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Birthday Run Dilemna

July 26, Sunday

The idea of doing a birthday run really excited me.  This is the only gift I wanted for my birthday and I wanted my WHOLE family, meaning even my  mom & dad, my only brother  and his family and my only sister to join me.  I relish the idea of spending my birthday in a race running with my loved ones.

With 2 simultaneous runs scheduled on my birthday, the question is which one?

1.   Family-Oriented:                 No                                           Yes

2.  Nice Race View:                   just fine                                   Yes

3.  Location Near:                     Yes                                          No

4.  Friendly Time-Slot:              Not for kids                              Yes

5.  Ease of Registration:           Yes                                           No

The next qualifiers cancels each other out as the answer is the same.

6.  Reasonable Rates:              Yes                                           Yes

7.  Race Organizer:                   Not too sure                           Not too sure either

With one in the morning and one in the afternoon, why not run in both?!?

Addict!!! hahaha


July 30, Friday

I had to indicate the dates as this has significance.  The post above was drafted last Sunday when everything was okay and everyone was well.

My 2 younger kids were downed with flu soon after and are still recovering.  I couldn’t let them join me in my birthday run.  How I wanted a family run.  The kids especially these 2 younger ones were oh so excited, too. It would have been a different  and special way of spending my birthday.

Anyways, I’m sure there’d be other special ways to celebrate.  I can still do my birthday run albeit by myself or Jun could probably join and run at my pace this time.

Wait… I saw tarps lining Edsa announcing the Great Northern Sale. . .  It falls on my birthday!!!  How about some birthday shopping, hon? 😉

I’m sure we’ll think of OTHER special ways.   hehe

For starters, I’ll join you running at your pace.

Can’t actually match your shopping pace.  Baka lagnatin na naman ako! ha ha ha


Branding the Sole Mates

Nope, before we get accused of misrepresentation, let it be clear that we’re not official endorsers of these brands but we do patronize them.  It was just fun seeing  these popular brands we both love use our blog name,  “Sole Mates”  for their promo ads and merchandising.

No long post needed for this one as the pictures will tell the story … 😉

We saw the New Balance merchandising material  in one of the sports stores in Trinoma occupying a central space at the store entrance.  We were pleasantly surprised and asked the permission of the guard to take a pic.  He reluctantly agreed apprehensive that we might be part of an XXX investigative team or something. (duh!)

For Nike, it was Coach Rio who called Jun and kidded us about The Sole Mates being featured in Nike Park BHS.  We got hold of this  glossy brochure.

Lastly, Jun and our daughter Bea, saw this poster inside the Havaianas store in BHS using Sole Mates as a tagline.

Nice noh?  Nicer still if they’d send in some samples for product review for blue & pink sole product excellence stamping, eh? 😉

Now, for the real thing.  ..

Photo by Bea!!

We hope you, too, find your running Sole Mate…  🙂

This we give 5 blue & pink sole stamps!

No Sunblock Needed @ KR Urbanite Run

Looking for a race that would break the seeming monotony of the usual early morning races?

Read on and realize 10 benefits!

Kenny Rogers is hosting a NIGHT run.  It may not be the first in local races but certainly something that come too few and far between.  Surely, newbies and veterans will be excited by this.

Register and get 3 major benefits:

1.  EAT a nutritious, sumptuous meal at Kenny Rogers (of course)  billed as the “Urbanite Meal” that  runners and non-runners alike will surely appreciate.

2.  RUN a night time race.  Ticket  will serve as your registration voucher for the run.

3.  DONATE and help feed and educate poor Filipino children.  It will serve as your donation to Hands-On Manila Foundation and 5775 Movement thru I am Ninoy Runners.  So be sure to bring your tickets and drop the “DONATE” stub at the designated box on race day.

Extra  Benefits:

4.  You can over-sleep on race day and still be early for the race.

5.  You don’t have to wear sticky and heat-inducing sunscreen.

6.  You get a new kind of racing experience running at night.

7.  You wouldn’t  have to worry about early morning success in the john. 😉

8.  You get greeted by Tribo’s live music  at the finishline for some Urbanite concert partying.

9.  You get an excellent chance of breaking-in your spouse, family and/or friends to the running scene with the friendlier time slot.

