though we can’t deny is this run raised about a million pesos that would help give 100 families their own homes and all of us who ran and raised awareness on this cause were all part of this worthy endeavor.  For that alone, we’re happy.

I don’t usually do a lot of activities a day before race day so that I’ll have a lot  of reserved energy.  I only had one schedule to attend to Saturday afternoon and that’s it. But coming from a heavy migraine attack Friday midnight till Saturday afternoon was just energy busting.  It was good i was still able to go to my commitment that afternoon even with a slight headache. I  guess i lost a lot of those energy reserved for the race.

Sunday and race day,  I was up early feeling a little feverish.  I just went on  my usual ritual during race day thinking it will go away with a good shower.  Didn’t bother to tell Mariel anymore.  She might insist I stay home instead and proceed to the race herself.  Well, I didn’t want that to happen.  Not going while she will?  No way!!!  It will make me more sick!!!   hahaha

The little feverish feeling was gone a couple of minutes after we arrived at the BHS parking lot.  I guess the runner’s high kicks in once you see the race site and all the  runners around you.. Met up with Annie, Jaymie, Miguel, Jen, Vince and Anne delRos.  Jen( Mariel’s sis) and Anne will do their first 5krace, Mariel and Miguel will do 10k while Vince delRos,  Jaymie, Annie (fresh from Singapore) and myself are running 21K.  Jaymie and I have set our minds not to push too much since we just came from an injury and had just started training again. Our plan is to do 6:30 pace. Annie was excited to race again missing the Manila races and was again itchy to hit the road.  As usual, off she went ahead as soon the gun start sounded.  The weather was nice, a perfect race weather.

Our fist 5K was a little fast compared to our plan of maintaining an easy pace.  Jaymie’s garmin bugged down on her a few minutes after we started so i was set to be as the pace setter again just like our pre-injury days last year when we where training for the New Balance and Singapore races.

This bullrunner really has  horns and wanted to swag runners in front of us at the early stages. Kept reminding her to take it easy and tuck in her horns first as we were already way off our planned pace. The next 5k was almost the same. We see fellow runners already returning from the Ayala U-turn saying hi to us, I meant, not me but to the bullrunner.  hehe  It wasn’t only Jaymie who wanted to swag but my sole is itching to increase pace however we both had to take it easy.   Running along Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue was another different experience.  The only times you could probably see people on these roads instead of cars were if there were rallies or demonstrations.  Looking at the sea of runners along these major roads of the central business district is just awesome.  For a couple of hours, runners rule Ayala!

On our way back along Buendia, the road became busy as we shared the road with the 10k runners.  I saw Miguel then later Mariel.  By the time we hit the Kalayaan flyover,  I was feeling tired.  It might be the effect of the draining migraine attack and slight fever that early morning.  By the time we reached 5th Avenue, I felt so exhausted.  Jaymie asked,  “you ok?”  Told her I’m already tired.  She said ” Go Jun, think of it as just one of those morning sickness”… Kainis!!!

As we hit the last 2 km, i felt the second wind pushing and giving me the boost to increase my pace a little more until we reached the finish line. Garmin time at 2.09.  It was a tiring race but it was a good one. Nice weather, nice route, nice people around, but most of all, nice way to help build a home. Well, that can be considered a great day to run.

Day before race was light and easy.  Planned it that way so as to make up for the hectic and stress-laden week at work.  It has been this way for 2 weeks now actually ever since I went back to work after my 2-week bout with Dengue.  I just had a lot to catch-up on.  This has kept me from returning to a regular running schedule.  I joined the Nike Clinic last Tuesday, ran a mere 5K and that was it for me for the week.  No runs whatsoever until race day. Anyways,  the kids and I enjoyed a full day together that Saturday doing a different kind of marathon.  Our family favorite on Saturday afternoons — DVD marathon!

