Tinamaan ng Lamok!

Tinamaan ng Lamok! Pls. include my sister mariel and niece bea in ur prayers.  Suspectd to have dengue.  Thanks!”

Those were my sister, Jen’s, exact text message describing what happened to me when she solicited her friends for prayers last week.  I was in the hospital then riding out the ill-effects of a low platelet count and my eldest daughter, Bea, was home but being closely monitored, too.  Sure lightens the mood of an otherwise serious text message, don’t you think? hehehe

The Onset

I was having a parlor session with my daughters Sofia and Mikka last Saturday afternoon, June 13,  when the chills struck.  It happened so fast.  I just felt suddenly soooo cold.  Brrrr..  It was a good thing the session was ending and I was already having my hair blow-dried and my 2 kids are all done with their haircuts.  I drove us home with my teeth chattering so bad that the short drive seemed such a long one.  I went straight to the spare room, slipped on my thickest jacket and covered myself with the thickest blanket we have.  I wouldn’t be able to stand up until the following morning.  Darn, I missed Jun’s first triathlon!  Managed only a whispered “I want to go” when Jun bid me goodbye early Sunday morning on his way to the Animo Tri.

I missed a lot of things being sick this week.  I missed my business trip to Davao, too.  I was supposed to leave Monday and stay there until Wednesday.  I was still toying with the idea of proceeding with the trip as I’ve gathered my whole VisMin team there for a business review.   Good thing I decided otherwise for my condition even got worse.  I missed the Men’s Health Trail Run, too, where I was registered for my first 15k.

I became concerned come Monday that it could be swine flu.  I seem to have all the signs — fever, muscle pains, headache, nausea and vomiting.  It was also on this day that our eldest daughter, Bea, developed rashes.   Now she didn’t feel sick at all.  We just noticed rashes on her hands and decided not to let her go to school that day.


By Wednesday though,  I seem to feel a lot weaker. Thankfully, Bea is still strong and still doesn’t feel sick at all.  We continued monitoring Bea’s condition through daily blood tests.  Jun brought me for blood testing at this point.  I was so weak, I had terrible headache and  I even blacked-out at the doctor’s office.  The doctor ordered an abdominal x-ray and blood test.  It was confirmed here that my platelet count is already way below normal.  I was advised to go straight to the hospital for confinement.  So, we went to the Medical City and that evening, it was confirmed that I have Dengue Fever and my platelet count is still going down.  No wonder I was so weak and nauseous!

I had a little scare come Saturday.  It was then that rashes  appeared all over both legs  and I had a little gum bleeding.  Ironically, it was also on this day that the doctor announced that my platelet has gone up 10 points.  Whew!

If it’s any consolation, the hospital staff at the Medical City gave really excellent care.  Service was really impeccable from the time I arrived at the ER up to my discharge. Truly great job!   I’m recommending this hospital should anyone out there needs to be confined, God forbids.

Of course,  my sole mate was just as busy taking care of us.  With Bea at home and me in the hospital, you can just imagine how Jun shuttled back and forth from the hospital to the house and vise-versa taking care of us both.  Good thing he is fit and well-energized.


1.  Dengue Fever is more deadly than the much hyped-up AH1N1.

2.  There is no medication for Dengue.  No meds to increase platelet count.  Like any other virus infection, the patient just had to ride out the cycle.

3.  Monitoring is key to determine if blood transfusion is necessary.

4.  Dengue Fever is not transmitted via air so no chance of getting it through direct contact with the infected person.  Transmission happens when a mosquito bites an infected person and then goes on to bite another person.

5. Dengue Fever may affect the liver.  Mine is still subject to doctor’s monitoring as I was told it was swollen during the height of my illness which explains my stomach discomfort then.

6.  Virus breeds on stress.  Best combatted through well-managed stress levels.  Running relieves stress.  So, let’s run on! (Like the logic?)

Well, I’ve been discharged last Sunday afternoon after 4 days in the hospital.  My platelet count is still not at normal levels so as per doctor’s orders, no work for a week, follow-up test on Thursday  and  no strenuous activities for some time until platelet count has normalized.  The doctor says this will take some time.

Missing the Fun … Missing the Run …

This pesteng lamok of course has set me back on my running goals.  When I was already preparing for my first 15k,  I will have to be relegated to at the most another 10k run next time.  This is what I registered for at the Run for Home Race next month.  But will I really be able to comfortably run a 10k by then or should I just have registered for a 5k?  Dreading what the doc will say tomorrow…

Oh, how many races will I miss???  How long till I can resume running again and feel as strong as before???

Yesterday morning, I woke up with Jun gone … He went out running … sigh …  He came back finding me with a puppy face.  Sooooo jealous of his morning run.

Till when???

What Matters Most

It is by under-going these trying situations though that you get to take stock of things that matter most — God, family and friends.

To our  dear family and friends who saw us through this,  thank you for all your love and concern!

We love you back!  Hugs, hugs!

This chronicle wouldn’t be complete without giving praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus, our Jehovah Rapha (God Our Healer), the One who sustains me in everything.   I love you, Lord.


3 Responses to “Tinamaan ng Lamok!”

  1. 1 run unltd. June 24, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Hi Mariel, we’re glad to see you back. Don’t worry about the runnings, marami pang panahon para jan, all we pray is for your full recovery. Please take into consideration the doctor’s advice since the liver greatly affects us during running.

    My hats-off to Jun too. Marunong talaga ang Diyos. See you again.

  2. 2 thesolemates June 25, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks Vener! Don’t worry, will follow what the doc says. Just glad to be back home with my family and happy to be up and about again.

  1. 1 2009: The Year That Was « The Sole Mates Trackback on December 31, 2009 at 5:50 pm

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