10.  You get to see or even probably run with KR endorsers and Amazing Race duo Marc Nelson and Rovilson!

So come on!  Register and help fund the causes of Hands-On Manila Foundation on nutrition  and the  I am Ninoy Runner’s  5775 movement  on education!

The  registration fee might be a little more expensive than most races but remember the benefits:  EAT, RUN and DONATE!

Registration is on-going and will end on August 11, 2009  so be sure to go to the nearest  Kenny Rogers  branch or log on to  You may also go to  Nike Park and Runnr Store at Bonifacio High Street for alternative registration sites.

Race kits, singlet including the timing chip will be released three (3) days before the race. Venue will be announced later.

Just a special rejoinder to  the I am Ninoy runners, let’s join this run and continue helping the cause.  As our shirts say  “Lets build mileage, build endurance, build schools…i am a hero.”   Let’s be a hero in our own rights.

For those who have not yet signed up,   we encourage you to be part of this worthy cause.

Calling all urbanites,  gorgeonites, lets join the Kenny’s Open 2009 Urbanite Run!

The night run will be held on August 15, 2009, 7pm at the Bonifacio Global City in the Fort.  5, 10 and 15k events are still open.

Check out Kenny Roger’s website for more details.

See you there!!!

Globe Run for Home Race Report

Much has been said, much has been written.  Some good, some bad.  One thing though we can’t deny is this run raised about a million pesos that would help give 100 families their own homes and all of us who ran and raised awareness on this cause were all part of this worthy endeavor.  For that alone, we’re happy.

I don’t usually do a lot of activities a day before race day so that I’ll have a lot  of reserved energy.  I only had one schedule to attend to Saturday afternoon and that’s it. But coming from a heavy migraine attack Friday midnight till Saturday afternoon was just energy busting.  It was good i was still able to go to my commitment that afternoon even with a slight headache. I  guess i lost a lot of those energy reserved for the race.

Sunday and race day,  I was up early feeling a little feverish.  I just went on  my usual ritual during race day thinking it will go away with a good shower.  Didn’t bother to tell Mariel anymore.  She might insist I stay home instead and proceed to the race herself.  Well, I didn’t want that to happen.  Not going while she will?  No way!!!  It will make me more sick!!!   hahaha

The little feverish feeling was gone a couple of minutes after we arrived at the BHS parking lot.  I guess the runner’s high kicks in once you see the race site and all the  runners around you.. Met up with Annie, Jaymie, Miguel, Jen, Vince and Anne delRos.  Jen( Mariel’s sis) and Anne will do their first 5krace, Mariel and Miguel will do 10k while Vince delRos,  Jaymie, Annie (fresh from Singapore) and myself are running 21K.  Jaymie and I have set our minds not to push too much since we just came from an injury and had just started training again. Our plan is to do 6:30 pace. Annie was excited to race again missing the Manila races and was again itchy to hit the road.  As usual, off she went ahead as soon the gun start sounded.  The weather was nice, a perfect race weather.

Our fist 5K was a little fast compared to our plan of maintaining an easy pace.  Jaymie’s garmin bugged down on her a few minutes after we started so i was set to be as the pace setter again just like our pre-injury days last year when we where training for the New Balance and Singapore races.

This bullrunner really has  horns and wanted to swag runners in front of us at the early stages. Kept reminding her to take it easy and tuck in her horns first as we were already way off our planned pace. The next 5k was almost the same. We see fellow runners already returning from the Ayala U-turn saying hi to us, I meant, not me but to the bullrunner.  hehe  It wasn’t only Jaymie who wanted to swag but my sole is itching to increase pace however we both had to take it easy.   Running along Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue was another different experience.  The only times you could probably see people on these roads instead of cars were if there were rallies or demonstrations.  Looking at the sea of runners along these major roads of the central business district is just awesome.  For a couple of hours, runners rule Ayala!