Started off race day with the same routine only this time, I had to make sure my sister, Jen, who’s running her first 5K, is also now awake.  Called her up to make sure. No problem there, she was.  I was kinda afraid she might back out the last minute as she was praying for rains so the race will not push through.  Hah, informed her races push through rain or shine or there’d be a lot disgruntled runners!  hahaha

We met up with old-time (as in we were still singles), good friends Vince and Anne as well in the parking lot.  When the 21k runners Vince, Jun, Jaymie and Annie left,  us, 3 girls, Jen, Anne and myself stayed on at the parking lot while Miguel ran a couple of rounds.  We then tried to do stretching exercises transitioning to Jane Fonda work-outs courtesy of Anne.  hahaha  Good thing Miguel left earlier or we might have embarrassed him to death!  he he he  Boy, but we sure had fun!:)

We saw the 21k runners off and stayed on at the sidelines chatting away waiting for our races to start.  I then left the two to join the stretching exercises in the 10k corral.

I really did not set high expectations for myself for this race.  I was just so happy I can run this one as I wasn’t even sure I could when I registered.   I secretly hoped though I could atleast be at par with my current PR of 1.09.42 or atleast not too far below.


Running the first few kilometers, I felt unusually tired. I have not even reached the flyover yet and I could already feel my heart beating fast.  Boy, this will be a hard climb, I thought.  I found some energy though and felt better as I hydrated at the flyover water station.  I was just a little disappointed that there wasn’t any energy drink available. (Yup Hon, I think it’s time to get me a hydration belt.  Donning that contraption while running is getting to be more attractive to me than lining up at the water stations.)  Going down of course is a favorite as I let gravity pull me into a faster run.  Whoa!  That released a new-found energy.  Passing runners on the way down released a new high and I was able to increase my pace in Buendia. I saw Vince delRos, then Jun and Jaymie, already on their way back and again found some energy to speed up as I passed the turn-around point.


On the way back, I felt tired and didn’t relish the idea of sprinting at the intersection of Buendia-Makati Ave.  to make sure I don’t get stopped to make way for the honking vehicles.  I pushed and pushed and thankfully would experience spurts of energy as I tried hard to muster the strength to speed up on the flat roads and resist the strong temptation to walk the 2nd flyover climb.

I have not walked since my first race and I just thought, I’m not prepared to start now.  I can do this, I can do this.  I kept repeating to myself.  Mind over matter. Divine intervention needed here. Lord, help…

Then a breath of fresh air came in the person of Tiffin. ( You were heaven-sent, dearie! )  Her sunny greeting and our brief chat energized me.  Telling me Mark will take my pic further bouyed me up further (Di mahilig sa pictures noh? ;)).  Thanks Mark for waiting and taking my flyover pic!

Running on the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover.

It’s time for the downhill run again. Yipee!!!

Sprint to finish

Reaching the flat roads  I just tried to maintain a steady pace careful not to go too slow.  At the final bend, Coach John cheered me on. ” Go go go,  strong finish,  go!  That worked as I sprinted towards the finish line!  Yey, made it back!

My time?  Can’t say for sure as I forgot to look at the time and couldn’t rely on my stop watch reading as I forgot to set it as the race started and also forgot to hit the stop button at the finish line.  Okay, okay, okay, this is one memory plus moment.

I forgot to do a couple of things this time but one thing I didn’t forget to do was…  have a good time!!! 🙂

The race isn’t perfect and so are the organizers. Who is anyway?  I thought it was more than okay.  It was great!  Except for the glitch on the awarding of prizes (I really hope Globe makes the necessary adjustment), the flaws were minor and yes, in our opinion, forgivable.

I’m just happy to be running again!    We both are!  =)

A must do — post race photoops with good friends… (thanks to Jaymie & Miguel, Anne & Vince, Mark & Tiffin for some of the pics)

Jun, me, Annie, Jaymie & Miguel

with old friends Vince & Anne Del Rosario

happy reunion!

Jaymie and me wearing same unplanned outfit. "Great runners have like minds" 😉 (borrowed from TBR post on TNF Race)

5k first timers: my sistah, Jen and Anne, Congrats!!! Another matching outfits - Like minds, too, ey?

