Nike Lunar Glide+ for Men and Women review

Last year, I had an opportunity to test run the first Nike Lunar with some other runners.  Though it is a nice model, it didn’t serve my flat-foot well.  Last May 30, I was again invited to be part of a group of runners to test run the latest Nike Lunar Glide+.  One thing nicer about it is that Mariel gets to test the women’s model, too.  We’re excited at the prospect.  Should we both like it, we’ll have our official  Sole Mates shoes!

The event was originally scheduled that Saturday morning but the weather did not cooperate.  So, instead of a group test run, we were given our Nike Lunar Glides, to take home and test on our own.   I guess this is a better arrangement as we can get to test the shoes on longer runs and give  better reviews.

Review:  Lunar Glide+ for Men

For almost 14 months, I’ve been using my Supernova control shoes to help my flat feet.  After all the PT sessions, my PT advised that I can already shift  to neutrals.  It has been a month now that I have been using my neutral shoes, the Nike Zoom Start+,  that’s been helping  me a lot with my recovery.

The Nike Lunar Glide+ serves me just as well.  It has  a  great fit and feel on my feet.  I enjoy using it.  It’s light, weighing  only 10.6 oz.  The ride goes well which specifically follow even when my gait changes when already tired.  What i like about this shoes is it has also full-length cushioning and at the same time also has a  stable platform with a rear-foot wedge support.

Ran 10k on concrete road and felt  real comfortable riding on it and didn’t feel any pain at all.  The rear foot wedge really worked for me. The cushion is just perfect.   This new Nike Lunar Glide+  is a combination of a more improved 1st Nike lunar and modified Nike Zoom Start+ that serves my flat feet well.  I still need to test this in one of my long runs.  For now, I can say this will move up over my Nike Zoom Start+ and will give a rating of 4.5 blue soles ( 5 being the highest) for now.


Review:  Lunar Glide+ for Women

I started my running  life with my Adidas, bought with the thought that I can have something to use IF I decide to join Jun running one day.  One big pull was that it was on sale and I really liked the orange stripes and sole on what was generally white shoes.  I thought it was clean and cool.  I got  just my exact size and yes, you guessed it right, my left big toe nail almost died.  I was traumatized!  That’s exactly what I didn’t want to happen as I am so meticulous about my toe nails.  That’s the first and last time I used that pair.

As I didn’t want a repeat of that episode on my relatively virgin toe nails,  Jun got me a Nike Pegasus this time a much bigger  size!  It’s a little too big but it works for me.  I love it and it’s what I always use in races up to now.  In fact, I love it so much I’m considering buying another one of a different color until …

the Nike ladies!

All the Nike ladies, all the Nike ladies ... woh oh oh (bards, doray, me & vima)

doray, me and vima again

I got and tested my new NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+!!!  This babe is sooooo pretty that kikays like me will surely love it!  Don’t be deceived by its stylishly good looks though, it performs well under pressure, too.  I tried running on it for 14k (mind you, my longest run is 10k)  and it passed the test with flying colors!  I love the overall feel of it.  My feet felt like they’re  being cuddled gently by the soft material but at the same time felt firmly supported at the ankles.  I was particularly concerned about that as I am prone to ankle sprains.  Another thing that concerns me most is cushioning on the sole as mine feels very uncomfortable after a long run (I am still in a state of denial here so I’m just calling it a sole discomfort for the moment and not that technical name that sounds like an injury — plantar something — hehe)

Anyway,  this shoe provided excellent support for this pink sole.  It felt like I was running on … where else  but the moon!

Nike Lunar Glide,  the name sooooo fits!   I give this 5 pink sole stamps for excellence!  Love it, love it, love it!!!


Our 1st official Sole mate running shoes

Our first official Sole Mates running shoes

All happy after the test run

All happy after the test run

Available in your favorite Nike Park outlets starting July 2009.

Oh, by the way, ran with my Nike Lunar Glide+ at the Mizuno Race and timed in with a new PR.  Must be the shoes!!! 😉


3 Responses to “Nike Lunar Glide+ for Men and Women review”

  1. 1 m8parco June 23, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    It’s nice to know that Mariel is back in action.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    • 2 thesolemates June 24, 2009 at 10:24 am

      Hi Mark & Tiffin,
      Not back running yet. Still regaining strength but hopefully, soon! Twas nice seeing you both last night.

  1. 1 Nike Lunar Glide+ Colors: Review Batch 2 « The Sole Mates Trackback on November 9, 2009 at 8:24 am

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