On our way back along Buendia, the road became busy as we shared the road with the 10k runners.  I saw Miguel then later Mariel.  By the time we hit the Kalayaan flyover,  I was feeling tired.  It might be the effect of the draining migraine attack and slight fever that early morning.  By the time we reached 5th Avenue, I felt so exhausted.  Jaymie asked,  “you ok?”  Told her I’m already tired.  She said ” Go Jun, think of it as just one of those morning sickness”… Kainis!!!

As we hit the last 2 km, i felt the second wind pushing and giving me the boost to increase my pace a little more until we reached the finish line. Garmin time at 2.09.  It was a tiring race but it was a good one. Nice weather, nice route, nice people around, but most of all, nice way to help build a home. Well, that can be considered a great day to run.

Day before race was light and easy.  Planned it that way so as to make up for the hectic and stress-laden week at work.  It has been this way for 2 weeks now actually ever since I went back to work after my 2-week bout with Dengue.  I just had a lot to catch-up on.  This has kept me from returning to a regular running schedule.  I joined the Nike Clinic last Tuesday, ran a mere 5K and that was it for me for the week.  No runs whatsoever until race day. Anyways,  the kids and I enjoyed a full day together that Saturday doing a different kind of marathon.  Our family favorite on Saturday afternoons — DVD marathon!

Started off race day with the same routine only this time, I had to make sure my sister, Jen, who’s running her first 5K, is also now awake.  Called her up to make sure. No problem there, she was.  I was kinda afraid she might back out the last minute as she was praying for rains so the race will not push through.  Hah, informed her races push through rain or shine or there’d be a lot disgruntled runners!  hahaha

We met up with old-time (as in we were still singles), good friends Vince and Anne as well in the parking lot.  When the 21k runners Vince, Jun, Jaymie and Annie left,  us, 3 girls, Jen, Anne and myself stayed on at the parking lot while Miguel ran a couple of rounds.  We then tried to do stretching exercises transitioning to Jane Fonda work-outs courtesy of Anne.  hahaha  Good thing Miguel left earlier or we might have embarrassed him to death!  he he he  Boy, but we sure had fun!:)

We saw the 21k runners off and stayed on at the sidelines chatting away waiting for our races to start.  I then left the two to join the stretching exercises in the 10k corral.

I really did not set high expectations for myself for this race.  I was just so happy I can run this one as I wasn’t even sure I could when I registered.   I secretly hoped though I could atleast be at par with my current PR of 1.09.42 or atleast not too far below.


Running the first few kilometers, I felt unusually tired. I have not even reached the flyover yet and I could already feel my heart beating fast.  Boy, this will be a hard climb, I thought.  I found some energy though and felt better as I hydrated at the flyover water station.  I was just a little disappointed that there wasn’t any energy drink available. (Yup Hon, I think it’s time to get me a hydration belt.  Donning that contraption while running is getting to be more attractive to me than lining up at the water stations.)  Going down of course is a favorite as I let gravity pull me into a faster run.  Whoa!  That released a new-found energy.  Passing runners on the way down released a new high and I was able to increase my pace in Buendia. I saw Vince delRos, then Jun and Jaymie, already on their way back and again found some energy to speed up as I passed the turn-around point.


On the way back, I felt tired and didn’t relish the idea of sprinting at the intersection of Buendia-Makati Ave.  to make sure I don’t get stopped to make way for the honking vehicles.  I pushed and pushed and thankfully would experience spurts of energy as I tried hard to muster the strength to speed up on the flat roads and resist the strong temptation to walk the 2nd flyover climb.

I have not walked since my first race and I just thought, I’m not prepared to start now.  I can do this, I can do this.  I kept repeating to myself.  Mind over matter. Divine intervention needed here. Lord, help…

Then a breath of fresh air came in the person of Tiffin. ( You were heaven-sent, dearie! )  Her sunny greeting and our brief chat energized me.  Telling me Mark will take my pic further bouyed me up further (Di mahilig sa pictures noh? ;)).  Thanks Mark for waiting and taking my flyover pic!