Jun with ULTRA classmates, Karen Davila & hubby DJ

Mark, Annie, Jun, Tiffin, me, Nicole, Jaymie & Miguel

Miss this sweet lady everyone calls Mommy Kim.

Meeting Nora felt like meeting an old friend. Run with you soon! 🙂

President of SoleMate Fans Club, hehehe....oh, and the honorary member..

President & sole member of JunC's Fans Club, hehe......oh, & the honorary member! bwaahahaha

Cristy, Nora, Johnny, Jaymie, me, Annie, Miguel, Jay & Vener

… and of course breakfast  atlast at TGIF and a lot of laughs with couple friends Alpert & Annie and Miguel & Jaymie capped a beautiful race day .

Great day, indeed!!!  Run on friends!!!

and last but not the least ... our Sole Mates pic! 😉


18 Responses to “Globe Run for Home Race Report”

  1. 1 Anne del Rosario July 23, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Sole Mates…. you are the coolest couple on rubber soles! Go Go Go!

    • 2 thesolemates July 24, 2009 at 6:24 pm

      Hey Anne! Love it that you’re now joining the races. Looking forward to running with you soon! Next mission… Popoy and Cielo naman! (should I say mission impossible? hahaha) See yah!

  2. 3 Bro J July 23, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Congratulations Sole Mates! Great Run!

  3. 5 Jaymie July 23, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    JunC, next time you must inform your running buddy if you’re running ill (or pregnant) so that we can adjust our pace accordingly 🙂

    Mariel, can you demo your jane fonda moves for us next time? 🙂 I can’t believe jun hasn’t gotten you your racebelt and watch yet. Wasn’t he just shopping for new shoes this afternoon? heehee.

  4. 7 Nora, the golden girl July 23, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    I don’t think we can run together Mariel. Bilis mo! 1:12 lang time mo last Sunday. Have you seen the race results? Your gender was mistakenly classified as M. I’m sure this can be corrected in no time if you’ll just inform them.

    Nice seeing you at the Run for Home. Please bring your kids at the Family Fun Run. Posted about this in my blog.

    • 8 thesolemates July 24, 2009 at 6:43 pm

      Hi Nora,

      Funny you mentioned the Family Fun Run. Yup, I’ve been telling Jun about this run from the time I first saw it more than a month ago. You see, it falls on my birthday so I’m really excited about this. Just waiting for the final go from Jun. Checked out your post and was pleasantly surprised about the one-fee per family charging. This could very well turn-out to be a cheaper way of celebrating my birthday! 😉

      Btw, we can still run together, you know. 🙂

  5. 11 cruisec0ntr0l July 24, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Hey Solemates, congrats on your run. We missed you though at the end of the race, our chika pace kasi is much slower than jun & jaymie’s 6min/km hehehe…hope to see you again on the races to come.

    • 12 thesolemates July 24, 2009 at 7:00 pm

      Thanks Bobby, you’re right about not fussing over a DNF. There are still a lot of races to come. Most important thing is you enjoyed the run even when it was unexpectedly cut-off. – JunC

      Hey Buddy este Bobby, just read your post. Di bale, hauler/tower ka naman ng mga friends mo. I think that’s a noble role. Next time you guys decide to downgrade to 10k again, let me know, okay? 🙂 -Mariel

  6. 13 run unltd. July 24, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Good to see you at the race Jun & Mariel, keep on running. See you again, cheers!

  7. 15 July 25, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Jun – Nice easy pace pero mabilis pa rin yun.

    Mariel – We are so happy to see you running. We might be doing 10k’s in the next few races we join. Kakapagod na ang mga 21k.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    • 16 thesolemates July 29, 2009 at 9:18 am

      Yey, let’s meet up when you will be doing a 10k. I’m sure we can’t be running together the whole time but atleast I’ll have chatmates at the starting line. See you again soon, Mark & Tiffin! 🙂 – Mariel

      Haha di pa rin kasing bilis mo Mark! – Jun

  8. 17 therainman96 July 28, 2009 at 6:37 am

    saw jun and jaymie during the 21k. they were going really fast!

    congrats to the first couple of running blogs!

    see you guys next time.

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