Running on the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover.

It’s time for the downhill run again. Yipee!!!

Sprint to finish

Reaching the flat roads  I just tried to maintain a steady pace careful not to go too slow.  At the final bend, Coach John cheered me on. ” Go go go,  strong finish,  go!  That worked as I sprinted towards the finish line!  Yey, made it back!

My time?  Can’t say for sure as I forgot to look at the time and couldn’t rely on my stop watch reading as I forgot to set it as the race started and also forgot to hit the stop button at the finish line.  Okay, okay, okay, this is one memory plus moment.

I forgot to do a couple of things this time but one thing I didn’t forget to do was…  have a good time!!! 🙂

The race isn’t perfect and so are the organizers. Who is anyway?  I thought it was more than okay.  It was great!  Except for the glitch on the awarding of prizes (I really hope Globe makes the necessary adjustment), the flaws were minor and yes, in our opinion, forgivable.

I’m just happy to be running again!    We both are!  =)

A must do — post race photoops with good friends… (thanks to Jaymie & Miguel, Anne & Vince, Mark & Tiffin for some of the pics)

Jun, me, Annie, Jaymie & Miguel

with old friends Vince & Anne Del Rosario

happy reunion!

Jaymie and me wearing same unplanned outfit. "Great runners have like minds" 😉 (borrowed from TBR post on TNF Race)

5k first timers: my sistah, Jen and Anne, Congrats!!! Another matching outfits - Like minds, too, ey?

Jun with ULTRA classmates, Karen Davila & hubby DJ

Mark, Annie, Jun, Tiffin, me, Nicole, Jaymie & Miguel

Miss this sweet lady everyone calls Mommy Kim.

Meeting Nora felt like meeting an old friend. Run with you soon! 🙂

President of SoleMate Fans Club, hehehe....oh, and the honorary member..

President & sole member of JunC's Fans Club, hehe......oh, & the honorary member! bwaahahaha

Cristy, Nora, Johnny, Jaymie, me, Annie, Miguel, Jay & Vener

… and of course breakfast  atlast at TGIF and a lot of laughs with couple friends Alpert & Annie and Miguel & Jaymie capped a beautiful race day .

Great day, indeed!!!  Run on friends!!!

and last but not the least ... our Sole Mates pic! 😉

RUNNR Store Grand Opening

When we first saw the RUNNR Store under construction at the BHS,  Mariel and I  thought:  “A running specialty store? Wow, running has really arrived!”  Another thought came up just as fast, “Will it work?  Will it click?  Will this store make it?”

The Invite:

We got an email a week before launch from RUNNR’s Nicole inviting us to the store’s formal launch on July 17 together with some other runner/bloggers and the media.  There were to be 2 sessions the email indicated, — an 8-11am session for the state-of-the-art equipment demo and 6pm formal store launching.  I immediately confirmed our attendance and told Mariel de facto (hahaha, didn’t really think she’d want to miss this!

Of course, I wouldn’t want to miss the launching of what’s turning out to be one of our favorite stores now.  The store made a good impression on me the first time I visited.  I really liked the service and the great line-up of running gears from different brands housed under one roof.  What’s more, they have a lot of stuff you wouldn’t see elsewhere.  I’m definitely coming to the pm session but the am session? I’m not sure if schedule will permit as I have a foreign principal that afternoon and would probably have to finalize my presentation in the morning.  We’ll see, we’ll see…

Launch Day:  July 17, 2009

That was one of the days when I most welcomed the rains.  Classes were suspended which meant a  simpler schedule for us (no going back and forth the school to fetch the kids who had different class hours) and the prospect of less traffic made it easier for me to decide if I can pass by the RUNNR launch’s morning session.  Sure glad I did!

We were first to arrive at exactly 8am.  We had to be early as I had could only stay for an hour max. We were promptly greeted by Toby, whom I met for the first time, and his staff Nicole and Roe.  After exchanging some pleasantries, I apologetically advised Toby that I would have to leave early, so he prodded me to start trying out the state-of-the-art RUNNR Footworx System.  Julius, a soft-spoken but very able staff assisted me at this point.

Here’s a run-down of the experience:

My feet were measured first. They have two ways of doing this.  First, manually by having me step on a metal plate with measured lines and a sliding contraption that indicates my  foot length and width.  The second more advanced way was via a footprint scanner.  This is where the advanced technology comes in via the Footworx System.

The Footworx System Experience:

1. Footprint Scanning. Bare-footed, I was made to step on a glass equipment, a thermodynamic scanning system, that allows viewing of  my footprint onscreen and measures  my foot and arch dimensions.  It was cool seeing how my soles looked like when my whole body is pressing hard on it when standing.  I was told that I have a good arch and that they are normal.

Mariel trying on the thermodynamic footprint scanner; Julius assisting

2.  High-Speed Video Gait Analysis. With my jeans folded up to knee-high, I was made to run on the treadmill for a couple of hours (gotcha!  haha), I meant minutes, with the setting at my normal running pace of 7.  A built-in camera captures the way I ran from behind. (This is cool!  First time I saw how I looked like running from that angle.) This technology captures the way I ran checking whether I over-pronate on either leg.  The result of this test was awesome!  My gait is neutral having an angle  reading of 181.9 well within the neutral range.  I was told the ideal is 180 which very few lucky souls like Coach Rio dela Cruz have.  Toby commented I was born to run.  Whoa!

Ideal angle at 180. Mariel's at 181.9 "Natural runner, born to run!" :0

As I have a neutral arch and gait, I didn’t need an in-sole so I skipped the last equipment.  Jun, as flat-footed as can be, made it to the last equipment. I’ll let the blue sole tell you  the last step.  This was what he was  actually anticipating to experience and get his feet on …

Being an early bird sure have its benefits.  We basically got full service with Toby, himself, explaining to us the store concept and services, the new equipment, new gears and was even the one who helped me with  my  in-sole fitting (I feel humbled) while explaining the process and its advantages.

First I must tell you that the results of my foot scan and video gait analysis only confirmed what I knew long time ago — that my arches are non-existent and I am an overpronator with a 7.5 degrees out of the normal.  There’s an added info I got though from Toby.  He was surprised how my thermal foot scan looked.  My flat feet aren’t entiredly flat.  Yes, I definitely don’t have arches but there were some parts of my feet that were somewhat elevated and did not touch or probably just touched the ground lightly when I’m standing.  “I have never seen anything like it” he said in disbelief.  Hahaha

While Mariel is happy she has normal and ideal running feet with her ideal arches and neutral gait,  I resign myself to the fact the I am  flat-footed however, I resolve to do everything I possibly can to still enjoy running the best possible way, the longest possible time.   So, come on,  let’s check out those customized in-soles now…

3.  Custom Molded Insole. The right pair of in-soles was picked for me based on my feet size.  My foot and arch dimensions were then measured using the foot-scanning equipment.  I was made to stand again this time on a rubber surface with my feet angled like I had an arch.

This would pave the way for the customized fitting and heating of the in-soles.  The latter takes only about 10 seconds and one can already take home  in-soles formed especially for one’s  feet.  Toby advises to wait ideally 2 hours before using it to ensure that it retains the heated shape.  What’s cool about this is it’s re-heatable.  After constant use and the in-soles lose its perfect form, one can take it back to the store for re-forming and re-heating.  Well, that makes the pricey tag  at P3,995/pair all the more well worth it.

I have not used it todate so I can’t personally say yet that it works.  I’ll be doing a separate post on this when I’ve tested it.

Fitting a perfect in-sole via the "flashfit"

Roe, Toby and the happy Sole Mates


The Interview.

(Well, that’s how their staff calls it.  It was actually more of a chat just the way we like it. 😉

I got to ask RUNNR owner himself, Toby Claudio, the questions we had in our minds about the Runnr store during the store launch’s morning activity as we went through experiencing the Footworx System.  This is in no way verbatim and may not be in its proper order as Jun and I would be chatting with Toby intermittently during the whole session.  Know what?  That was about an hour of undivided attention from Toby and the entire RUNNR staff.  What a nice treat! 🙂

Sole Mates : How did you start running?

Toby : I had a hip/knee injury playing my favorite sport, basketball, and I couldn’t play for a long time.  That’s when I took up running and really started researching about it.  I found out that you can really enjoy it if you do it the right way.

Sole Mates : Like what kind of way?

Toby : Being into sports like basketball and badminton (Toby mentioned one other sport which escapes me at the moment. Sowi.  Don’t hesitate to help me out here, Toby, if you read this. ), running has always been part of the usual work-out.  Only then, I didn’t enjoy it.  It was just one of the things I needed to do to enjoy my real sport back then.  Like most ball players I thought running was just the boring warm-up or work-out that I needed to do to play better basketball.

When I couldn’t play ball anymore, I took up running.  I wanted to enjoy it so I researched about it and found out that wearing the right kind of shoes is key to ensure enjoyment of the sport.   People run differently and requires a different kind of shoes for their type of feet, their kind of gait and their footstrike.  Knowing these and finding and using the right kind of shoes enabled me to continue to run and enjoy adding up the distance.

Sole Mates : So, what made you think about putting up a store like this?  You know, a specialty running store?  Do you think it will click?

Toby : Yeah, and to think that it’s in this place (BHS – Bonifacio High Street).

Sole Mates : I know.  Store rent here is definitely pricey.

Toby : Yes, but this store is a product of months of research trying to find  out what runners need and want to enjoy the sport.  We’ve tried and will continue to try giving runners an extensive line of brands on shoes,  wear and gears and  service.  We brought in the Newtons, CW-X compression tights and the customized in-soles, firsts in the Phils.

Sole Mates : That’s so cool.  Jun ordered his compression tights from Australia and he swears by it.  I was already musing about getting mine.   The in-soles were something he wanted to get his hands on, too.  So, he’s really very excited about that equipment.

We wish RUNNR the best!  We can only give our thanks and offer of support to a store conceptualized and built to meet the needs of runners like us. Visit this site for more info.

The Sole Mates with Runnr owner, Toby Claudio

Thank you so much RUNNR for a wonderful experience!  We have a feeling we just might be a fixture in your store.  😉

With great service and amazing running gears available, RUNNR will definitely be a favorite destination for running enthusiasts.

It was time to go so I said my thank yous and goodbyes to Toby and the Runnr staff  with a promise to come back for the pm session.

I stayed on.  Marga and Vima were already there as well  and before long more runners  arrive.   It was a happy session and the runners left very happy with their generous loot.

Toby Claudio, Runnr store owner poses with runner/bloggers, Adidas and Mizuno reps

The Formal Launch:

Got off from work and went straight to BHS where Jun is already waiting for me.  We headed to the venue where the program and cocktails have just started.  Registration ensued where we were given  our race bibs (nice touch) as our entry ticket.  A photographer took our pictures with the Runnr Board for a background much like when you have your picture taken with the racing sponsors special platform after a race.  Good concept.

The house was full and the atmosphere happy.   Even  the rains pouring down hard during the program and the water eventually making its way inside the tent did not dampen the crowd’s  spirits there.  Knowing most of them were athletes, if not runners, does explain it. ( haha we probably have enough stores of endorphins to get us through just 1 hard downpour).

Runner celebrities,  Tweety de Leon and  Fernando Zobel graced the launch with athlete, Reema, emceeing the program.  We also spotted other celebrities like Karylle, Jaymie, Miguel, Marga, Ben, Vima, Bards, Tintin, Jinoe, Que, Bobby … okay, okay, okay… I should have stopped at Karylle or maybe Jaymie. Done.  hahaha

Raffle prizes were something runners would surely be excited about  — Gift certificates for Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Mizuno shoes were given away and of course,  the much-anticipated Newtons.  Customized in-soles and Polar watches also found its way to very blessed guests.

Of course the non-winners, did not go home empty-handed.  A loot bag awaits… again!  Thanks RUNNR!

Ribbon cutting with celebrity guests

Bobby, Pol, Jun, me, Ben, Miguel, Dingdong, Jaymie, Bards, Tintin & Dindo

Doesn't it look like the girls were having fun? 😉

Runnr Store sure made the runners happy.

Congratulations RUNNR! Cheers from us all! 🙂

Happy Reading, Happy Running – The Bull Runner Mag #2

Last Friday morning ,  I got a text from Jaymie that the TBR magazine has been delivered!  Woohoo!

Seeing it in print is just great especially if one knows how hard the team worked to make this possible.  The result?  a much better issue! Check this out…

1.  Better printing — glossy pages, bright color and BIGGER font

2.  More pages so more running information — races, runners directory, training and hydration tips, running gears, and featured runners

Another good avenue for finding inspiration for the non-runner take up the sport, for the newbie to seriously train and improve, and  for the serious runner to up the training ante and set PR’s or probably try an ultra.

The Bull Runner has done it again!!  Congratulations Jaymie!!

Kudos, too,  to cover story writer, Marga Deona, feature writers Jay Nacino and Coach Ige Lopez and of course, Ben Chan for the cover photo.

Grab your copy now!  Check out TBR Blog post for distribution venues.

Happy reading!  Happy Running!  🙂

Run Radio – Marga’s New Baby

This is it!! Executive Producer, Marga Deona (The Changeling Child) will very soon be giving birth to her latest “baby” — RUN RADIO.  This is such a great development for the running community as we are treated to another new medium to enjoy our beloved sport.  Her baby’s due on July 24, 9pm.  Friday nights for runners will never be the same again!  With Jaymie and Jay hosting the show, this sure would be a treat.  So be sure to tune in and enjoy!!!

For details of the show, we’re printing here in full the press release emailed to us by Marga:

For the past few years, running as a sport has increasingly become popular among Filipinos, leading to the prevalence of road races around Metro Manila. The aforementioned races has become a congregation not just of people from all walks of life united in their love for running and resolution to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, from multisport enthusiasts to the weight-watcher, running has become an integral part in the public’s efforts to keep fit.

With running at its peak, the idea for producing a viable medium to promote and sustain the sport’s presence in the public eye came, hence, the idea to produce Run Radio.

Run Radio will be a 60-minute radio show featuring the following segments that both newbies and serious runners (and to an extent, non-runners too!) would find interesting — product review, advice segment (docs, coaches, nutritionists), power songs (to pump up your adrenaline as you run!), hitting the wall with our guest runners (from celebrities to running groups), and the 5k challenge where non-runners from all walks of life will transform into a 5k finisher in a matter of 6-8 weeks.

The show will be hosted by Jaymie Pizarro, a known catalyst for influencing people to take up running as a lifestyle choice, and Jay Nacino, a former Ateneo track team member who has rekindled his love for running. Both hosts are known figures in the running circuit through their blogs  where they give detailed accounts of their training, their races, and running in general.

Also to be featured in the nutrition, coaching, and injury prevention segment would be premiere race organizer and running coach Rio dela Cruz, nutritionist and triathlete Dr. George Bodegon, and ultramarathoner and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paolo Punsalan. They are among the many other experts who will give the running public advice on how to keep healthy while training for higher mileage. Moreover, our resident product tester would be shoe expert and ultramarathoner Hector Yuzon, founder of the Second Wind running store.

The Nike+ 5K Challenge aims to dare non-runners to make running an integral part of their lives. For this season, our challenger is an MBA student who seeks to combat the unhealthy , sedentary lifestyle. Ten Most Outstanding Students awardee and Ateneo de Manila batch valedictorian Patrick Echevarria will be trained by the Nike Running Clinic for eight weeks until he starts running his first 5k race.

Run Radio will start airing on July 24 at NU 107, and will continue to air every Fridays, 9-10pm.

Run Radio is made possible by Nike, Print Avenue, Botak,, Pinoy Ultra Runners, Second Wind Running Store, and RUNNR Store.

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